Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette

Wine Folly

An essential, hip guide to wine for the new generation of wine drinkers, from the creators of the award-wining site  Red or white? Cabernet or merlot? Light or bold? What to pair with food? Drinking great wine isn’t hard, but finding great wine does require a deeper understanding of the fundamentals.  Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine will help you make sense of it all in a unique infographic wine book. Designed by the cr...

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TitleWine Folly
Release DateSep 22nd, 2015
GenreAlcohol, Wine, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Cookbooks, Reference

Reviews Wine Folly

  • Beth
    I checked this out of the Library and kept it way longer than I should have, and ultimately decided to buy my own copy for reference. Infographics inform the reader how to recognize a varietal by the shape of it's bottle, define what glass to deliver your wine in, and advise how to pair wine with food. Each wine gets a two-page spread that shows (again, ALL in infographics!) the range of flavors for that particular grape, explains how the regions...
  • Adam McNamara
    The Essential Guide to Wine is one of the best beginner's guides I've encountered in any genre, period.It's organized logically. Readers are first introduced to the fundamentals of wine - the characteristics of taste and smell, how those characteristics organize wines into broad styles (Light White, Light Red, and so on), and how those styles pair with food.The voice and tone of the book is exceptional. The language is information dense while rem...
  • Bridget
    I love the graphics. Love, love, love. And the maps are clear and easy to understand. They won't help you understand the greater intricacies within regions, but that's a job for a much longer and larger book. It also falls into the very easy trap of not really explaining the difference between grapes and wines. They're all sort of jumbled together. But on the whole, I love the way it approached wine. However, there are two negatives to this volum...
  • Finlay
    A short reference to tasting, types, and regions, mostly in an infographic format. The visual format for taste profiles (eg, fruit, body, acidity, tannins) and flavours makes it easy to compare and to find something with a specific profile. Not comprehensive, but very approachable and helpful.
  • Kerri Pierce
    I always knew what I liked and didn’t like in terms of wine, but now I understand the why behind my preferences. This is an excellent book to give a novice wine enthusiast the basic knowledge surrounding all things wine. Drink up!
  • Joe Michalak
    Much of the information in Wine Folly would be considered review for even the newest of aspirational sommeliers. That said, the tasting wheels would serve as a good reference at anytime, and the associated regional comparisons by grape type also serve as a good tasting exercise.
  • Rebekka
    I've recently decided tht I want to be a Sommelier, because....why not? This is a great reference book tht is easy to read because of its well done graphic design. A great start for anyone who may be intimidated or looking to get more than just a basic knowledge of wine.
  • Aluísio Leibanti
    A book to own! More like a reference guide with important tips and awesome information that should be revisited from time to time - for novice and aficcionados!
  • Kim
    Fantastic resource; beautiful graphic illustrations; and somehow both concise and comprehensive.
  • Mike Mason
    Have this at home, reference it when looking to pair food, find new tastes and understand what you're drinking. A great conversation piece.
  • Shirley Bateman
    Brilliant! Great for wine novices and perfect for vino aficionados. The graphics are stunning too.
  • Leslie McNamara
    Great reference! Enjoyed learning about the different grapes, regions, and tasting notes.
  • Hanna Sharuk
    A good beginner's guide to the wine art:) Not much text information, but a great visual format (maps, infographics). The book is like an encyclopedia, it's easy to navigate between the different sorts and countries and to find the necessary information.
  • Miquel
    The unfortunate part about this book is that it looks great and gives any potential reader the idea that it's a shortcut to learning about wine. That may seem like a positive but it's not as it completely fools people into thinking that it's an authoritative source when it's not.The content is gleaned a great deal from Wikipedia (clear given some translation errors that were present on WP that are then carried into this book) and information some...
  • Jo
    I learned that I prefer wines at the far ends of the spectrum: light whites and full-bodied reds. I wonder what my "extreme" preferences mean? Am I a non-taster? I may have to do a taste-bud test to find out!
  • Kat
    Granted, the graphics are great, but the author's knowledge is extremely inaccurate, and lacks depth. Incomplete facts and details is atrocious, and borders on making things up when she does not know the facts. I’m somewhat shocked at the number of people in the industry that respect her, because her work is horribly derivative without giving credit for the source. If you want to learn about wine, buy a real wine book from author Jancis Robinso...
  • Peter White
    Nice graphic design but too brief and reference material too limited to even keep as a reference book. If you like the author's approach to wine writing (and I do!) you're better off just subscribing to her blog and using online tools for references.
  • Shawn P
    An OK book for beginners, but only glosses over the surface for most topics. Budding oenophiles looking to build a solid foundation would have to look elsewhere.
  • Margaux Burgess
    I'd give it no stars preferably. Terrible and full of inaccuracies. Do not use this to learn about wine.
  • Christine
    I got this for my Birthday and I loved it! I am doing the Wine Challenge in the book in 2016. If you are interested in joiningme let me know! It was perfect for me being a reverse Wine Snob... :)
  • Meredith
    This guidebook walks the reader through wine basics, including cheat sheets for all those crazy tasting notes that so mystify non-wine enthusiasts. It discusses the most common types of wine, which are broken down into nine different styles: sparkling wine, light-bodied white wine, full-bodied white wine, aromatic white wine, aromatic white wine, rosé wine, light-bodied red wine, medium-bodied red wine, full-bodied red wine, and dessert wine. Ho...
  • Ben Labe
    Wine Folly is essentially a picture book about wine. Almost all of the information contained therein is delivered through some sort of graphic, chart, or map. While most of these are useful and easy-to-read, some of them (particularly the largely gross and unhelpful food pairing guides) sacrifice legibility for style. You'll get through this book in no time, but that's partially because it is not meant for perusing but rather casually browsing or...
  • Jordan
    a very easy to read, non-intimidating first book to have for wine. one night i got a little wine drunk and ordered a bunch of wine books (including The Wine Bible and Windows on the World) and this is just the most approachable while being very informative. If I want to know something about a certain wine region or grape I will often look here first before going into my other resources.It's visually a very beautiful book and like I've kinda hinte...
  • Matt Lennert
    For anyone who wants to start their journey into learning about wine, this is the go-to book. The first book any wine lover should own. It's almost entirely infographics, which make the knowledge far less intimidating. The charts and graphs, icons and colors are clear and concise and fun to look at. The book sucks you in; I've seen it first hand when I handed the book to dinner guests and they wouldn't put it down for an hour as they were delight...
  • Simon Bullock
    As an intro to wine book goes, it is suitable in its purpose, however, spends a great deal of pages going over each and every major wine grape varietal. Only the first 40 pages are used for understanding the many other aspects necessary to become an education wine consumer. The Grape variety pages are excellent and easy to navigate with their graphics, but the book itself is a bit short of substance beyond varietal and appellation knowledge.
  • Melissa
    This book is an excellent, easy guide for understanding the basics of wine. The main content of the book is focused on grape varietals: where they are grown, aromas, flavors, acidity, tannins, body, etc. Wine Folly relies on charts and image graphics to organize and break down the science of wine, which I think makes it a much quicker learning tool than other wine books. It’s great to have on hand while drinking a new bottle of wine!
  • Margarita
    The book is cool, but it isn’t supposed to be read cover to cover, you have to own it in order to check information every time you drink wine. About 20% you can read very quickly to boost overall wine knowledge and then there are multiple pages about different wine sorts. The info graphics inside are very informative and pretty. I recommend it as a gift for wine lovers.
  • Erin
    As a wine specialist, with years in wine education as well as consultant experience, Wine Folly is, hands-down, one of the best wine resources out there, for both novice and expert alike. Accurate and extensive information, presented in a way that neither dumbs it down or makes it overly complex. The Wine Folly web site and their book are my go-to’s.
  • Raimonda
    The book to read to get into the world of wine. Content organization is logical and easy to follow. Design catches your eye instantly and makes you want to jump right into it.It is likely to inspire an urge for more as it is a guide for the beginners, but that need would be satisfied by diving into authors' website that provides extra material and book matching aesthetics.
  • Jonghyun Byun
    Wine flavors matched with colors, tastes. I am not into alcohols but this book gives me wonder how I can demystify food that I daily have. It also goes around a circle. I hope it was not a guess but a truth.