Dead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2) by Kendra Elliot

Dead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2)

On Christmas morning, Solitude, Oregon, unwraps murder…This wasn’t how Police Chief Zane Duncan expected to spend his first Christmas with fellow officer and girlfriend Stevie Taylor. But when a local motel calls in the discovery of a dead body, the couple’s holiday takes a grim turn. This is the second murder in Solitude within the week, despite the fact that their primary suspect is already in custody. Together, Zane and Stevie must face ...

Details Dead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2)

TitleDead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2)
Release DateNov 17th, 2015
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Suspense

Reviews Dead in Her Tracks (Rogue Winter, #2)

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.Once I started reading this novella, I didn't want to put it down until I had finished. The great thing is that it really easy to do exactly that since this is a pretty short piece at only approximately 100 pages or so. I enjoyed the first novella in this series and decided to jump right into the second one. I actually ended up liking this one more than the first. This novella picks up right a...
  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    3.5 stars. These last two novels were devoid of sex. And it's was sorely missed. In such short books, I missed that connection and I don't need sex in books. But it would have been nice here. I figured out the mystery before the police. It was a little to obvious, hence the rating. But I enjoy the town and characters. And would continue on with the series of it continues.
  • Wendy
    Dead In Her Tracks, by Kendra Elliot, is the second Rogue Winter novella. Together with Melinda Leigh they have teamed up to bring us more of the trouble that keeps coming to Rogue River surrounding the Taylor family. Stevie and Zane investigate another murder in Solitude. They discover a link between this murder and the one investigated by Carly and Seth in Tracks Of Her Tears. However, solving the murder proves more difficult than originally th...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    In late 2014 I read a novella serial written by Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot called Rogue River. It was a four part serial where each writer wrote a novella. There was one overall story arc with two characters' point of view (two sisters). They are romantic suspense thrillers and I found myself really enjoying the books. While each author gave their character a distinct voice at times I would forget which author was writing as they were quite ...
  • Rick
    This is the second in a series of novellas (by two different authors) revolving around a small Oregon town. The first was so-so, but this one was a real winner. Taut, building suspense and well-drawn and sympathetic characters are just two of the reasons I'll return to the series. Kendra Elliot has what it takes to write a superior thriller!
  • Julie
    Dead in her Tracks by Kendra Elliot is a 2015 Montlake Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the Rogue Winter novella arc. The first book is “Track of Her Tears” by Melinda Leigh and I highly recommend reading it first, if possible, since the two stories tie in together. However, this one can be read a stand alone too. Zane and Stevie have th...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    3.5 Stars. I liked this, if not quite as much as the first book. It was a little shorter, and although I enjoyed the investigation, it wrapped up far too quickly for my tastes. Stevie and Zane's relationship loose ends tied up nicely, though.
  • Linda Strong
    This is the sequel to TRACKS OF HER TEARS by MELINDA LEIGH. It is now Christmas in the small town of Solitude, a time of celebration, family and friends and lots of good food and fun.Unfortunately, Zane and Stevie are called away to investigate another murder. The young lady in the motel is dead and it looks like the died the same way as another young woman who was found weeks ago. The man who was arrested for the earlier murder is in jail ..... ...
  • Christina
    3.5 Stars - .5 Flames And so it continues…another female body is found on Christmas day, which only asks more questions than finding answers in this 2nd installment to the series. We met Stevie in the first installment. She’s the sister of Carly and is a police officer. She also happens to be dating the Chief, Zane. Instead of spending Christmas day with family and friends, Stevie and Zane find themselves looking at another female body in one...
  • Book Him Danno
    Dead in her tracks starts off where Track of her tears leaves off completing the mystery. This novellais more police procedural than book 1 and we have to follow the clues to find out if Zane and Stevie are chasing after a serial killer. I will admit I was a little surprised at who the killer ended up being.I love that Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot they are able to write two different stories and yet be able to blend the novella as one. As a re...
  • Megan
    I enjoyed this novella more than the first one, but I thought they were both nice for a quick read. I'd definitely recommend reading the stories in order, as they build on each other. The twist at the end was surprising, though just before it was revealed I did suspect it...though that's probably expected - lol.
  • Jeanette Melton
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There was a good amount of suspense and mystery crammed into the short story. Great job!! It is the second that I have read from this author and will definitely be reading more.
  • Valerie
    Great bookThis was a fast and good read. I hope there are more in this series of books. I liked the characters and the plot.
  • Mary Brown
    Synopsis:On Christmas morning, Solitude, Oregon, unwraps murder…This wasn’t how Police Chief Zane Duncan expected to spend his first Christmas with fellow officer and girlfriend Stevie Taylor. But when a local motel calls in the discovery of a dead body, the couple’s holiday takes a grim turn. This is the second murder in Solitude within the week, despite the fact that their primary suspect is already in custody. Together, Zane and Stevie m...
  • Lorna
    ( is the second in this series, that features two authors, not writing the same book, but instead each writing every other book. This is the second time this duo has written a set of novellas about the small town of Solitude, Oregon. These are mysteries, with a thriller aspect, and each features one of two couples-the same two that were in the original set of books.I received a copy of this from Net Galley, in exchange for ...
  • Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)
    Reviewed by GeminiDead in Her Tracks is the second book in the Rogue Winter Novella Series. It picks up right after the events that happened in the first novella, Tracks of Her Tears. Although, it’s a different author, the pace picks up perfectly and I felt like there was a deeper look into this group of characters as opposed to the first group. The possibility of two killers preying on the small town of Solitude, Oregon becomes more clear and ...
  • Sonia Cristina
    Since the beginning, I found myself deeply into the story of Dead in Her Tracks, devouring the pages until reaching the end. It's just a novella but it's got all the elements that make a very good story: captivating main characters, emotion and riveting and mysterious events happening in a small town. Yes, it gave me a great pleasure reading this novella and seeing again this romantic couple from the Rogue River novellas: Stevie and Zane. After Z...
  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot team up again to bring us more of the Taylor family and the trouble that keeps coming to Rogue River. Its been 7 months and Stevie has still not 100% committed relationship wise to Zane. The two are called out to a murder at a hotel of a young girl and realize that the killer they had arrested for another murder (from Melinda's book) either had committed more murders than they thought or there was another killer ou...
  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    Last year I read the 4 novellas in the Rogue River Series ( Dead in Her Tracks and Tracks of Her Tears comprise the follow up and are the Rogue Winter Series. The novellas were nice follow ups to last years books and were quick reads. Although they could be read as a stand alone, I do think they are probably better for those of us who have read the complete series.I received an ARC from Net Galley in exch...
  • Kira
    This is the second and final book in the Rogue Winter series. Stevie and Zane investigated another murder in Solitude. They discovered a link between this murder and the one Carly and Seth investigated in Tracks of Her Tears. Solving the murder would prove to harder than they thought when things go awry with their primary suspect.The mystery tied up the loose ends from the prior book. The killer wasn’t obvious, but I was very satisfied with who...
  • Petra
    Dead in Her Tracks is book 2 in the Rogue Winter series and follows on from Tracks of Her Tears, which should be read first. It's Christmas, but Zane and Stevie, who first featured in the Rogue Rivers series, are called out to a motel where the body of another young woman has been found. Is the suspect for the previous murder, who is in jail, innocent or is there another killer in Solitude? Considering this is a novella, it is amazing how much is...
  • Anima
    An immediate continuation of Tracks of Her Tears we have Zane, police chief of Solitude, and Stevie, police officer, solving another murder. This murder might be linked to a few other missing women cases but one answer turns up a dozen more questions. Stevie and Zane have been dating about seven months and while trying to solve cases they attempt to be relaxed about their serious relationship. The mystery unravels beautifully without giving anyth...
  • Patty Nobles
    Kendra Elliot delivers a faced past thrilling story in the latest installment of Rouge Winters Novellas. “Dead in Her Tracks,” opens up in a rundown motel room shortly after where the previous novel left off with Sheriff Zane and his fellow officer/girlfriend Stevie Taylor investigating a murder of a female college student. Zane and Stevie are not sure if there is a connection to a previous murder, but they do know that the problem is bigger ...
  • The CurvyJones
    Short, quick read for me. I think this author has talent, but the story seemed to fly right by without any real depth. Since this is book two, I obviously missed some parts of the story, but those parts weren't even briefly rehashed for the benefit of those who didn't read book one. The writing was a bit simplistic to me, with more exposition and explanation of feelings than I like to see. The story itself was what kept me reading... I wanted to ...
  • Lindsey Ruppe
    Excellent! Great suspense and keeps you guessing!! Love the Rogue River series, and hope for more!
  • Kelly
    Man, Solitude is turning into a hotbed of crime and, well, murder. Which is also a crime. The worst, in fact. It makes it rough for Zane and Stevie when they're dealing with familial stuff (Stevie's brother nearly died in the previous book and that's, you know, rough on a family) and settling into their relationship while investigating who's behind the dead bodies that keep popping up.That said, it does make for some interesting reading.Anywho. Z...
  • Sabrina
    This novella is part of a series set in small town Oregon and superbly written by Kenda Elliot and Melinda Leigh. This is the second in the Rogue Winter series. It's Christmas and there have now been two murders in Solitude. This is not how Zane and Stevie saw their first Christmas going. Is this murder tied to the earlier one? Are both of the murders tied to the missing women ? A fast paced romantic thriller. Kendra and Melinda pack a punch into...
  • Carol Carmichael
    Definitely not up to Kendra Elliot’s standard. I realize the book is part of a series and I’d not read earlier books, but there was no explanation for the introduction of characters and circumstances that had obviously been in previous books in the series. They simply appeared and the reader was expected to know who they were, there circumstances, and what had gone before. They plot was okay, but the entire book lacked a lot. Very disappointi...
  • Jennifer Nichols
    Love Kendra Elliot!!I love Kendra Elliot books. She is an awesome writer with full characters! So why did I give this book and the 1st one in the series a 3 star rating? Because I hated the new format! I turned off the animation but then my Kindle wouldn't let my screen rotate to landscape. I do not want my books animated...I like my imagination just fine. But as long as I can turn the animation off I will buy then. But not unless you allow the s...
  • Velvet Messer
    I am so happy to see these characters again!!! I fell in love with them in the previous Rogue River series. Even though this book (novella) was good I felt that there was something missing from it. Like it was rust and key parts were overlooked. However it was still good and I recommend it!!! The pictures were great addition even though everyone wasn't quite how I pictured them to be. But it was still neat!!!