Not by Sight (Stone River #1) by Kay Stockham

Not by Sight (Stone River #1)

Can you love someone and still be free? Emma Wyatt agrees to tutor a recently blinded, embittered soldier because of the $50,000 paycheck his brother offers. The job is an answer to many prayers. Blind herself, Emma dreams of independence and freedom away from her overprotective family. Tutoring Ian in all things “blind” isn’t easy, especially when the biggest challenge is helping him walk by faith. Protect someone you cannot see? Good sold...

Details Not by Sight (Stone River #1)

TitleNot by Sight (Stone River #1)
Release DateMay 18th, 2015
PublisherKindred Spirits Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Christian Fiction, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Not by Sight (Stone River #1)

  • ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡ the Romance Bibiliophile ♡
    A nice enough and well developed story that kept my attention - at least until it became a little to slow, which is where I found myself skimming some pages. Also I felt it was very confusing to find the book under two different names and author names on amazon and here on GR - both available to buy. And it is not only this book but the complete series of the book. Because of an unusual turn of events I was able to finish reading the book instead...
  • Rachel
    Overall rating: 3.5 stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ Not between the hero and heroine, but it is found out that the heroine's dad did cheat on his deceased wife with his sister. That was pretty depressing :( (hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no (hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No (hide spoiler)]Intimate pasts: (view spoiler)[ Ian (hero): it really isn't mentioned, but you know he wasn't a virgin. His sexual past ...
  • CeCe
    There was too much with the heroine and her BFFs. I like to feel connected to the two main characters. This story started out with a large chunk of it with Emma and her besties - Morgan, Tasha, and Jolie. SO much so that at the beginning, I had no idea which one of them was the heroine.Also, there was too much explained about people that I really could care less about. I wanted a clean read, but there was too much inner babble to allow me to conn...
  • RB Mueller
    The four star rating is an average of my five stars from the first half and the three stars from the second half.For me the main story between Emma and Ian (a blind woman tutoring a blind soldier) was a real page turner. As long as the focus was on the relationship dynamics between them and their respective worlds, I'd rate the story five stars, no doubt.To be honest, I considered the plot for the second half quite soap-opera melodramatic. Yes, t...
  • Joleen
    Wow! Loved this book! All the way through I kept thinking...finally, a really different book...not the typical Christian Romance...not silly or trite, or eye-rolling, nor one I couldn't wait to put down and just forget. No, this one I will remember!I think this is the first of Ms. Stockham's books I've picked up, but will go back to check out others. Good writing, great plot, great characters, all of them, and wonderful relationships, oh, and kil...
  • Teresa
    Great story about being blindIf everything was easy then you would be very bored and disappointed. Emma and Ian are both blind but in different ways of how it happened. Ian, a Navy Seal, who was shot while trying to rescue hostage. Unfortunately, he has a blood clot during surgery. However, Emma was in a car accident when she was younger. The book takes you as the reader inside to watch as Emma teaches Ian how to understand that his blindness isn...
  • mad4rombks
    Kindle Freebie as of August 5, 2017.
  • Anna Marie
    The story was... alright.Emma is blind, but is a bartender, trainer at 'PAWS for a Cause', and also runs a kennel. In all her spare time, she's with her 'besties', a group of four chicks (with a needy girl that Emma isn't all that nice to). And on top of all that busy, Emma is now hired to coach an ex-military type who was recently blinded in the art of living in the dark. In. WHAT. Time?!?! There is NO way she'd have time to do all of that well....
  • (ツ) Hache
    Hero: Ian MacGregor 33, former Navy SEAL. Recently blind Heroine: Emma Wyatt 28, Been blind for 14 years, Trains dogs as service animals for blind or disabled people. also a bartender. POV: 3rd person, Alternating between H&h, and a few times by the Heros brother DuncanIm not sure I liked this book. It was ok I guess... maybe.I mainly wanted to read this because I wanted to read a blind romance book where one of the H or h was blind and that's...
  • MJ
    2I didn't really feel much for the main couple, and everything was way too obvious, and fairly simply tied up or forgotten about. I probably wouldn't have had too much of a problem with it all if I wasn't bugged by the constant 'we trust in god', 'we are godly people', 'we pray to god' etc. It wasn't a bible basher, but it def fell over the edge of just knowing these characters believe in god, to god rulz!And quite frankly, two of our godly peopl...
  • Shannon
    Great story Although this book could use a good proof read, I really enjoyed the story line. There was no stuck in their heads, lamenting over and over again about their fears. You got a hint of it, but the author keep the pace going in another direction, while that character fixed things on their own. I am constantly searching for a book that is not page after page of sex, with a good story line, without constant eye rolls, and I hope that futur...
  • Lhenry
    This seemed to drag a bit for me. I realize it's pretty much a romance with a slight mystery. It seemed pretty obvious to me who was the bad guy, and the villainous acts were not very intriguing. I found Emma and Ian to be moderately interesting. Didn't really think the soap-opera revelations about Zack added anything to the story. I actually really liked the epilogue and Ian's solution to what his new life was going to be, so I am glad I finishe...
  • Anne
    this book was fantastic. I usually don't read romance novels but this one had a little mystery in it. Just enough to keep my interest. I gave a good insight into what obstacles blind people have to overcome in everyday life. I really liked Kay's style of writing. I also liked the little bit of christian values that made it's way in every so often. Just enough so as not to be rammed down your throat. But a real part of the story. I look forward to...
  • Tracey
    If you're looking for a book that will tug at your heartstrings, this is the one.I fell in love with Ian and Emma right from the start. I don't usually fall so quickly for a book but this one just sort of reached right in and grabbed me. I shows how much you can go through and still survive and find love. It's a good book and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Virginia
    EnjoyableGood story. Romantic. But early on, I knew what the conclusion of the mystery would be. The 2 main characters were fleshed out well but the secondary characters were not. One will have to read each of their own books to get to know them better. Even though I enjoyed this book, I doubt I will read the other characters' books.
  • Elise Larson
    A wonderful story about the healing power of love. FIVE PERFECT STARS!Take a strong heroine, a handsome but wounded hero, an intriguing plot with lots of emotion and suspense, and a love that triumphs despite great odds. Polish everything with impeccable editing and proofreading, and you have a perfect book. Be sure to set aside a block of reading time, because you'll be hooked from page one. Seriously. YOU WILL NOT PUT THIS ONE DOWN. IT'S THAT G...
  • Maria
    This was my first time trying this author, and I quite enjoyed it. The main female character (Emma) was upbeat and positive, even after all she had been through. The main male character (Ian) was a cynical, depressed guy reeling from a surgery that left him blind. I liked seeing their interactions with each other. Emma was able to see through his rude and gruff exterior to see the man hurting underneath. It was lovely to see Ian come to grips wit...
  • Eve
    This book was pretty enjoyable. All the characters were interesting in their own right and the plot appealed or me greatly. To be honest, at first I didn’t really think Emma and Ian had any chemistry. If anything, I thought she was better suited for Duncan, however, all ended well and I’m perfectly content with how it turned out. I had a particular love for Quinn, for some reason I like the quite ones. Though, I don’t see myself reading his...
  • Elizabeth
    For you readers that look for books about heros or heroines with disabilities or "different abilities", this is one of my favorites and one I will reread. Some reviews say that this book was previously published under a different name and released again. Well, if that is the case, it is because this book is one you will want to read again. The gorgeous alpha male is left blind from a military accident and the girl he falls in love with is also bl...
  • Sandra Lyamuya
    Loved itPlot was amazing, the characters and their problems made the book interesting and even though i wanted Ian to gain what he'd lost, i'm happy that the author proved that sometimes it doesn't always work out the way we planned or expected.Quick qst though; Did Ian ever discuss with his brother about the innocent guy he killed and who in turn made him blind, if so i must have skimmed through it.Anyway can't wait to read about the other chara...
  • Janet Hendricks
    Rollercoaster Ride of EmotionsOh, the secrets! This book is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Happy, sad, tearful, mad, excited, confused and shocked. It's all in this book. The characters are diverse and at times unfathomable, but for the most part I liked them even when their actions were annoying. These characters aren't larger than life heroes. They're human. They make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are doozies, but I still rooted for a hap...
  • Annette Sullivan
    Sweet but explicit sexI thought the explicit sex ruined this book. It wasn’t necessary to know the how, why or where every time, or any time! And really this was incredible as there was no explicit swearing. You got told when someone thought it, but not the words, so why the double standard then? The story itself was intriguing and thoughtful even when from the start the final romantic outcome was inevitable, as was one of them regaining their ...
  • Angie Hackett
    Reasonable read.This was definitely an interesting and intriguing read, the plot was good. The slow simmer romance was even good. The characters had depth, the blindness of both main characters added a great layer to the book. It was easy to get lost in this book. The only thing I will say is I saw who the protagonist was a mile away. Not initially I grant but I knew who it was pretty quickly.
  • Rita C
    I liked the main characters and I was enjoying the story for the most part. The villain’s identity was obvious from the time of the fire, and I was not a fan of the miracle cure. However it was the whole soap-opera reveal about Emma’s family that kind of pushed the story into eye-rolling territory for me.
  • Pat Allen
    Blinded by loveA blind young woman since 14 years old meets Seal who was blinded on duty. He is not coping at all well. He is angry and drinking to get through days. She is hired to show him how to cope. They end up falling in love. Easy reading. I enjoyed it.
  • Jackson
    Great!This story pulls you into Emma and Ian's lives from the first page! It is a story of who we all are, damaged or hurt in some way when life brings is sorrow, but also joy and love!
  • Elizabeth C Logging
    Awesome readingBest story l have read in a long time. It's almost 3 am. Tells you l enjoyed the book. Please continue to write these type of stories. Characters were intriguing. 😊😊😊😇
  • gloria marquardt
    A very good story that I didn't want to put down.The storyline was different. Two blind people coming together. The ups and downs and returning vision of one. Not to mention a stalker. Enough going on you can't get bored. The lead in to book 3 was also a tease.
  • Robin Malek
    Love is blindDrama, intrigue, mystery all in the name of love. Characters with heart and history of making mistakes but with the hope of the eternal Father making it all right again. Love conquers all. Great read.