Clean Eating (Clean Food Diet Book 1) by Sara Banks

Clean Eating (Clean Food Diet Book 1)

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Details Clean Eating (Clean Food Diet Book 1)

TitleClean Eating (Clean Food Diet Book 1)
Release DateApr 15th, 2015
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Health, Self Help, Reference

Reviews Clean Eating (Clean Food Diet Book 1)

  • Deborah
    Nothing new here.I'm well aware that my diet could and should be better, so every time a free book like this appears I check it out.This book explains the benefits of clean eating then covers the foods you should eat, detailing the vitamins they provide and why they're good for you.There's then a small selection of recipes, only one actually appealed to me and that was the flapjacks.At the end of the book there's one week meal plan as well.Clean ...
  • Becca
    Canned foodI highly doubt canned food can be considered clean eating. Throughout the book I only "learnt" anyone can write a book and call it healthy whether or not it truly is. Disappointed, glad I did not pay for this.
  • Jennifer Denney
    Easy clean eatingInteresting and informative with easy to read recipes. Gives the pros and cons of clean eating along with a weekly menu suggestion at the end.
  • Marissa
    Clean Eating is a free and short ebook. There are two parts to the book: information on how to eat clean and a recipe section. The first part about clean eating was interesting and had some good points. However, none of the information was anything new and some of the sentences were choppy making it a little difficult to read.Banks talks about how important it is to include all food groups. I just want to quickly mention that you technically don'...
  • Jennifer Fischer
    This book contains some general information about how to begin eating a clean diet. There are some facts and tips that may help beginners with this type of lifestyle choice. The book also contains several different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Several of the recipes are one that I already make, while others call for specialty ingredients that I've never seen in my area. It would be nice if the book contained a broader range ...
  • Julie Barrett
    Clean Eating: Amazingly Delicious Recipes To Jump Start Your Weight Loss, Increase Energy and Feel Great! (Clean Food Diet Book 1) We have adopted a Mediterranean type of eating habit now and this book endorses that style as everything is fresh. We have just started planting our crops in the garden and I am interested in learning more.Different food groups are discussed with sub categories of what food is better for different parts of your body a...
  • Olga Hebert
    Nothing new hereEating clean is never really defined but it's good for you. Chemicals in processed foods are bad. Okay, I believe that already. There is absolutely nothing new in this book. There is no evidence sited. Statements and opinions are given in somewhat random order. The quality of writing is poor with far too many grammatical errors. It falls far short of being a compelling persuasive essay because of the lack of evidence and the incoh...
  • Angel Graham
    It is highly possible to do clean eating without breaking the bank. This book has recipes that will cost anyone who doesn't make good money far too much to be able to sustain it for very long. I am on Food Stamps. I couldn't begin to buy groceries to last a month eating ANY of these recipes. Otherwise, I guess it's good, but it limits its audience to a very small percentage of people.
  • Tara Jamieson
    Quick readThis is a VERY short read about clean eating. I feel it touches on the basics then gives you some recipes. I want to transition my entire family back to a clean diet so I want all the knitting gritty information and some awesome recipes that my kids will eat as well
  • Thandeka Young
    Very informativeI have learned some very great recipes. I wonder if I'm going to be able to stick to this diet. Clean eating is a way of life and I'm just not use if everyone can do it
  • Barbara
    Great introduction to me for clean eating. I started week 1and love all the recipes I have tried so far. Highly recommended.
  • Lauren
    Enjoyed this cookbook, there are recipes I look forward to making.
  • Aubrey
    Most of this is just recipes. Not a lot about what constitutes clean eating. I was hoping for something more in depth. But at least it was free.
    Nothing newOnly a few things were worth the read. A lot of info already knew for. Other readings. Couple of good recipes..
  • Chantey
  • Julie Davis
    Good read!Great information for healthy eating and living. Worth reading and trying the recipes -- take the time to learn more about healthy food choices.
  • Stephanie Hubbard
    Not impressedNot very informative also had a lot of typos. I thought I would like a few recipes buy not many
  • James D Stidham
    Informative!Thank you for an intro to clean eating. I want to incorporate more fresh, whole food into my diet and your book really made me believe I can do it.
  • Denise
    No picturesThere are NO pictures. How are younglings know if it's right. With no pictures of the. Food.. it w o old have been nice to see how it. Is to look like.
  • crystal
    InformativeInformative but meals are not quick simple healthy eats this will take time to prepare while choosing I don't mind when I have the time.
  • Farreh
    Simple, but has many recipies :)