Close to Home by Pamela Cook

Close to Home

A captivating story that shows the only thing harder than letting go is moving on.Orphaned at thirteen, Charlie Anderson has been on her own for half her life. Not that she minds - she has her work as a vet and most days that's enough. Most days. But when she's sent to a small town on the New South Wales coast to investigate a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus, Charlie finds herself torn between the haunting memories of her past, her d...

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TitleClose to Home
Release DateJun 30th, 2015
PublisherHachette Australia

Reviews Close to Home

  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half stars.After the death of her parents, Charlie Anderson went to live with her aunt Hazel and her cousin Emma in Naringup, a small town on the South coast of NSW. But conditions in that home are hard to cope with. Despite her deep bond with Emma, Charlie leaves when she turns eighteen. She has pretty much been a loner since. Living on the north coast she has not been back since, given the way things were with Emma when she left Nari...
  • Veronica ⭐️
    3.5 stars It was one thing to put the past behind you, but it was another thing entirely to pretend that it never existed.You dont need to be a horse lover to enjoy this story of letting go of the past and moving forward but it will definitely appeal to all horse lovers. Cooks love of horses shines through in her writing.Charlie is sent to Naringup to investigate a possible Hendra related horse death. The only problem is Naringup used to be the p...
  • Brenda
    Working as a vet for the Department of Primary Industries was a job Charlie Anderson loved. Shed worked hard to get to the position she was in, and knew she was also good at her job. After losing her way for a little while when she was young the death of her parents when she was thirteen was a major turning point in her life, and even now, in her late twenties, she still grieved for them at times. But her memories of the home shed had after they...
  • MaryG2E
    Although Dr Charlie Anderson is based in Lismore, northern NSW, her boss Alex at the Department of Primary Industry has asked her to look into an alleged outbreak of Hendra virus in southern NSW, because of her advanced knowledge and expertise. Reluctantly she travels back to the town which she left under grim circumstances many years earlier, Naringup. She faces stiff opposition from the local community as she embarks on an investigation into a ...
  • Sharon
    Charlie Anderson works hard and long hours as a vet. Having lost both her parents when she was just thirteen, Charlie has experienced first hand what it's like to feel alone at a youthful age and although now she is in her twenties she still misses them as each day passes. When Charlie is sent to a little town in the New South Wales coast to find out about a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus she is not sure if she's ready to face her p...
  • Talking Books
    Its a story that you just enjoy reading, that flowed well and that kept this reader completely engrossed from start to finish with many confrontations within the story that are both nail bitingly well written and equally heart-poundingly shocking.4 stars*Review copy received for the publisher It’s a story that you just enjoy reading, that flowed well and that kept this reader completely engrossed from start to finish with many confrontations ...
  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    Charlie Anderson works for the Department of Primary Industries in NSW as a Vet, a job that she is passionate about and one which leaves no time for her to dwell on the fractured and dysfunctional family life she left behind a long time ago until she receives a phone call from her boss requesting her to investigate a possible outbreak of the Hendra Virus.Much to her dismay, it is this outbreak that precipitates her return to her home town of Nar...
  • Lily Malone
    I enjoyed learning about Hendra virus and community reactions to it, via this book. It's obvious the author has conducted her research and this certainly came through.For me, I enjoyed the start and set-up the most. After halfway I found the book slightly slow. I think that for me, the Hendra storyline overshadowed development of the characters. Having got to the end, I'm not sure I feel I really know Charlie and Joel?This might also be due to me...
  • Jenny
    Close to Home is about family., forgiveness and moving on with your life. When an outbreak of Hendra virus reported in Naringup on the New South Wales Coast Charlie Anderson investigated vet with the Department of Primary Industry was sent to investigate. However, this assignment made Charlie face her past. The readers of Close to Home will continue to follow Charlie to find out what happens. Close to Home is another fantastic book by Pamela Cook...
  • Julia Mckenzie
    An enthralling read that keeps you turning the pages.This is a book that tackles a variety of issues. An animal virus outbreak, a broken family, a bullying and violent husband, an intelligent and good looking guy from National Parks and a number of other strong characters that keep you interested throughout. It is extremely well written and raises and deals with all of the issues in a proper and measured way. No gloss, it is what it is... And it ...
  • marlin1
    At 13 years old Charlie Anderson is sent to her Aunt's place in Naringup, country NSW, to live after the tragic death of her parents. Life is so different and circumstances of her aunts' family life do not make for happy years. Charlie puts all her energy into getting good schooling marks to allow her to move far away.She puts the past behind her and has become successful as a vet working for the DPI. But a suspected outbreak of the deadly Hendra...
  • Samantha
    Close to home - Coming Home. When Charlie is assigned to a possible Hendra Virus case the last thing she is expecting is that it is in the Home town she fled from so many years before. She hopes to get in and out without being noticed too much. She is in for a shock when she finds out where the outbreak is. The terror and fear all comes back to haunt her as she deals with violence towards herself and others. She is certainly not expecting to find...
  • Jo Carey
    Charlie Anderson didn't have it easy in the beginning and has worked hard to get past it. But she hasn't really dealt with it.Now she has been thrown in it. A suspected case of Hendra virus has been reported and DPI worker Charlie is the most qualified person to deal with it. Unfortunately it falls in her estranged family's backyard. Charlie must deal with the outbreak and a past she had hoped never to see again.This was a quite quick read.Anothe...
  • Jessica Lerch
    This book was such an easy read, had me hooked from the first chapter & I barely put it down till it was finished. It was a great story with some great humor, romance & I even shed a tear. Definitely recommend it.Review copy received from the publisher.
  • Cassie Hamer
    More than rural romance, this is a smart piece of fiction from Pamela Cook that engages the heart and the mind. Full review at
  • A Reader's Heaven
    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)Orphaned at thirteen, Charlie Anderson has been on her own for half her life. Not that she minds - she has her work as a vet and most days that's enough. Most days. But when she's sent to a small town on the New South Wales coast to investigate a possible outbreak of the deadly Hendra virus, Charlie finds herself torn between the haunting memories of her past, ...
  • Vicki Robe
    This book was a really enjoyable read which was about a vet who was instructed to go to a small town and investigate the possiblity of hendra virus being as issue with some horses. The thing is the vet has a past related to the town and some of the people there making her not want to return.She arrives at the town where she is thrown to the midst of hostilities old and new as she has to quarantine some of the properties because of the virus. Whil...
  • Laura
    This was ok. There was nothing specifically wrong with it but I thought the most exciting aspect was the hendra virus itself and not so much the relationships that seemed to be the point of everything. For the most part I just wasnt all that riveted by anything and I didnt really feel it was worth what I spent on it. This was ok. There was nothing specifically wrong with it but I thought the most exciting aspect was the hendra virus itself and ...
  • Grace Garwood
    A really good book with a few emotional twists. You think it's only going to be about the virus but as you go deeper into the story it all changes. It's been hard to put this book down to be honest. Definitely recommend to anyone.
  • Debra
    Fantastic book.
  • Vicki Basham
    Loved this book, fabulous read
  • Sam Still Reading
    Close to Home is a book that fulfils my need for rural Australian stories that are fun to read, with a dash of romance. It stands out from the pack though for integrating a dose of science into the story (please, dont turn away now its well done and never boring) with the heroine being a vet and the plot being treatment of a suspected Hendra virus outbreak. (Hendra affects horses, but can also make the jump to humans. There have been several out...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    4.5 starsThe tragic hendra virus is the main topic featured in Australian author Pamela Cooks third novel, Close to Home. Charlie Anderson is Cooks lead character, a hardworking vet determined to do as much as she can to contain a hendra outbreak in the country town of Naringup. Charlie has worked hard to escape the clutches of the town she spent most of her childhood. Sent to live with her aunt Hazel at 13 after the death of her parents, Charlie...
  • Alicia
    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.Close to Home was a gentle rural romance set in a fictional town on the New South Wales South coast. I am using romance in the loose sense that there was a love interest, and we get a happy ending. Nothing overly mushy or detailed. It mostly centred around a suspected Hendra virus outbreak, and the main characters job to identify and contain it. Despite the turmoil and drama that does occ...
  • Tien
    I have really enjoyed reading outback romances as they usually involve animals and nature. In a way, this is like a sea-change or tree-change vicariously through these characters. The sounds and smell of the train fade away and Ill be in the wide open spaces of the Australian outback. If youve not tried any outback romances yet, Id recommend it. This is also my first Pamela Cook and Im keen to check out her other 2 books.I found Close to Home a l...
  • Stacey Houllis
    This is the first Pamela Cook, book I have read and I enjoyed it very much. I learned a few things about the Hendra virus that can affect horses. It is the story Charlie who years ago from her Aunties homes as she goes gone to live there after parents death. Her Uncle abused her aunt and Charlie didn't leave on good terms with her aunt and cousin Emma. When she returns 6 years later now a vet with the DPI she has investigate an outbreak of the He...
  • Wendy
    This was a great holiday read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Set in NSW there is a Hendra virus outbreak and the closest vet to the infected area is Charlie. Being orphaned at a young age she has a lot of trepedation on returning to the town she grew up in due to a lot of past history. She meets Joel, the local park ranger, who becomes the love of her life. It was a quick and easy read that captured the essence of Australian life in asmall town and...
  • Jeannette
    This was a very enjoyable read.  I felt for the main character and while I know the genre pretty much guarantees me a happy ending, Pamela's stories still hook me. I like that, despite the rural genre, Pamela does not rely on the hero and heroine 'formula'. Her characters are relatable and I found the topic of Hendra Viris and the affects it had on the community enlightening. There is at least one character that gets what he deserves, if not two...
  • Simone
    Thankyou for my free copy. I really enjoyed Close to Home once I started reading I couldn't put the book down. The storyline is a good mix of romance, sadness, drama and humour which flows well throughout with the descriptive writing and well developed characters all coming together for a really great read. I would really love a sequal to this book to find out what happens next.
  • Melissa Woods
    Oh my. Just loved how this story was made to be a beautiful story about horses and about family and love. The drama in the story kept me reading until it was finished. Thank you for writing such a captivating story.