Le jardin de minuit by Philippa Pearce

Le jardin de minuit

« Mais alors, pourquoi l’horloge avait-elle sonné treize coups ? (…) Je vais aller voir ce que disent les aiguilles. Je vais descendre dans l’entrée. Philippa Pearce ».

Details Le jardin de minuit

TitleLe jardin de minuit
Release DateApr 22nd, 2015
PublisherEditions Soleil
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Comics

Reviews Le jardin de minuit

  • Hilary
    Wonderful book! I didn't expect to like this much, as Tom's Midnight Garden is such a beautiful story, so expected this would not live up to the original. Although I haven't read the original for some years, this version gave me exactly the same feeling. I loved this, the story telling seemed true to the original and the illustrations were very good. I'm not a huge fan of graphic novel style illustrations but you can tell this illustrator is a ve...
  • Richard Derus
    Real Rating: 3.75* of fiveI confess I remember the novel this comic book...sorry, graphic adaptation...is based on very poorly. It was something I read from the Leona Doss Elementary School library in 1970 or so. It was sold to me as a time-travel story, so I was down...then I read it and it was all soppy and sweet. Yuck.So now that I'm fifty years older, what did I think of the read? It's fine. I'm less averse to soppiness and sentiment. I'm not...
  • Melki
    I was enchanted by this graphic novel adaptation of the classic novel. EDITH's artwork, both lovely and ethereal, certainly adds to the charm of this timeless story.I love the second panel with the sun filtering through the trees. Gorgeous!I've not read the original source material, so I really can't compare the two, though I will say the graphic novel made me also want to read the book. I'm pretty sure that's a compliment.
  • Skye Kilaen
    Fascinating, magical graphic novel about a boy who's sent to live with an aunt and uncle for the summer and discovers a portal to another time. Tom meets a little girl named Hatty in the garden he finds behind the old grandfather clock in the wall, and as he passes nights in her world, he starts to think he wants to stay there forever. What starts as an intriguing adventure becomes quite emotional, and this really reminded me of some favorite por...
  • Elizabeth A
    This is a graphic adaptation of a much beloved children's classic that I hadn't heard about, and since my library had a copy, I thought I'd give it a try.His brother has the measles, so young Tom, is shipped off to stay with an Uncle and Aunt until he gets the all clear. What a boring way to spend the summer! Well, it turns out that there is this mysterious thing that happens when the old grandfather clock in the hallway chimes thirteen times. A ...
  • Maggi Rohde
    Such a beautifully designed graphic novel of Pearce’s time-travel story!
  • Aurélia
    Une BD qui donne terriblement envie de plonger dans le livre. Une bonne manière de découvrir l'univers du Jardin de minuit, suffisamment intrigante pour ne rien gâcher !
  • Charlotte
    A beautiful graphic edition of a favorite book....The garden could have perhaps been even more beautiful, though it is my favorite fictional garden just about so I have perhaps an unrealistic image of it in my mind....
  • Dolly
    This graphic novel presents a fascinating tale of time travel through reminiscences and friendship.I have never read the original tale, but after reading this book I would like to. I was thrilled to read about the trip to Ely. I am every familiar with that area of England and so it made me nostalgic for my own visits there.
  • Robin_R
    It was so interesting to read this graphic novel rendition of the classic, Tom’s Midnight Garden. I liked both the original and this version very much.
  • Jason Bootle
    I loved this wonderful story of a little boy and a garden that appears to him at night. The illustrations help create rich textures of the characters and their environments. I'd never heard of the original book by Philippa Pearce but very keen to grab a copy as it had me intrigued very the offset. My youngest loved it too… 5 stars from both of us.
  • Jim N
    I'd never heard of "Tom's Midnight Garden" when I stumbled across this graphic adaptation of the novel. However, I was immediately intrigued by the book and Edith's wonderful artwork. I can't compare this book to the original source material but as a graphic novel, it's quite wonderful. It's a charming story and the artwork really sings. Very highly recommended for all ages!
  • Mathilde
    Une jolie lecture qui m'aura donné envie de découvrir le roman de Philippa Pearce que je ne connaissais pas du tout.J'ai été un peu moins réceptive au graphisme.
  • Viedefun
    Adaptation du roman britannique pour enfant "Tom et le jardin de minuit" écrit en 1958, j'ai bien apprécié ma lecture. Certes, la fin était prévisible mais cela reste très poétique et aussi ésotérique si l'on se pose des questions sur les mondes parallèles et les brèches spatio-temporelles.....Les dessins sont simples et ne sont pas forcément à mon goût mais comme j'ai emprunté ce livre à la bibliothèque de ma ville, je ne vais p...
  • Sara
    What an absolutely beautiful book! The illustrations were gorgeous and the style of writing with Tom's letters, thoughts, and conversations was lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • Monica
    Pretty good, makes you think about time on a whole different level.
  • erica
    Graphic novel interpretation of the Philippa Pearce classic about Tom's adventures in the midnight garden at his aunt and uncle's house. The illustrations are beautiful, though the font is a bit small in places. I love the binding and thick pages!
  • Lexi
    Beautifully illustrated. This story is sad and fun and a little too human at times. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Mycoton32
    http://www.leslecturesdemylene.com/20...17/20 - En bref, j'ai apprécié ma lecture de la première à la dernière page, pouvoir me glisser dans la peau de Tom au travers des dessins et des textes de l'auteur fait qu'on est complétement intégrés au récit et que l'on s'imagine sans peine l'histoire qui se déroule devant nos yeux. Une histoire hors du temps qui est superbement interprétée et fera voyager tous ceux qui s'y risquent !
  • Dustyloup
    j'ai tellement adoré cet histoire que j'ai conseillé à mon fils de le lire! très touchant et tendre portrait de l'enfance.
  • Lorie
    Tom’s Midnight Garden is a beautiful translation from a French graphic novel based upon the popular 1958 British novel by Phillipa Pearce. The story itself has an interesting concept in that Tom, our main character, is sent away from his home to live with his childless Aunt and Uncle when his brother contracts measles. He finds himself in a restrictive environment that leaves him frustrated, starved for contact with other children, and bored. O...
  • Nick
    This is a nice adaptation of a classic children's book, one that is a bit forgotten now. The artist, French graphic novelist Edith, has created a look for the worlds of the story that is a real treat. Even though it's sort of a time-travel fantasy story, things in both worlds are just real enough to believe in.The only odd thing is that the story makes a point about one of the characters not being able to touch things where he is, and then she ha...
  • Paula
    I read the book Tom's Midnight Garden about ten years ago, and enjoyed it. I have always had a weakness for time travel fiction. This graphic novel version states that it was "freely adapted" from the novel, which sounds like what Hollywood almost always does to beloved books, but this adaptation seemed to work. At least there were no extraneous battle scenes, and Tom wasn't given a love interest - he's only about 10, but still.....This is a love...
  • Elaine
    Tom is sent to stay with his relatives to avoid contracting his brother’s measles. Days go by slowly until Tom discovers the garden which exists out the back door only when the grandfather clock chimes 13 times at night. The world he discovers is the past, before the land around the house was turned into more buildings, and he makes friends with a girl named Hatty. They climb trees and pick apples and wonder about each other’s existence. Time...
  • Ang
    Tom's Midnight Garden is about a boy who ends up spending part of his summer at his Aunt and Uncle's house because his younger brother has contracted measles. At first he's upset that he has to leave and be with uncle and aunt, but then he notices an old mysterious grandfather clock that belongs to the landlady upstairs. One night the grandfather clock strikes 13 at midnight and that makes Tom curious. What ends up happening is that when the cloc...
  • Alissa
    Having never read the novel from which it was adapted, I can't really compare the two. I liked the story well enough. Predictable as it was. Still, it felt like something important was left out....like heart. I guess I was expecting to have more FEELS. I wanted to experience Tom's loneliness of being in a strange new place, his wonder at the magical garden, the mystery he is trying to solve. I wanted to experience the dreamlike atmospheric qualit...
  • Emily
    This story was so engrossing and evocative... it pulled me in and didn't let me go for one second until I'd finished the whole thing.The illustrations were very nice; I liked a lot of the effects such as Tom's "thinness" and the fiery tree.I especially loved Tom's conversations with his uncle where they were never quite on the same wavelength-- hilarious! And I could feel Tom's desperation as the time ticked down to when he'd have to leave his au...
  • Martha Meyer
    Wonderful adaptation of the beloved 1958 fantasy, in graphic novel form, created by EDITH, a French illustrator. Because his brother has the measles, Tom is sent to his aunt and uncle's house. In his lonely sleepless nights, when a clock chimes 13, he opens the back door and finds a beautiful garden. When he wakes again and goes outside in the daylight, there is a small concrete pad and many surrounding houses. Where did the garden go?  Tom's su...
  • Donna Snyder
    This is a delightful remake of Philippa Pearce’s children’s novel by the same name. The setting is northern Minnesota near Ely during summer. Tom is sent to live with his aunt and uncle while his young brother gets over the measles. He’s a bored, lonely boy until he discovers the grandfather clock strike a 13th hour at night. It’s then that he can go through the backdoor into a huge beautiful garden, which isn’t there during the day. To...