Saga, Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga, Vol. 5

Multiple storylines collide in this cosmos-spanning new volume. While Gwendolyn and Lying Cat risk everything to find a cure for The Will, Marko makes an uneasy alliance with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children, who are trapped on a strange world with terrifying new enemies.Collecting: Saga 25-30

Details Saga, Vol. 5

TitleSaga, Vol. 5
Release DateSep 9th, 2015
PublisherImage Comics
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Saga, Vol. 5

  • Patrick
    Over the last couple years, I've talked a lot about how some things bother me in storytelling. One of the things that bothers me the most is when a child is put in danger in order to grab cheap dramatic tension in a story. Even worse is when a child is hurt/killed/threatened order to build character or establish something about the world.90% of the time it's lazy storytelling of the highest degree, and 9% of the time it's little more than emotion...
  • Federico DN
    Parenthood in times of WarHazel, the little miracle child, has been kidnapped by Dengo, a deranged extremist. Her life used as a bargain chip between the Wreath and Landfall factions. Marko, Alana and Prince Robot desperately trying to catch up to get their children back. The Rebellion rogue group also enters the fray. This may sound crazy, but it's probably not going to end well for anyone.This volume deals with some highly important topics, and...
  • karen
    volume five. the saga continues. and this time the quest is for dragon spunk. naturally. this volume features all kinds of boss team-ups and more of that devastating foreshadowing(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]we will learn not to fuck with marko's mom. and kids will say the darndest things and, yes, there will be dragons but the real star of this volume, and my heart, is ghüs in his little butt-flap jammies and his little overalls oh, he's ...
  • Raeleen Lemay
    Not quite as good as the first four, but still a solid addition to the series.
  • Kemper
    I've run out of ways to praise Saga at this point so I'll just say that it continues to be one of the most entertaining, creative, funny, heartbreaking, profane, graphically violent, and well drawn comics I've read.
  • Saania Zee Jamal ϟ
    SHOUTOUT TO THIS CUTE LIL MUNCHKIN FOR BECOMING MY NEW FAVOURITE CHARACTER:#NOTENOUGHGHÜSFirst off, I'd like to give myself a nice, big pat on the back for actually making a wise decision for once in my life woohoo! (Okay, maybe calling it "wise" is stretching it a bit considering the sizable dent gaping at me from my wallet now) But I'm not sure I could've stopped myself from imploding this time round if I'd chosen not to order volumes 4-6 toge...
  • Adam Silvera
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    1.) Saga Volume 1 ★★★★★2.) Saga Volume 2 ★★★★★3.) Saga Volume 3 ★★★★.54.) Saga Volume 4 ★★★★.55.) Saga Volume 5 ★★★★★6.) Saga Volume 6 ★★★★★7.) Saga Volume 7 ★★★★★8.) Saga Volume 8 ★★★★.59.) Saga Volume 9 ★★★★★-----------------------------------------------THAT'S MORE LIKE IT
  • Anne
    Enjoyed this one even more than the last one. Good stuff!
  • Sean Barrs
    I love Saga. It never fails to surprise me as it introduces more wacky characters, each a little more bizarre than the last. Brian K. Vaughan is master storyteller. He is not afraid of killing characters off. He is not afraid of killing really well written characters off either. And thats kind of important because it keeps the plot moving. This has a certain energy to it and its quite exhilarating. It never stops to get bogged down with redundanc...
  • Melanie
    Vol. 1 ★★★★Vol. 2 ★★★★Vol. 3 ★★★★★Vol. 4 ★★★★ Each new person we welcome into our hearts is a chance to evolve into something radically different than we used to be. This was my favorite volume, to date. And I say this in all of my Saga reviews, but Brian K. Vaughn is such a genius to make the voice of this comic the adorable daughter we know and love named Hazel. I feel more for this little hybrid cinnamon rol...
  • Nat
    Each new person we welcome into our hearts is a chance to evolve into something radically different than we used to be.But what happens when those people disappear from our lives?This review contains *spoilers*.What has this series done to me?I knew it wasnt clever reading them back to back, but I guess I never learn my lesson because THAT ENDING. I dont even know what to say except that I need more. I cant get enough of this series.I just feel s...
  • Steph Sinclair
    Oh man, I need the next volume NOW!
  • Sean Gibson
    Brian K. Vaughan is a very good, perhaps great, comic writer. Fiona Staples is a very good, perhaps great, comic artist. Saga gets fawned over more than a pile of fruit on the ground near a wooded area (because fawns like to eat fruit thats fallen to the groundget it?). And I like it. I do. Ive read all 5 volumes, havent I?But, I dont love it. Not like a fawn loves fallen fruit. Or even like hunters love depriving Bambi of his mother (too soon?)....
  • Megan Johnson
    After reading Volume 4, I immediately had to pick up Volume 5. When this ends, I'm going to be so sad because it's just THAT GOOD. Admittedly though, this was my least favorite of the volumes thus far. It's not that it wasn't fantastic and entertaining, I just felt like not as much happened. But you know what, all of this set-up is bound to mean that something awesome is coming and that's well worth it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars not because it i...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Where do I start with this one? There is so many things going on and it's a bit sad. I might as well just get into it. So the tv head named Dengo still has Alana, Hazel and Klara. He makes some stupid deal with the Revolution. They are actually bad people and they come and load everyone into their ship and they think they are going to take little Hazel somewhere and do some business. But, things never turn out as planned. Meanwhile... Prince IV (...
  • Kai
    "Regardless of sex, everyone loses something in a war...but the first casualty is always the truth."Saga is the only graphic novel series that I care about. I've tried others, even by Brian K. Vaughan, but nothing ever fascinated me as much as this series does. It's the combination of ultimate suspense and diversity of characters. Not once in the five volumes did I get bored. The many unique characters and subplots bring out a variety of emotions...
  • Whitney Atkinson
    First book completed for cramathon! Honestly summer cramathon is such a #fail but I couldn't bring myself to cancel it so it's a very self-motivated readathon lol. anyway enough about my readathon, this book! !!!!! I think the one star that was deducted from this is entirely my fault, because I needed to reread the previous volume in order to understand what's happening in this one. But that copy is in storage. :( So I deducted a star just becaus...
  • Sh3lly
    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Things are back on track. This was action-packed from beginning to end! No more angst and family drama. Alana and Marko were awesome. Gwendolyn is growing on me and is not just the angry ex. I like The Brand, but sad now. Ghus is awesome. The dragons. Hazel growing up is so cute.I see some people have said they didn't like this one as much, but it was my favorite since the first volume!Volume One: ★★★★★Volume Two: ...
  • Bradley
    Re-Read 5/15/18:And just when I started to love ANOTHER CHARACTER... I have to get heartbroken again. Not all characters, of course, but some have a special place in my heart. ; ;What a fantastic series. Heavy-hitting, pull no punches, freakstorm. Original Review:Still seriously wicked cool. The story is fantastic, but so is the art. The pacing is divine and it is so damn funny and disturbing at the same time I just can't understand why EVERYONE ...
  • Will M.
    I honestly don't know how this series will get better in the future. Volume 2-3 for me were the peak of the series, and volume 4 slightly resulted to decline. This fifth volume was not that bad, because it brought out an even more weird side to the series. What's running inside my head though is that how could this improve even more, enough for me to give it a five star rating? Hopefully volume 6 could answer that.This volume brought out Vaughan'...
  • Petrik
    Another 3.5 stars from me here!Buddy reading this entire series with my favorite Princess CelesteFirst of all, I would like to apologize for spamming everyone's timeline with my mini reviews on this series. This is one of the reason why I don't review my mangas or graphic novels.The series is really fast to read, I'm not joking, each volume will take you 30-40 minute max to finish so that's the reason for these spams. There's one more volume avai...
  • Lilith Black Bee
    Oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! This is getting better and better! I am sure l am repeating myself, but l do really love Alana ❤
  • Kaitlin
    This is phenomenal, witty, funny, thought-provoking, marvellous and hilarious. I think this may even top Volume 4 for me which I utterly loved... I don't even know any more because every time I think I've seen the best of it they bring out something even more crazy brilliant! There are some pages in this which made me ponder, other pages made me smile or feel sadness, and some even made me full on giggle out loud! It's a ridiculous space-adventur...
  • Matthew
    Volume 5 was a very entertaining entry in the Saga saga (I have been wanting to use that one for awhile!) Lots of twists, turns, reunions, separations, cliffhangers, deaths, cool weapons, strange creatures, fascinating planets, and general debauchery.The first few volumes of this did not sell me, but now I am very into this series and I look forward to continuing!
  • Jessica
    Just not as impressed with this one. Hope the next is better!
  • Jillian
    I read the single issues of this, but plan to pick up the trade of this when it comes out anyways.LEMME JUST SAY WHAT THE HELL HOW I CAN I WAIT AGAIN? UGH THIS VOLUME WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. If you can't wait i HIGHLY suggest picking the single issues up!
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Every volume just gets better and better. I'm obsessed. PS: Marko is still a stone cold fox.
  • Shannon (leaninglights)
    Love Saga. This one flew by!