Be Mine by Jen Frederick

Be Mine

At twenty years old, Lainey Wilson has made enough mistakes for a lifetime. She’s gotten herself knocked up by a cruel, uncaring man, lost her home, and found herself outside of a ramshackle bar with a crying baby and a broken purse. When Nick Jackson, the Mustangs' new rookie quarterback, swoops in like her savior, all she wants to do is fall into his arms. There’s just one problem... she’s sworn off football players and men for good. He...

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TitleBe Mine
Release DateOct 3rd, 2018
GenreSports and Games, Sports, Romance, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Sports Romance

Reviews Be Mine

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    Be Mine is book two in the Jackson Boys series by Jen Frederick. This was my very first book by this author. When we start out, Lainey Valdez is twenty years old and has a two year old daughter, Cassie. When Lainey was only sixteen years old she was swept off her feet by Chip, a local guy who had just gotten into the NFL. He got her pregnant and then dumped her, literally treated her like trash. Lainey’s own mother is embarrassed by her and pre...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****FOUR STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}BE MINE is the second book in the Jackson Boys series. While I haven’t read ”The Charlotte Chronicles” yet, it wasn’t hard at all to follow the storyline since Charlotte and Nate are secondary characters in this story. Sports Romances are one of my top favorite romance genres but I love it when there’s also a heavy dose of comedy thrown in. That wasn’t the case with this one. The ...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    4.5 Stars! Lainey Valdez has made enough bad choices to last a lifetime. She’s now twenty, and a single mom trying to survive in a small town in Texas. With little education or skills, she didn’t have many opportunities for a good life for her daughter. Then she gets a chance to move to Dallas, and she takes it. While looking for a job and a place to live she meets a man named Nick Jackson that shows her kindness in her time of need.Nick Jack...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳I didn't realize this book was considered part of a series that Jen had written already and I don't mind it because I loved everything about Nick and Lainey... ➳Follow Me On:Blog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter
  • Hms
    I love Jen Frederick but this could have been SO much better. Please for all that is holy EDIT and when you are unsure, EDIT it again!!!! I've highlighted some of my favorites, so no excruciating details here. If you want to be bored, check out my highlights and notes.I like heroines who show a backbone and Lainey was a freaking jelly fish. Ummm, anyone can do math, so shove Chip's face in that. Regardless of how you ended up at the party and wha...
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    Lainey and Nick are everything I love about sports romance. He is just sweet, hot perfection and Lainey is such a great character. Strong, funny and determined to give her daughter a better life. I have a soft spot for a single mum finding a great guy. Really loved this one
  • Fiona Fog
    Lainey Wilson is a single mom, kicked out of home and having to make a new start on her own with her daughter. The father of the baby is a total douche-bag. She had made a mistake and now she has to live with it. She has no one. No friends. Nothing. Rookie quarter back Nick Jackson plays for the Mustangs. He first see's Lainey outside the bar that the players frequent. Alone and nearly in tears with her daughter he approaches her. This guy surpri...
  • London
    60% into the book and there’s still nothing going on with the H/h. They haven’t kissed, there’s no slow burn, or any kind of relationship development. More than half the book is about the creep of a dead beat dad, football, and the heroine taking care of her daughter. There’s nothing happening with their relationship and it’s as if they’re just friends hanging out. I’m totally lost as to how this is romance when most of the book doe...
  • Ivy Deluca
    Sigh. I have loved several of Ms. Frederick’s books, so it saddens me to say this is not one of them. Lainey and Nick have potential, but the story is sketched out and really needs some editing. It began as a little extra content for newsletter readers, and it shows. It really needs editing. Usually I can ignore small typos, punctuation issues but this is very noticeable. Names are switched at point between Lainey and her daughter Cassidy, the ...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Be Mine by Jen Frederick is book Two in the Jackson Boys series. This is the story of Nick Jackson and Lainey Wilson. I haven't yet read the previous book, so for me this was a standalone book. Lainey made a mistake with one guy that left her with a baby. Now she is pretty much homeless with a crying baby. Nick is a rookie for the Dallas Mustangs seems to fall instantly for Lainey and her little girl. But she is cautious of getting into another r...
  • Carmen Rae
    I am actually a little disappointed. To be completely fair if I wasn't in a book slump the things that I am hung up on in this book are things I probably would have glossed over and ignored. But since I am in that mood where all I want to do is read but I don't know what I want to read except that it's not the thousand plus books on my kindle.So what was my issue here? Nothing and everything. I liked the characters I just didn't love them. There ...
  • Somia
    A Comfy 3.5 Stars Overall this was a enjoyable read. Both Lainey and Nick worked as characters and had me rooting for them. Nick was everything the odious Chip wasn't.Wished there had been a tad more fluidity in the timeline, and somethings need to be teased out a bit more, but this introduction to the author will have me reading more.
  • Nadine Bookaholic
    This story takes place along side The Charlotte Chronicles and I really enjoyed getting both sides to certain situations.Full review to follow
  • Talia (Red Hot Ink)
    Sooo... funny story. I have no idea how this landed on my Kindle, whether I accidentally bought it, whehter someone sent it to me, I don't know. I just turned my kindle on one day and there this book was. So thank you, my lucky star.I looooved this book. At first I believed it would just be the usual sportsromance and single mother trope, but with its longish time span covered and the characters meeting again it became something more.The characte...
  • Harim (The Reader Blog)
    I am angry. Beyond anything I am angry. How could u write such an amazing blurb and then the book is beyond fkd up and not even proof read. I can't believe this is the same author that wrote Want You. Honestly it has the potential to be amazing and so good but it badly badly badly BADLY needs editing. Cassidy is often Charlie and Lainey. Sometimes Lainey is written as Cass. No. And the fact that the whole baby thing was done so weirdly.. Babies l...
  • Cocktails and Books
    It pains me to say I didn’t like this book as much as I have other Jen Frederick books. Full review to come.
  • ~Dawn~TUG
    Cute, angsty love story with a hot ass football player and a crazy one sprinkled in. Tough girl. Enjoyed.
  • Laci
    I enjoyed this book. I'm a big fan. The reason for not being a 5 star, the editing. I hope she is working on an update. This book was so good even with the mess ups but would have been perfect without them. To me they weren't huge, but distracting, for me it messed up the flow.
  • Callixta
    Voilà une petite romance sans aucune prétention qui met en scène des personnages maintenant bien connus de la romance contemporaine : des sportifs et tout particulièrement un quarterback, le joueur vedette d’une équipe de football américain.La romance n’est pas inoubliable mais agréable à lire hormis un fait important qui est signalé dès le départ et dont je pourrai parler.Lainey est une jeune femme que la vie n’a pas gâtée. El...
  • Grace
    3.5 starsLainey Valdez’s life is a series of highs and lows.Taken advantage of by a man she thought she could trust. – LOWPregnant and raising a child on her own, all before she’s 20. – LOWA child, Cassidy, who she adores. – HIGHBullied/harassed/threatened by the child’s father, a star quarterback, Chip Peters. – LOWRandomly meet’s the star quarterback’s back up, Nick Jackson. – HIGHAnd from there, everywhere Nick is, there is...
  • Jennifer Finn
    3 1/2 STARS ⭐⭐⭐✨I had no clue this was the second book in a series as it does not say it anywhere except Goodreads so I didn’t read The Charlotte Chronicles. First let me say that there were a lot of grammar mistakes which were annoying as hell and also the main female character Lainey was called Cass (her daughter’s name) several times which was annoying and confusing. Lainey was a complete doormat and I wanted to strangle her most o...
  • Clare
    I really enjoyed this and plan to read book 1.
  • Kimberley C.
    The premise of this book is great but it needs a lot of work. A lot. It was very disjointed and it felt rushed. I just didn’t get it, which is unfortunate.
  • Spoiler Whore-Momoa
    Editing issues aside I didn't like this story much.
  • Heather andrews
    Nick likes to get points across where his woman is concerned, “making sure that Cass’s nanny knows that the only woman in this place that I want in my bed is you.” Nick sometimes takes things a little too seriously, “what are you gonna do? Have you brother’s SEAL team take him out?”He’s silent for so long that I nudge him with my shoe. “Nick!” I liked this book, I really loved Nick.
  • Timitra
    Rated 3.5 StarsI ran through a gamut of emotions while reading Lainey's List. At times I was annoyed. Or so very angry, those angry times usually were because of Chip, man I hated that motherfucker. Nick and Lainey made me angry too because of choices they made or didn't make but my anger for them was never on the level as what it was for Chip. Just thinking about him now is getting me angry. Sometimes sad, other times so giddy with happiness but...
  • Aly
    Nick and Lainey's storyI'm so happy we got to read Nick and Lainey's story. They're so cute together and after seeing them in the Charlotte Chronicles, I really wanted to see them end up together. I read this all in one sitting because it was so good and sucked me in. Chip was a huge douche and I'm so happy Nick was there to love Lainey and take care of her. Loved this book and all Jen's books.
  • LadyDarcy0103
    I'm so sad this book hasn't been written yet. Still holding out hope.