Defective (Fractured Era #1) by Autumn Kalquist

Defective (Fractured Era #1)

In the year 2074, a global conspiracy threatens all life on Earth.Humanity battles the worst pandemic the world has ever seen.And the planet is dying.Our mass extinction event has arrived._________________In the 2020s, disease, epidemics, and financial collapse nearly ended civilization.The world’s most powerful corporations saved us.Now, in 2074, the Corporate Coalition rules all.They genetically engineered crops, animals, bacteria… and peop...

Details Defective (Fractured Era #1)

TitleDefective (Fractured Era #1)
Release DateMar 9th, 2018
PublisherDiapason Publishing
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews Defective (Fractured Era #1)

  • Lizzie
    I discovered Kalquist and her world of genetic modification destroying Earth and its inhabitants through a free novella followed by her free short story "318" . I was impressed with her ability to create characters and a world that immediately gave me an emotional connection to the characters and a vivid image of the scenes in my mind's eye. Defective, a full length novel, takes the characters from those shorter stories and expands them, adding m...
  • Micah Grant
    I really like the way she brings the current technologies to their dysotopian future state. It was also interesting how the storylines of the various characters all seemed to come together at the end.
  • Richard
    Good readThere is some suspense, some action and it is descriptive without having excessive detail. I’m enjoying every page. I am disappointed it ended without some type of break in the story line. But on to the next book.
  • Cyanemi
    Fantastic book. I could read this book forever. However it ended
  • Ebony
    So this was another free dystopian and after reading quite a few lately, I think it stands out among the many. The idea of a corporate entity taking over the world is a lot easier to swallow than some other premises for books as the big evil. (I ask myself daily why Voldemort was the big evil who couldn't take over a school, thwarted by children time and again, but I digress)Decent enough writing that there were only a few bits of dialogue that w...
  • Marla A Burke
    This is a fast paced story, a quick and engrossing read about a failed government experiment, the people now interred because of it, a handful of resistance fighters, and an underground railroad of folks helping those people the government has yet to catch. A son who has lost 2 friends because his father, the sheriff, has turned them in. Anders comes across as a big headed adolescent but it's clear he is beginning to grow up as a result of his fa...
  • Fredrick Danysh
    Most of the world has fallen under governmental control of a few multi-national companies. These companies are facing a pandemic and a underground rebellion at the same time. Defective sets the stage for a Fractured Era series in which some children received super-immunity to disease in failed decade long program.
  • Bwh
    I couldn't finish it, despite a few tries. I think the author is over-stretching by trying to tie together books and series that are really separate. I think she's tried to reconcile the time lines and plots a few times. It just didn't work for me. I lost interest in the series of series.
  • Diane
    Good. But...Well written and entertaining, but it ends without coming to a climax, in my opinion. It feels like there should be some more chapters before it ends.
  • Carol Brandon
    I really enjoyed this prequel to her other books. It ties things together in the Fractured Era series and sets the stage for the space fleet which is featured in the Fractured Era Legacy series. We find out what happened to the characters after 318 - and if you haven't read it, it explains it well enough in this book that you don't feel lost. There are 2 plot lines: one with two of the characters from 318, who along with their team from the Resis...
  • Linda
    I freely chose to review this ARC as I'm a HUGE fan of this author, and her books never let me down yet as the books just keep getting better and better I hate to lose the friends I made in the stories! The early twenty-first century resulted in a pandemic plague that killed billions of people until The Coalition arose like a phoenix from the ashes with a cure to genetically modify babies who were immune. Every parent wanted their children to be ...
  • Joy
    I have been a fan of Autumn Kalqust ever since Legacy Code . She is a great Sci fi/dystopia writer. This book takes place on earth before the whole Legacy Code series so you can read it before or after that series with no problem. They're only minorly connected.I have the original novellas of Defect Parts 1 and 2. Some of part 1 had been included in Defective ( part 1) but it had been modified and expanded to have other plot lines.The book is se...
  • Jason H
    Defective is the first entry in a prequel series to Kalquist's other series (Paragon? I can't recall) and deals with a somewhat post-apocalyptic Earth controlled by corporations and suffering from pandemics killing lots of humans. There are also genetically modified kids (Defectives) that are a thorn in said evil corporations' sides.Set within that is a pretty standard "young heroes/heroines need to fight against the establishment while running t...
  • Charlie Schluting
    I started with Legacy Code series and enjoyed it. Then this... But I can't figure out what to read next. There are some short stories and conflicting series names. I give up. Too bad - good stories!
  • Tom Loock
    Autumn Kalquist is one of the new generation of successful authors, who know how to work Amazon and social networks. Despite having 10+ books to her name, you won't find her on 'Fantastic Fiction' (a website I use a lot because they normally have every book) and even 'isfdb' has only a handful stories of hers.I enjoyed Defective, a (not very fast-paced) dystopian thriller and have just purchased the sequel, fully knowing I have signed on for a p...
  • Donna Thompson
    "Defective" by Autumn Kalquist is a great book to introduce you to her Fractured Era Saga, if you haven't had the pleasure of reading this wonderful author by now. Autumn has created a fantastic world that is totally believable and completely mesmerizing. She is one of the few scifi writers that has actually brought me to tears and makes me feel for her characters so much, that I become immersed in her stories for days. This book is one that will...
  • Marley
    So I have read all the Legacy Code saga, prequels, etc, and the original Defect #1.... Defective compared to Defect is so much different with some of the same material. Autumn Kalquist did a wonderful job in rewriting this. I love that we have more povs in this whereas the original had just Selene from what I remember. The plot is a lot different whereas in the original it seemed as though the sickness was spreading to the plants possibly due to ...
  • Paranormal Tendencies
    In the future a fierce disease will spread across the earth killing millions. Scientists have developed a formula that when taken will cause offspring to have super immunity. But these people have been labeled defective. And now they are hunted by the corporation that made them. This book follows 4 different people and the parts they play in fighting this corporation that now controls the world.This story kept me glued to my kindle! It was one ex...
  • John Weeks
    Too many characters for me... I really wanted to like this book, but I never could get attached to any specific character. There are soooooooooooooo many of them. I didn't finish the book because of this. I may come back to it later and start over. At that time I may update the rating.
  • Uma
    Post apocalyptic. YA. Semi Sci fi. What's not to like in the book you ask..? Using different POVs in a book isn't novel. But moving on from characters stores before they're critical enough or finished enough was fairly distracting. Second. We just dont have context. Reading 318 or the Legacy Code doesn't give us as much context for this book as it does perspective... and understanding motives for many characters would just create more depth to th...
  • Marley
    So I have read all the Legacy Code saga, prequels, etc, and the original Defect #1.... Defective compared to Defect is so much different with some of the same material. Autumn Kalquist did a wonderful job in rewriting this. I love that we have more povs in this whereas the original had just Selene from what I remember. The plot is a lot different whereas in the original it seemed as though the sickness was spreading to the plants possibly due to ...
  • Darlene
    Good storyThis is a great book. Great ideas. But, it was slow starting and I didn't like the way it left you hanging at the end. In know, series are like that but indelible a little bit of completion at the end of my stories. I liked it well enough to continue the series, however. I think the moral fiber of the story holds strong and I can't wait for the "evil" to get their comeuppance.
  • Lindap
    4.25 / 4 Stars
  • Theo
    Revealing Izzy's age to be 24 through the story off. She seems to be written as a 16-20 year old still trying to grow up, not a 24 year old woman whose suffered the loss of her brother.
  • Victoria
    I daresay Kalquist really grew as a writer. I think I enjoyed "Defective" more so than all here other books combined. Can't wait for the sequel!