Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo

Make Every Man Want You

Let's make one thing clear: this book is like no other dating book you've read. There are no rules, no list of things to do to land a husband in thirty days, and no reason to blame yourself if “he's just not that into you.” Please. Throw those books away.Instead, let's focus on you--and how you can make yourself more appealing to others in almost every situation--whether you have a man or not. Think of it as a crash course in desirability, a ...

Details Make Every Man Want You

TitleMake Every Man Want You
Release DateMay 1st, 2008
GenreSelf Help, Relationships, Nonfiction, Psychology, Love, Personal Development

Reviews Make Every Man Want You

  • Chrissy L
    Cute and applicable guide to putting your best foot forward in all relationships.I must say, after reading this book, all men want me and it's too time consuming to date them all...
  • Jami
    This book is 99% crap. All this "is-ness" and other junk won't help. It'll just keep you in the same old rut because you'll be accepting the bad places you're stuck in.Get rid of my list? ABSOLUTELY NOT! My grandma Pavlick always said you can NEVER be too picky when it comes to a man. It's better to end up alone then settling for someone who makes you miserable. And I know if a man doesn't meet my requirements he'll make me miserable. I can see t...
  • ياسمين ثابت
    طبعا الكتاب تجاري هذا امر لا نختلف عليهوهو واضح من العنوان والمحتوى ولولا اني احاول ان اقرأ كتب بالانجليزية لما كنت قد اقدمت على قراءة مثل هذا الكتابلكن مع الاسف مقارنة بالكتب الاخرى التي قرأتها في نفس المجال فإن هذا الكتاب ضعيف جداعلى مستوى الافك...
  • Leah
    This book was recommended to me by my cousin and I thought the title was so funny that I had to buy it. The book was actually excellent. It's not the type of book that give you cheesy pointers on how to find a man, but it's more about being fabulous and learning to love everything about yourself and your life. She talks about not putting things off in life because you're waiting for the point when you eventually find someone, and it's very inspir...
  • Cara
    Don't be fooled by the title--this is an example of the marketing truth that people will buy what they want, not what they need. If the book had been called "How to Be Your Best Self--i.e., Your YOUest You!" I would have passed it by. But that's what it's really about. Becoming irresistible to men is a likely side-effect of doing that, but more importantly, you'll love yourself and your life. Hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about!I think this ...
  • Art
    Since I've been following the author Marie Forleo on youtube and heard about her book, I wanted to check it out. I really don't read these type of books so I have nothing to compare it too. Now that's out of the way, I have to say I found the book to be okay. I didn't have any "aha moments" but learned one thing. Which is I am on the right track. Most of the things mention for women to do, I've already realized and started making changes. I reall...
  • Nicole G.
    I don't want every man to want me, but I have to give her props for a catchy hook. The preface reads like a bad infomercial (are there good infomercials? Probably not). "What if I told you that I could make magic happen in an hour's time? What if I taught you how to harness the magnet that resides inside every woman to pull men out of thin air and towards you RIGHT NOW? I'm going to share the secret of being so irresistible that you will change y...
  • Taymara Jagmohan
    The title is really foot-taping and mouth-widening, but it really doesn't encompass much about what men want.It's just the book I have been wanting to read. It highlights the confidence that women should have; without the ego and the pride. Really. The ego and the pride do kill the true spirituality of us women. IT is true. Thankfully, I have learnt all this before releasing my self-adulations. It is important to inform men of your standards, and...
  • Fabi
    This is a really small book. I finished in two days, it had a really entertaining writing and some concepts I agree with such as a higher force(god, the universe, or whatever you decide to call it), while at the same time giving YOU the control to manage your life and not letting you take the victim position which I always find so enfuriating.It has good advices, still however, I think it has a very simplistic aproach to life and more general pro...
  • Sultan
    I read it because I liked some of youtube videos by her. I thought she will share her ideas about business, working, achivement and being emotionally not dependent on men, but instead she advised not to do such and such things to be likable by men. 1 star is because this book made me evaluate one more time that I can choose to be myself and not to be likable by men or others. Not recommended.
  • Amy
    I read a little over half this book and then gave up. It really was more of the same old same old (Don't argue with men, don't have too much of an opinion, lose weight...). I am not even sure why I picked this up except that maybe I thought it would be a fun read. It really isn't worth the effort I put into reading it.
  • Nats
    Since I couldn't think of anything worse than having every man want me, I'm not entirely sure why I read this book. There were some interesting nuggets in there (hence two-stars rather than one), but for the time and effort, I'd rather read anything recommended by the Entheos guys.
  • Jaime
    Despite the name of this book, I really liked it! Insightful information about making yourself happy, being in the moment and relaxing without expectations of how life should be.
  • Kat Robey
    Attention grabbing title to focus on authenticity I’ve had this book for a while and never made it a priority to read. I’m glad I finally did! The core of being present and tending to your own stories and self worth are so valuable and totally accessible in Marie’s concise and direct book. I know many people who are in the way of their own irresistible life-I’ll be recommending this book as another way to wake up that irresistibility and ...
  • Mai
    Make Every Man Want You ,the title attracted me at first and i expected this book to be all about relationships' rules and techniques that you have to follow to make every man want you, in other words a game of manipulation ,but this book encourages you to break all the rules and just to be yourself ,to hell with the rules .it seems interesting that it's all about you ,not him that you have to take care of yourself and get a life and be independe...
  • Ngoclinhdnl
    Quyển sách này như một quyển truyện đọc vui để hiểu thêm về cách đối xử với những người khác. Đọc thực sự hơi thất vọng vì sách đưa ra những lời khuyên khá chung chung mà mình vẫn biết. Ví dụ như đừng nên than phiền nhiều quá vì như thế bạn sẽ chẳng có thời gian đi giao lưu với những người mới. Một điều nữa quyển sách cũng rất nhấn ...
  • Ebony
    I picked up Make Every Man Want You because I started watching Marie TV, and I really like Forleo’s engery. The book was a disappointment though. I don’t think there was a nuanced idea in it. She just advises women to be their best selves and live in the moment. All the advice about taking care of yourself and not being a desperate nag seemed pretty basic to me. Or maybe I’m just not the audience. The book also didn’t seem to have her ene...
  • Irene Palfy
    Now - this was.. an experience.. It showed me that there are several very sad women out there - and I am feeling very sorry for them.. I hope for those who need a book like this to get hold of it and read it and get help from it.. Me it showed how happy I already am.. Which is actually a nice effect..So: no new ideas - but several funny things and antagonisms..: There're no rules - but don't do this.. ... Be yourself - but not too much.. ...Reall...
  • Josie
    Oh man, I love Marie Forleo so much. I've followed her videos for YEARS and adore her writing and speaking style. I'm participating in her online workshop right now, and her work has CHANGED MY LIFE.But, this book is just not for me. I feel like maybe this was a fledgling project for her? Her writing now is so much stronger than this. Or maybe I'm just not the audience since I'm married and already have a meditation practice. What ever the case, ...
  • Wady
    Good for a 16-ish young girl in search of herself. Would've expected something a lot more challenging from Marie, though. I would have answered questions like: - What does it mean to be a woman in today's society and do you really need to fit that shape?- How am I going to find the woman in me and how is she different from the person in me?!- How is my relationship going to help me define my woman-identity?- Nonconformist relationships - how do g...
  • Charissa Modeste
    Great advice. More about cleaning up negative beliefs that sabotage relationships (not just romantic ones) and just generally improving your outlook and motivations with people. Nice, quick read.
  • Heidi Vu
    I just read this book after finishing Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. It's the complete opposite of this book. I feel like there were some toogeneral information. But, there were some great insight too such as that relationships are spiritual opportunity for personal development.
  • Heba
    i have found it good and beneficial for some extents but somehow i felt as if it is based on the authers own ideas and life experiences, that you are not confident that every idea will work with youin brief; in my point of view: this is not the book that will shift your life if you seek that
  • Isabel Salas
    It was ok to read, I think many girls should read this book, it's not a dating guide, don't pay that much attention to the title, it's more a women empowerment book, reminding you to love yourself and reminding u as well how awesome u are, being genuine and confident is the new sexy
  • Gina
    An interesting look at self-confidence and how attract the right guy by understanding who YOU are. It was a little preachy to me at times, just because of the re-emphasis on certain points, but overall informative.
  • My Dear Self
    Judgmental, uniformative, offensive, sexist. Very useful and practical advice like "just deal with it", "don't think about it", "forget about your past", "don't be anxious","just don't think about your trauma, you whiny weak annoying woman".
  • Sara
    Read at the library when i was a teen and thought it was great. As an adult just purchased it and thought it was too basic and didn't give good advice. Her youtube series gives much better info and advice.
  • Tracie Freed conti
    UsefulNot only for getting a man. Good info for ways to be the amazing woman you are. Suggest for single and not-single chicks.