Five Ingredient Cookbook (Five Ingredient Cooking Series Book 1) by Hannie P. Scott

Five Ingredient Cookbook (Five Ingredient Cooking Series Book 1)

Easy Recipes in 5 or Less Ingredients! Are you tired of complicated recipes with hard-to-find ingredients? Are you looking for delicious and easy recipes with only a few simple ingredients? 60+ EASY RECIPES IN 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS! Your Problems Have Been Solved ==> 5 INGREDIENTS OR LESS! This SIMPLE and DELICIOUS cookbook has step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and simply prepared. All of the recipes only require 5 ingredients or less!...

Details Five Ingredient Cookbook (Five Ingredient Cooking Series Book 1)

TitleFive Ingredient Cookbook (Five Ingredient Cooking Series Book 1)
Release DateApr 11th, 2015
PublisherHannie P. Publishing
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Reference, Food

Reviews Five Ingredient Cookbook (Five Ingredient Cooking Series Book 1)

  • sue
    Basic no photosRegrettably I'm not impressed with this recipe book.I like to have photos that show me the end product at least and there's none in here.It's pretty boringly basic I'm sorry to say
  • SheLove2Read
    If you want to eat processed, high carb meals this is for you. If you want good foods that are at least minimally healthy for you, take a hard pass.
  • Emma L
    Nope. I get that five ingredients isn't a lot, but if I wanted to read what one can do with pre-made foods I wouldn't be reading a cook book for RECIPES...
  • Christina
    Easy PeasyRecipes looks easy enough even my husband could pull these off without a mistake. I can't wait to try them.
  • James
    I prefer Pinterest to a "book" like this...
  • leslie
    GoodIt was a good recipe book to flip through for new ideas but unfortunately, it's not my style. I'm more into healthier foods than these recipes offer.
  • Jane
    Mislesding and useless to anyone looking for homemade cookingThis is a great example of the kinds of recipes I loathe. I'm not into this "can of" and "package of" stuff. It took conversing with a friend in Slovakia to learn those recipes are not accessible. Even if these recipes are US-based (or so it seems), the conversions at the beginning of the book are pointless since most of the recipes require you to buy a "package of" something. It's not ...
  • Lunasquirrelgirl
    A good starting bookThis is a great book for someone just starting out with cooking, say college student or recent graduate. The recipes are easy to read, easy to prepare and utilize easy to obtain ingredient. A good majority of the recipes do call for preprocessed items (ie cake mix) to keep the recipes under 5 ingredient. I was able to take away from new ideas from this book. But this is more of a beginner book.
  • John Shrek Walters
    Quick meals: 5 ingredients or lessGee, what can I say: I enjoy reading cookbooks because I can read them and not gain any weight, while seeing what the recipes look like when done. Mrs. Scott s recipes are too dog gone good to pick any that are either the cat s meow, or so atrocious that you never want to ever eat them again. Does any chef or cook ever make really bad food? Now I likely will while learning how to duplicate her technique..
  • Kee P.
    OMG !!!This is exactly what I have been looking for after becoming a new wife and mom!! Great food on a budget ! I am so impressed by the creativity and yet the simplicity! You have made my day, night, and time in the kitchen so much better! I will continue to support ! This should be a gift to new wives and moms! Plus it’s an affordable and helpful gift !
  • Marlene McLeod
    Simp!e ways to cook simplyIt was good for a beginner but it wasn't enough variety it was well written and easy to was good to use both methods of cooking also oven an slow cooker. Good job
  • Xenn
    Great if you love chicken as ingredientIt does present creative recipes for a staple ingredient that is chicken. There are also other recipes but most of the time it does a good job of presenting a recipe with at least 5 ingredients
  • Ashley
    I actually thought I had downloaded a chicken recipe book by accident at first. It seems like the majority of the recipes are involve chicken. Also seems like cheating if one of the five ingredients are something premade. I think my favorite part was the recipe for scrambled eggs. lolz.
  • Chris Teskey
    DecentI like the idea of 5 ingredient recipes and found myself book marking many recipes. And the all seem very easy and not very time consuming.
  • Rebecca Rittersdorf
    Really?Good thing this was free. The author actually gives a recipe for egg on toast. This is not worth the space on your ereader
  • Vanessa Wampler
    Not as many good recipes as I hoped there would be.
  • Heather Sullivan
    As a South African epic failwe don't get most of your ingredients in our shops. We would have to make the items first and then move on to making the items
  • Rebecca Trotter
    Great quick chicken and slow cooker recipes.
  • Anya Champagne
    Basic recipesMost recipes keep to the five ingredient rule by using various premade items, like bottled dressings and sauces. Great for a beginner basic cook.
  • Beatrice Drury
    Any cookbook that all the recipes only require a maximum of 5 ingredients is worth trying. Some of these looked really yummy. I will be trying them soon.
  • K.J. Chapman
    Basic recipes and not all from scratch. Mixing pre-made sauces and canned foods isn't what I'm after. There are no photos to show the finished results.
  • teresa smith
    FairNot a lot of useful info for me, might be useful for young women just starting to cook or newlyweds
  • Sue
    Not suitable Too many over sweetened recipes as well as using too many processed and American products that are not available in Australia.
  • Heidi
    Pretty basic, some include pre-made foods
  • Julia
    A great addition for the cooker's library collection as the recipes are mostly short, easy to comprehend and the ingredients are quite common yet cheap enough for those who are on a budgeted grocery list. The mixture of dishes are mostly lunches and/or dinners with some breakfast items and desserts with a bunch of nice slow cooker recipes added. There were a few things that I found to my disliking. First of all this book seemed to share the same...
  • Sarah
    disappointing "cookbook"I'm so disappointed in this book. I was really hoping for a good cookbook with actual recipes for food that was 5 ingredients or less. but most of these items are frozen/prepackaged/canned foods. these aren't recipes that are made from scratch - I was just hoping to find some help in this book on how to make quick, easy, simple foods. (for example: Honey-Lime Shrimp, ingredients: honey, lime juice, shrimp, salt, fresh grat...
  • Itismyrealname
    What a disappointing wasteI liked the cover and the suggestion of simplicity. I did not like that they all endorsed/depended on processed and pre-packed products. I suppose I was naive in thinking it was a collection of internationally inspired flavours made simply. Save your money and keep looking.
  • Hatchet Gash
    Good kids cookbookWas almost disappointed until I realized this is a great cook book for my 11 year old girl who often cooks for the family when I'm at work (my wife isn't big on getting in the kitchen). Gotta say though, even then there are some things in this book she has already been cooking for a long time without help.
  • Mike
    Quick thoughts: Extremely basic and most of the recipes come down to mixing meat with a couple pre-made sauces and/or dressings. Further seasonings (including salt and pepper) are often left out to adhere to the 5 ingredient limit. Still, there are some creative recipes and this is a good intro for new cooks unfamiliar with standard combinations of flavorings.
  • Elice Mcneely
    A Bit of VarietyThere are breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as well as side recipes included in this book.A good bit of the recipes included are for the slow cooker.I didn't really come across any recipe I hadn't seen before.Matter of fact a good bit of them I had seen being shared on social media.I honestly didn't find one that I would care to make.