Refrain (Rockstar #9) by Anne Mercier

Refrain (Rockstar #9)

#LoveIsLoveAs a child, I trusted no one.Then I found my best friends.They gave me a family and saved me from a life of abuse that still has me messed up.Then one of those best friends captured my heart.Lincoln, tough yet tender, a walking contradiction.He loves me too—flaws and all. He’s the most patient man on the earth and understands my PTSD. What he doesn’t understand is why our being intimate makes me feel “dirty”. He’s not one o...

Details Refrain (Rockstar #9)

TitleRefrain (Rockstar #9)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreRomance, M M Romance

Reviews Refrain (Rockstar #9)

  • Sophie Ruthven
    Omg this book, there are no words.This book was a long time coming and has a lot of people judging/making assumptions before reading.Stop, just stop.Personally I'm a non M/M reader but having read every single book by this author, I knew she would give Ethan and Linc the justice they deserve, no matter what hole they prefer. She (the author) did not disappoint!Love is love, time to embrace that. So much happens in this book, you'll laugh & cry, c...
  • Debbie Turk
    Emotive & Full Of Love But Also Brutal & Bruising!!💘🙏🔥💔💥What a story!😍Ethan & Linc's love was stunningly beautiful.💜 it was full of all the feels you could ever want & their heat was scorching.🔥💘🔥 This storyline ran alongside much of what's happened in previous books but especially Xander & Tera's 2nd book and the short stories that followed then!👍I was swept up in the CFD home & it's family of Rockstars & their p...
  • Marcellina T Reno
    Ethan and Linc Omg!! This book was definitely worth the wait!! I couldn’t put it down. I love how we got to see the strong relationship between Ethan and Linc and the unconditional love they had for each other. I love how the finally got a chance to focus on their relationship and make it even stronger. I also loved seeing the points of view the others had when it comes to Ethan and Linc because their lives are all so closely intertwined. Kiki ...
  • Joanne Davies
    So many emotions whilst reading this book. A book full of love and family. The subject of gay hate crimes, ridicules and child abuse approached and wrote about perfectly. Well done Anne Mercier #loveislove
  • ROMBookTalk
    I received an ARC copy for my honest opinion. Refrain is the love story of Ethan and Linc, that’s been a long time coming. The timeline of the book coincides with Xander Part 1 and 2. I’m glad I read the series again. Ethan has been my favorite besides Kennedy, the quite ones always get to me. Ethan has many issues from his childhood, that he trying to move forward, and I love how you can see his journey, trying to process the whole ordeal. L...
  • Megan Lowe
    This book is a little bit of a mess to be honest. I found the writing to be stilted, and despite it being part of a frankly too long series, I wanted and needed background in how Ethan and Linc got together. I wanted the butterflies stage, the newness, the exciting part of first being together. We got none of that.The timeline when taken into account of all the other books is all over the place, as are some of the details. Correct me if I’m wro...
  • Marnie
    🎸*♡*🎸 I love this Rockstar family 🎸*♡*🎸How great it was to catch up with La Famiglia again! For them all, it is family first and family is everything.I have previously re-read every book in this series, but it has been a while, so the grey matter needed a little jog to remember every family member. When you’re this far into the series, there are no introductions, so do yourself a favour and start from the beginning. Yep, there a...
  • Tianna
    The Rockstar Series just became even more dynamic than any other has been before. Refrain is in the same timeline as A Very Xander Christmas 3 and Xander: part 2. We caught glimpses of Ethan and Linc, but now we get them full force.Ethan is the quiet one that always had a sense of vulnerability surrounding him.Linc is the fighter that is always strong for everyone else.When these two are finally able to live and be together, nothing will hold the...
  • Alyssa Soliz
    Y’all 👏🏼 ain’t 👏🏼 ready 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 this 👏🏼Without question my favorite book in the series now. There’s so many layers to this and I feel like it’s really setting the tone for the way the other books are going to play out. We FINALLY get to see Linc and Ethan get their HEA! ♥ Of course it couldn’t come without it challenges. It was heart breaking to see some of their struggles and situations play out but th...
  • Stephanie Hutchison
    I've been waiting (along with many others) for the latest entry to Anne Mercier's Rockstar lineup and let me just say.... I. Am. Not. Disappointed. This will contain no spoilers, but it's stated up front (and you can tell by the cover), that this is an M/M romance. It's not for everyone and I'm sure this was a difficult subject to write. It is the author's first foray into this genre. That being said, if you read enough, you know the characters d...
  • Tosha
    I’m still processing everything that happened in Refrain.... so Holy Moly! First off, this is a M/M Rockstar Romance. Yeah yeah yeah, we know some people don’t like that.... oh well! For the series, this book must be read to understand what’s going on, Refrain is a complex book, mainly because to me, it shows the hard reality of life, but also, the beauty of love in all its forms. You have friendships, relationships, and family. This book i...
  • Mindee Dubrico
    Oh my goodness.....I could not put this down! Love is love, and it is an amazingly well written example to prove it! Lincoln and Ethan's story is a love story of all love stories! It might not be your "normal" relationship, but then again, what is normal these days anyways? Their story is an example how you can overcome a tragic and unfair past with the help of a loving partner and family that you can trust with all of your heart. Lincoln and Eth...
  • Melissa Christine
    I love this book as I love all the others in the Rockstar series. I’ve missed them. That being said, I felt like there was maybe too much character jumping. At this point there are a lot of characters to keep up with, and a lot of die hard readers of this series want more of all of them, but I felt like there could have been a little more pulp to the central characters story. All the others were told from the two central characters perspectives...
  • April Symes
    Refrain by Anne Mercier is the M/M love story of Ethan and Linc. This book is in the timeline that Xander Part 1 & 2 is in. Ethan is the bass player for Falling Down ; he is such a complex character- he's got this background that before this book, was a mystery but now the reader finds out what shaped him into who he is today while Linc is a fighter whose ready to fight.. in more ways than one. This was full of feels, drama, angst, heartache, a...
  • Louise
    OMG! If you are a fan of Anne Mercier and have read Refrain then you know exactly what I am talking about. The 16th book in the series goes a little off typical because it is a M/M romance and it ends with a cliffhangar. Neither of these things take away from the awesomeness of this book. Linc, an MMA fighter and Ethan, bass player for Falling Down, have known each other almost their whole lives. Now they are finally in the same city and can make...
  • Anita
    Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster I love this series so much. Refrain is full of the feels. It's more than an M/M book. That's just a little tiny smidgeon of this book. There is so many things going on. Loose ends are tied up and its heading more into the mafia side of the Rockstars.So many surprises and appearances by the Familia we all know and Love. Anne did an excellent job portraying Ethan and Lincs love and it's so sweet how they do ...
  • Amber
    I love this series. Let me start by saying, I enjoyed this book. I love the Rockstar series, but this wasn’t my favorite installment. I know Anne couldn’t go into Ethan and Lincs history as much as she did with Tera and Xan, but I would’ve liked a few flashback memories from their POV. I wanted to know more about Linc as well. But, with that being said, the love between them is obvious, and I’m glad they finally put themselves and their h...
  • Wendy Livingstone
    This is the 16th book in this phenomenal series, and Ethan and Linc’s story. Linc is a tough MMA fighter and Ethan the rock star, but the love they have for each other is unique and genuine. These two have many obstacles to overcome along the way, as well as heartbreaking pasts and fears. It is great to catch up with the other characters. This is a beautifully written story which is fun, humorous, emotional, entertaining, and filled with love. ...
  • AudreymlHawkins
    Speechless, absolutely speechlessAfter finishing Refrain all I can say (or not say) is I was NOT expecting that ending! Kudos to you Anne for writing such an amazing story on such a hard topic and for portraying such a loving and supportive family!!!! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Russo Famiglia!!PS - thank you for not making the details of their pasts as harsh as Tera’s. Was fully expecting that and waiting with baited breathe and a bo...
  • Samantha Lawless
    Love is loveI have been hanging out for these two, and it didn't disappoint. I loved that the foundation of their terms so strong. The fact that nothing shakes that foundation is amazing, yes There is outside problems but it doesn't affect the love they share. Ethan working through is issues with a therapist and actually communicating was nice to see. So many books glance over that men have troubles that may need more help too. Seeing the rest of...
  • Jenniluz Kiat
    Does not disappoint!5 ⭐ are not enough. That’s how good this is! I don’t normally read M/M romance but I was looking forward to reading this one and it doesn’t disappoint. Anne has a way of telling the story that makes you look past the surface and see the love. Took me almost half a day to finished reading and that includes eating dinner, sleeping, eating breakfast, going to work. Good Job! Does not disappoint!5 ⭐️ are not enough. ...
  • Amanda
    I was lucky to the an ARC of this book. I absolutely fell in love with Ethan and Linc. Ethan’s story was a hard one to take in but the way Linc shows love and support gets you through. Anne did a wonderful job of tying everyone in in a way that does not confuse you nor does it take away from Ethan and Linc. This book was well worth the wait! It has everything you need plus some. Hot, Steamy, Action..... I mean, what more could you want?!
  • Acai
    Just when you think it can’t get any better or more shocking here comes Refrain. It was refreshing to catch up with our beloved Rockstars and so much is going on in their lives. Linc and Ethan... 5 alarm fire. This was a smoking hot read. That ending though. My mouth dropped open and stayed like that for a good half hour. What a book!
  • Jeri L. Moseley
    Whoa...I'm in shock. People who have followed this series from the beginning know that $hit can and does happen. The lives of our Rockstars have never been easy or without hardship but this book...The highs and lows were so powerful and the ending had me in tears. ANNE Mercier, I'm awaiting the next book and hoping you pull off a miracle.
  • Sabrina Samples
    This book covers not only the struggle a M/M couple would have coming out in general but also the struggle of someone as “connected” as the Familia. It keeps you updated on what’s going on with everyone in CFD but does not take away from Ethan and Link in the slightest. This book holds up to the rest of the series and I cannot wait for the next installment from Anne.
  • Kelli
    This book was phenomenal!! I could not put it down! I cried, I laughed, I cried some more! The ending....just no words! Did NOT see that happening! Cannot wait to see what Anne comes up with next! I love every single book in the Rockstar series but this one is probably my absolute favorite! I love Ethan and Linc! And I also love how the other characters are added in! Brava!!!
  • Sharilyn Russell
    GreatAnother amazing installment in this series. I found this author by accident one day and have loved every thing she has wrote. This series is so well written, you feel like you are a part of this world. You feel the love,the anguish, and the humor. Thank you so much Anne for bringing you imagination to us.
  • susan moore
    Loved from beginning to end, really couldn't put it down, I had seen a few comments saying that they didn't expect the ending to be like it was, well OMG neither did I what a shock it was. I have read a few books in the MM genre but this one outdid all the others, just so romantic and Anne has done it again 5* plus
  • Jody Lockwood
    Refrain is a M/M story about Ethan and Linc. Let me say that Anne has outdone herself. Ethan has always struggled with his past and here he gets to work through his demons with Linc at his side. While their story is told, there are many side stories, one of which literally blows your mind and ends with a cliffhanger. Loved it ♥ Refrain is a M/M story about Ethan and Linc. Let me say that Anne has outdone herself. Ethan has always struggled wi...