100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make by America's Test Kitchen

100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make

A provocative, handpicked collection of relevant (and surprising) essential recipes for today’s cook We have countless recipes at our disposal today, yet what are the real keepers—the ones that don’t just feed us when we’re hungry or impress our friends on Saturday night, but inspire us to get into the kitchen? At the forefront of American cooking for more than 20 years, the editors at America’s Test Kitchen have answered this question ...

Details 100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make

Title100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make
Release DateOct 13th, 2015
PublisherAmerica's Test Kitchen
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews 100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make

  • Lorraine
    Number 1 is scrambled eggs and number 14 is grilled cheese. 100 Recipes by America's Test Kitchen starts with a very basic recipe. "A great cook starts with the best recipes." This book continues with more basic recipes such as grilled cheese and pot roast. The beginning set of recipes are American called The Absolute Essentials, and these recipes are accompanied with detailed directions and explanations providing the homecook with information th...
  • Brittany
    lots of good inspiration great breakdowns and explanations. The set up is a little weird with split pages of the recipe. 4.5 stars
  • Anna Kander
    Loved the food science and precise instructions.
  • Erin
    Things I have tried that blew my mind:Pork Tinga: This cookbook is worth the cost for this recipe alone. This tinga is amazing. It takes a while, but its ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Omelet: This is the fluffiest egg soufle like omlette. Its egg-cellent.Potstickers: It makes a TON but these are just as good as any that I've had in a restaurantIndonesian Fried Rice: Holy cow. I feel like a real chef making this one, it has excellent complex flavorsThings ...
  • Ashley
    A perfect book to cook your way through, whether novice or advanced. Simplifies (rather, perhaps, maximizes) techniques for the best quality dishes you'll make. Recipes for classic dishes include basics such as scrambled eggs, tomato sauce, roasted broccoli, and chocolate chip cookies (not to mention countless meats). Sounds simplistic unless one remembers that time they had the best of one of these classic dishes- America's Test Kitchen expertly...
  • Lindsay Merrill
    I'm a huge fan of America's Test Kitchen's cookbooks. I own a few of them, so I check others out from the library to see if owning a particular book would buy me anything that my current ones don't. Most of the recipes in this book are already included in the three books I own (the ATK TV show cookbook, the Mexican food cookbook, and the Crockpot Revolution #1 book). But, this book is still great. It teaches even more than the other books do, and...
  • Sherri
    This was such a great find. This would be a great resource to keep on the shelf. It may sound weird that you need recipes for the essentials and basics. It simplifies recipes and you know from America's Test Kitchen they're good recipes that taste good. I like how it also included ethnic dishes and new dishes that have gained popularity in the home kitchen. Good photos.
  • Denise
    I wish I would have had this cookbook when I was 20! Step-by-step instructions and illustrations for some great, essential recipes.
  • Beka
    The perfect starter cookbook with great pictures and clear directions that are pretty much guaranteed foolproof.
  • Taylor (taymwoods)
    Everything from learning how to scramble eggs to surf and turf fanciness! I must own this one day!
  • Donna
    A great cook book....there's always something I can learn from America's Test Kitchen!
  • MK
    The best cooking book that offers not only easy to follow recipes but also tips and tricks of the trade that turn you from amateur to aspiring chef. Delicious, easy, and incredibly obsessive!
  • Kristin
    I didn't get a chance to try too many recipes before I had to return this to the library, but what I did try turned out very well. Well written instructions and a good variety of recipes in this.
  • Linda M. Berger
    Great cooking tipsReally a great read. Lots of good information with scientific facts to back up the recommended methods. A must read for the novice or experienced cook
  • Jeff Sims
    A great starter cookbook. It begins with the most basic of recipes, scrambled eggs, and continues with staples from around the world. This book would be a great gift for an aspiring chef.
  • Shannon
    Everyone should own this cookbook, read it cover to cover, then start cooking!