Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1) by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)

The Shadowhunters of Los Angeles star in the first novel in Cassandra Clare’s newest series, The Dark Artifices, a sequel to the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series. Lady Midnight is a Shadowhunters novel.It’s been five years since the events of City of Heavenly Fire that brought the Shadowhunters to the brink of oblivion. Emma Carstairs is no longer a child in mourning, but a young woman bent on discovering what killed her ...

Details Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)

TitleLady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)
Release DateMar 8th, 2016
PublisherMargaret K. McElderry Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal

Reviews Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices, #1)

  • Emma Giordano
    OH MY GOODNESS. I don't think I'll ever be able to say it's better than The Mortal Instruments . . . but WOWWWW WAS THIS BOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!This book was absolutely phenomenal. I think it is some of Cassandra Clare's best work to date. To the people who say all of Cassie's books are the same, I hope Lady Midnight finally shuts you up. No more stories about "orphaned girls who aren't aware of their supernatural powers." (P.S. Clary was never ...
  • Lily Poo
    THIS FIRST PART WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 2012.Jesus the book isn't even out yet and you guys are trashing it already. Seriously, wait at least until it comes out, read it and THEN give your opinion. Right now it's just useless and pissing all of us fans off. She's not milking this. If she really just wanted more money, she wouldn't work so hard on all of this beautiful material she's creating for US. FOR US. She doesn't have to do this, she coul...
  • Zoë
    Update After 2017 Reread:I still absolutely love this first book! It is a solid start to what is most likely going to be an amazing series. However, I disagree with former me's review (down below). I think I was still high on the adrenaline of the finale while reading that, because, personally, it is not better than Clockwork Princess. I mean, that was a very bold statement. What was I thinking? It's amazing, but nothing can come to Clockwork Pri...
  • Regan
    By far the most rich story Cassie has put out to date.
  • Jesse (JesseTheReader)
  • Sasha Alsberg
    LADY MIDNIGHT tore me apart then pieced me back together....then tore me apart again.LOVED this book!A very detailed review will be up on my channel later this week! :)
  • Claudia Ramírez
    It took me three weeks to finish this book. THREE! But that doesn't mean I didn't like it (on the contrary), it was just because this was a really eventful month and it messed up my reading schedule badly, for two weeks I read only one chapter per day, so now you see why it took me so long to finish it. BUT I FINALLY DID. AND NOW I WANT/NEED MORE.I mean... my interest wasn't really picked until page 350 or so... but after that page everything was...
  • Katerina
    “Entreat me not to leave thee,Or return from following after thee-For whither thou goest, I will go” The parabatai oath always makes me weep.By the Angel, my hands are shaking as I'm trying to compose a decent review. I feel broken beyond repair, Cassandra Clare's words ravaged my sanity, shattered my soul and now I'm on my knees searching for tiny fragments, trying to put together what's left of me. “I was a child and she was a child,In ...
  • Emma Giordano
    SUCH A GREAT NOVEL THE SECOND TIME AROUND. I'm so happy I decided to reread Lady Midnight. I feel it really helped me get a better grasp on the plot and the characters. I feel so much more in love with this story (as if I was not the first time). I definitely cried so much AGAIN because of all the feels, and I think I have a new found appreciation for certain parts of the story! For example, the inclusion of neurodiverse people in such a conserva...
  • shre ♡
    **UPDATE** 6/23/13: WAIT.I'M PROBABLY REALLY LATE ON THIS BUT, DAT IS NOT THE COVER FOR THE BOOK....IS IT?!...IT BETTER NOT BE. IS IT?!?!?!?! Cause it doesn't look very put together O_O IT'S NOT. HAHA. I'M KIDDING MYSELF...haha...*nerve-wracked*UPDATE (2013): HONESTLY PEOPLE. STOP. IT. STOP HATING BEFORE THE BOOK IS EVEN OUT. REALLY. JUST STOP. It's one thing to hate AFTER the release and after you've given it a try, and it's another to hate it b...
  • Melanie
    1.) City of Bones ★★★2.) City of Ashes ★★3.) City of Glass ★★★1.) Clockwork Angel ★★★4.) City of Fallen Angels ★2.) Clockwork Prince ★★★★5.) City of Lost Souls ★★★★3.) Clockwork Princess ★★★★★6.) City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★*.) The Bane Chronicles ★★★*.) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy ★★★ “No one is ever the villain of their own story.” Lady Midnight was completely ...
  • Maureen
    I. CANNOT. DEAL.This book was incredible and this series may topple TID as my favorite in the Shadowhunter world if it continues this way. Definitely the strongest first book in any of the series for sure.There were so many things that were RIGHT about this book, but especially the characters. They were fantastic and wonderful and their journey was HEARTBREAKING but still amazing and I just can't deal guys I can't.This book broke me into a millio...
  • C.G. Drews
    READ #3 | Dec 2018[cue long existential scream of how much I love this book] All I'm saying is that if I had to choose, at knife point, 5 favourite books...this would make the list. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SUM UP MY FEELINGS ALRIGHT. 3rd time reading and I am still not ok. I am so wholly and absolutely in love with the Blackthorns and my imagination never never stops with the page, or chapter, or even the novel's end. I just can't let it go. Can...
  • alexandra ling
    FULL REVIEW + DISCUSSION ON!2/2/2016 : well, i feel like my soul shattered into a billion pieces and blew into the ocean. how will i ever recover from this novel???? or this ending?????? i won't. good bye world. i drowned in my own tears and my entire being fell into shambles thanks to this FANTASTIC novel. i need the next one NOW, even though this one hasn't even released yet... oops.*clears throat* okay, saying LADY MIDNGHT is...
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    like, I'm glad I enjoyed this, but wow fuck you guys this broke my heart and the only thing I got out of it was my new favorite tumblr blogSo, uh, it turns out I like Cassandra Clare books now, and I think she's just improved significantly at creating lovable characters and narratives I personally find compelling, and I am so glad I have learned to love this. dark artifices reviews: book one | book two | book three ➽P L O T A N D T H E M E S ...
  • Laura
    "Lex malla, lex nulla. A bad law is no law." This could be one of the hardest reviews I’ve ever written and that’s just because my feelings and thoughts are all over the place and I know, no matter how many days pass, I won’t be able to have a clear response so bear with me. This is going to be a mess.As usual, there were things I liked and things I didn’t. In this particular case, I don’t know if everything I loved can outweigh what I ...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    Update: $3.99 Kindle US today only 8-20-17Okay so I'm just going to put the ole spoiler beware up here because I think I'm just going to start spoiling on most every book I read so that I can talk to myself about it. Ya get meh? ❤Okay so I loved, loved, loved that there were parts that had Jem and Tessa from The Infernal Devices in it. I love them and I loved Jem so much so it was really touching. I liked that it had some parts where Clary, Jac...
  • Mikee Andrea (ReadWithMikee)
    “The stars wheeled crazily overhead as she spun, sucking in her breath as her body slowed its rolling. She came to a stop on her back, her hair and clothes full of sand and her ears full of the sound of the wildly crashing ocean…” To the people who say that Cassandra Clare is dragging this on, milking the cow, etc: PLEASE STOP. There's people all over the world who are grateful for these books and series. Don't ruin it for everyone else. Y...
  • Haleema
    So I take a almost a two-year hiatus from reading, and I do this. I come back to one of the wretched Shadowhunter series'. I was waiting to get my car fixed at Walmart a few days ago, and I decided to pick this book up. And you know me. Once I start reading something, NO MATTER HOW AWFUL, I must finish. I SUCCUMBED. Pathetic, I know. SUE ME, OKAY?!There are at least a few common things you can find in every Shadowhunter series.1. Forbidden love o...
  • Mizuki
    DNF-ed at page. 337.(Link: 1.5 stars.(Link: admit this, I got fed up by Clare's constant Edgar Allan Poe references and when I skimmed to the ending part and saw (view spoiler)[Annabel Lee from Allan Poe's poem (hide spoiler)] being a mother fucking actual character in this book, I lost it and quit.I am so pissed that I feel the need to write a 'poem' abou...
  • Cait • A Page with a View
    WHY DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER?!?!?I know I haven't been Cassandra Clare's biggest fan in the past... I don't dislike her other books by any means, but I'm just not quite at the same level of wonderful enthusiasm I see in the rest of the book community. I finally got around to reading The Mortal Instruments this spring and was rather neutral about the whole thing. The story's idea was fun, but Jace and Clary kind of irritated me. I wasn't super i...
  • Josu Grilli
    POR FIN.Esta es la novela que más esperaba de este 2016. Han sido dos años de dura espera, de estar pendiente de cada noticia, de decidir no leer adelantos para disfrutar aún más de su lectura… Dos años en los que se han creado unas expectativas que Cassandra Clare ha sabido suplir.Creo que Lady Midnight simboliza el cambio del mundo literario de Cassandra Clare. Nos tenía acostumbrados a novelas llenas de acción, de giros en la tramas i...
  • amy ☂︎
    hoooooo boy. i don't really know where to start with this review, since i have so many mixed feelings regarding this book. but!!! not all of them are negative and i promise i have a lot of good things to say about the blackthorns so stay tuned everyone some positive and negative aspects: let's get this out of the way. i went into this book expecting.... absolutely nothing. i'm not the biggest cassandra clare stan, and i could never see myself eve...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    2018 - I still hate the ending so much.2016 - Around The Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes:52. A book that was published in 2016
  • Helena of Sparta ✰ (on semi-hiatus)
    JUST AS WONDERFUL AS THE FIRST TIME!!! The first time I read this, I read it in one sitting the night it was released. Yes, it was that good! All 700-ish pages!!! This time, I took DAYS to complete it because it’s the last month of uni. But that doesn’t mean it was any less amazing! #Jemma rivals some of my favourite ships in the Shadowhunter universe. Seriously, Emma is so badarse and Julian is so precious. They deserve ALL THE HAPPINESS in ...
  • Fares
    Everyone knows that 4 is the perfect amount of reads, so don't judge me. Or was it 5? Maybe just to be sure I'll reread for the fifth time sometime :)-------------------------------Now I want to watch Notting Hill 😂-------------------------------I…*Breaths in*don’t…*Breaths out*know…*Breaths in*what’s…*Breaths out*happening…*Breaths in*Why am I so emotionally drained?Why am I so emotionally invested in these characters?Why do I f...