Outback Midwife by Beth McRae

Outback Midwife

Call the Midwife meets In the Middle of Nowhere in this heartwarming memoir of an adventurous Aussie midwife's life 'catching babies'.Outback Midwife is the story of Beth McRae's 40 years as a midwife, from her terrifying first day witnessing a birth as a naïve student nurse to her training as a midwife – the days when the words ‘birth plan' were unheard of and what women wanted was a long way from being part of any plan - to the outback.Bet...

Details Outback Midwife

TitleOutback Midwife
Release DateMay 1st, 2015
PublisherRandom House Australia
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Cultural, Australia

Reviews Outback Midwife

  • Brenda
    I had the great pleasure to meet Aussie author Beth McRae at a recent event for the launch of her book Outback Midwife. She was a very interesting speaker and created a long question and answer time with her stories about her life. So I was keen to read the book and I haven’t been disappointed.Outback Midwife kept me interested from the very first page, where we learn about Beth’s life with her strict parents in rural Victoria and the closene...
  • Sheree
    4.5 starsI loved Outback Midwife. As a former nurse I'm drawn to nursing and midwifery stories, and not only is Beth's memoir an entertaining read with humorous and heartbreaking anecdotes but with 40 years experience as a midwife, it's like getting the history of midwifery in Australia without the dry history lesson. Beth's nursing training, the slow changes to prenatal care, birth and neonatal practices over the years made me both giggle and cr...
  • Amy Rose
    This was a really enjoyable read about being midwife in Australia. I would have liked to have read more about her time spent in Maningrida and the people who live there.
  • Karen O'Brien-Hall
    Jennifer Worth was a British nurse whose trilogy of memoirs, based on her years as a midwife in the poverty-stricken areas of East London in the 1950’s and 1960’s, became the highly acclaimed BBC series Call the Midwife.Beth McRae is an Australian nurse whose memoir Outback Midwife is based on her 40 years as a midwife, from her first delivery through to the present. Hope springs eternal that Beth’s story will be picked up by television and...
  • Sian Williams
    I found this purely by chance when browsing on the Audible.co.uk website, and knowing comparatively little about Australia, I decided to give it a go. I am so very glad that I did, as after a bit of a slow start, I found listening to this book to be a thoroughly enjoyable and quite compelling experience.Beth McRae's story begins with her life as a country girl in Victoria, then moving to train as a nurse and a midwife, falling in love along the w...
  • Amy Ferrie
    Book 30 of 2018 was Outback Midwife by Beth McRae ✨ I really enjoyed reading this memoir, Beth has been a midwife for forty years. The book starts at her childhood and how she made her dream of becoming a nurse/midwife come true. Her family life with her husband and young daughters in country Victoria to then spending time working around parts of Australia. She then spent 5 years working in a remote Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land. A fascin...
  • Carole Cluff
    Fantastic book you laugh, cry and smile all the wU through it
  • Di
    Absolutely loved this book. The author clearly has a passion for the job and a desire to make a difference.
  • Maddy Smith
    love love love. really great narrative and story telling.
  • Simone
    Knowing several nurses (some who are midwives) I am fairly familiar with the amazing job that they undertake on a daily basis. This can be difficult enough in a well-equipped city hospital, but it is hard to fathom in the middle of the outback with sometimes limited resources and extreme isolation. Having spent much of her forty year nursing career in Melbourne and regional hsopitals in Victoria, Beth McRae had long harboured a yearning to work i...
  • Crystal Lindsey
    This book is outstanding, and if you are or have been a nurse, then you will enjoy and also laugh in remembrance at certain events.Many people have no idea of how much a nurse is the backbone of a hospital and especially in the Maternity wards. These women often deliver babies on their own without a doctor present and can be absolutely trusted to do so.In this story Beth is completely candid. She talks about her early occurrences and of feeling i...
  • Marie-elise Allen
    This book was interesting. What captured me most, apart from all the births Beth was blessed with being part of, was the respect and integrity in her quest to understandand get to know about the first people of Australia. Their stories, their ceremonies, their connection to the land and their generosity as a people was delightful to read about. Her openness and willingness to find ways to communicate, to stuff up and own it, then to reach out aga...
  • Janelle
    What an amazing and rewarding career you have had Beth. Thanks for sharing your journey and the difference you have made and enriched into so many women and children's lives. I know how strongly my two birth experiences feature in my mind and the miracle our body allows and works to birth our babies. I personally am so proud and in awe of my births and thank the midwives whom assisted me at both. My second birth I chose a student midwife to assis...
  • Jacinda
    This book hooked me in from the beginning. It had me crying early into the story and it taught me some interesting things about Aboriginal culture that I didn't know. The book follows an interesting although at times painful story of Beth McRae and her journeys of becoming a midwife and then taking her skills to the remote areas of the Australian Outback. There was a nice balance of tales relating to midwifery and relationships she forged and her...
  • Monica
    Being a mother of six children gives me a great respect for the midwives who cared for me and helped me through some of the most difficult and wonderful moments of my life. This book is such an enjoyable read for all mums, dads and midwives. It has also given me a new respect for my midwife mother-in-law who worked in isolated indigenous areas of Australia for years.
  • Sharon
    Great read, facinating story. I really enjoyed this book and once again find myself wishing I had possibly done midwifery when younger. (If only I hadn't let myself be put off)People of a nursing background will enjoy this book. The author is not 'preachy' about the issues faced by the indigenous people of outback Australia but does mention them and the fact that something needs to be done.
  • Kelly Turner
    I really enjoyed the book. It was great to read a book based on Beth's career and life. I've always wanted to be a midwife and the book gave a true account of what the job involves including a look into remote communities in Australia. I've recommended my mum to read the book!
  • Sonya
    I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook from start to finish. It was so interesting hearing about nursing practices from days gone by, as well as the challenges of remote midwifery. The narrator of the audiobook - Caroline Lee- was an absolute pleasure to listen to.
  • Adele
    Easy and engaging readI wish more people would document their lives - this story of a woman who trained to be a nurse then specialised in midwifery is fascinating. Loved every word.
  • Rachael
    Loved this book. Excellent story of a very interesting lady.
  • Julie Watson
    I enjoyed reading about another midwife's journey and career as a midwife. A lot of stories I could truely identify with. An enjoyable read.
  • Tracy
    A pleasant read.
  • Alayne
    I absolutely loved this book. It was written with great personal honesty, and was a totally engrossing read. Very much recommended.
  • Lauren
    Very much enjoyed this audiobook, especially the stories of Indigenous Australian women and their traditional cultural approaches to childbirth and mothering.
  • Alaine
    Loved this book! Apart from being a highly entertaining read it was also like ready no a history of midwifery.
  • Julie Eddie
    This was a nice endearing read. Really enjoyed Beth's journey
  • Kerri
    this is worth the read or listen, provides an insight of living in outback australia
  • Bron
    This book only became interesting towards the end when Beth begins her travels to aboriginal settings.
  • Mem
    Amazing stories from an amazing woman.