London in the Nineteenth Century by Jerry White

London in the Nineteenth Century

London in the nineteenth century was the greatest city mankind had ever seen. Its wealth was dazzling. Its horrors shocked the world. As William Blake put it, London was 'a Human awful wonder of God'. It was a century of genius - of Blake, Thackeray and Mayhew, of Nash, Faraday, Disraeli and Dickens. Jerry White's dazzling book is the first in a hundred years to explore London's history over the nineteenth century as a whole. We see the destructi...

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TitleLondon in the Nineteenth Century
Release DateJan 3rd, 2008
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Historical, Victorian, Literature, 19th Century, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews London in the Nineteenth Century

  • Jake Goretzki
    Very good and very dense. I lost count of the pages I bookmarked to go back to and streets and novels to follow up. It’s more rigorous and less sentimental than a Peter Ackroyd (not to say that those don’t have their charms). There was a Crosse & Blackwell factory on Charing Cross Road. Haymarket was full of prostitutes. Music Halls and theatres were too. The hard-up used to be radical. Wentworth Street was the ‘Jews’ Market’. Soho was ...
  • Jimmie
    I have 2 family lines that lived in London in this century. I was fascinated to read about their London and what was going on. A large chunk of London was under construction, with more people moving in and London was spreading out too. There was the Chartist demonstrates and the disease and crime outbreaks too. I would think they thought the Salt lake valley was a little bit of heaven. Maybe they did get homesick for their families left behind, a...
  • Sophie Turner
    I didn't think this was quite as cleverly structured as the 18th century book, but still a very good read for anyone interested in London or 19th century history.
  • Josh Hogan
    Probably the most definitive written exploration of London in the nineteenth century (admittedly I haven't read that many, although I'd be surprised to come across a longer, more fully rounded book on this subject), this is a well written and highly informative volume on our capital city at the time when it was the world's greatest city. Known as the new Rome, London underwent a miraculous transformation in this century, in terms of size, populat...
  • Stephen Palmer
    A marvellous collection - written in themed chapters and time-lined from 1800 to 1899 - covering how London changed during the 19th century. It covers everything from architecture to government, charity and religion to riot and prostitution, homeless children to the wealthy in their perfect, posh streets. The sections on the working class attitude to charity and religion was particularly eye-opening.Lots of period detail, a terrific eye when it c...
  • D.E. Meredith
    Read it twice already. Now reading - dipping into again - completely wonderful. A first-rate history of London in the C19th.
  • Stuart
    Londoners in the 19th century would use anything as an excuse to go a bit mad and burn stuff down.And life in the 19th century was mostly not so nice.
  • Ruth
    c2008. (16) Another book to add to my London collection. As ever, not enough illustrations for my liking but really interesting. Split into chapters such as 'Work', 'Culture' and 'People' -a wide cross section of information and quotes. I wish I had the time to add all the interesting bits to my own compendium of London street names - as there are some interesting facts that I would like to record. Definitely recommended to the normal crew. "Then...
  • Toofan
    Intresting and informative, though I would recommend a printed or digital version.
  • Nickie
    Omg finished it after six blimmin months
  • Malcolm
    This does exactly what good social history should do – it takes us, as much as is possible, into the lives and experiences of everyday Londoners. It is not a history of the rich and powerful, of London as as an Imperial city, or any of the other stories of London that could be told – but of the city's mass of working people and the changes in their conditions of life through London's stupendous growth in the 19th century: a sweeping history f...
  • Nick
    A brilliant, extraordinary evocation of London, street by street, in the 19th century. The research is staggering. White uses the street layout of London to discuss kinds of city life -- religious, political, mercantile, criminal, the demi-monde, and so on -- and it's a conceit that works well because each area of London specializes, as it were, in a particular kind of sociology. White also manages to give a detailed sense of the astounding growt...
  • Bettie☯
    I am amazed that the tube lines were cut then covered over and displaced inhabitants were not found alternative accomodation - they were just turfed out on to the streets in a 'on yer boike' fashion. Also those first tube trains were steam trains - imagine the mess from the smoke and think of the state of your lungs!My copy was bought new and by halfway, it was starting to fall to pieces; the glossy pages crammed with lovely photographs didn't ap...
  • Gianni
    Very detailed and comprehensive account of life in London across the 19th century. At times this book feels a little bit overwhelming with the amount of detailed information. Not an easy read, but if you want to learn how the capital of an Empire developed from a small town to the largest city in the world, this is the book you should read. Plenty of great period photos too.
  • Emma
    Do you know what, it took me over a year to read this book, which is in no way a criticism. It's so densely packed with information that you need to spend time on it to really absorb it. 19th century London is a weird and unique thing and this book captures it perfectly.
  • Ayla
    Excellent biography of the great city in the nineteenth century - what's amazing is how different a place it was in terms of buildings, culture, politics, social fabric and more at the beginning of the century from the end of the century.
  • Holjo
    I've been studying London history as a new hobby, and this has been my favorite book so far in terms of content. If I could change one thing, I would ask that the author add more visuals. Maps of the neighborhoods from that time frame would be outstanding. More pictures would be great also.
  • Cliff
    Fascinating insight into 19th century London. A 'must read' for anyone interested in the history of the capital.
  • Michael
    not very interesting.
  • April
    Mentioned as a source by Horowitz when he wrote The House of Silk Holmes novel.
  • Jess
    Not only is White an incredible researcher and historian, but he is also a masterful narrator who vividly describes the nineteenth-century metropolis.
  • Renae
    Very interesting.
  • James Webster
    Lots of very interesting detail and very readable. Nineteenth-century London was clearly horrific.
  • Jbondandrews
    I enjoyed reading this book. While it was not as amusing as Liza Pickard's book it still had a lot of interesting information.
  • Sarah Harkness
    I've been reading this on and off for several months - it's well written, very comprehensive, and full of excellent notes and bibliographies