Cyberpunk as you've never seen it before…Science fiction is all about outrageous ideas. NiceMalay girls breaking the rules. Censorship. Brain drain.Moral policing. Migrant exploitation. All the stuff of fiction,obviously.But these 14 short stories take it one step further. Thenice Malay girls are cyborgs. The spambots are people. Thebrains have drained into cyberspace, and the censorship isinside your head.Welcome to Cyberpunk: Malaysia.


Release DateJun 13th, 2015
PublisherFIXI Novo
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories, Anthologies


  • Fadzlishah Johanabas
    Like many other Malaysian Science Fiction fans, I was excited by the very thought of this anthology, which is the first--to my knowledge--Malaysian English Science Fiction anthology.I love the cover: plain foil that doubles as a murky mirror. Perhaps it's a nod to Mirrorshades, a Cyberpunk anthology published in 1986. The digital edition covers are pretty, too.Sadly, that's about the only positive thing I can say about this anthology, other than ...
  • Chelsea Mcgill
    I must admit that before picking up this book I hadn't read anything marketed as "cyberpunk." I requested this book because I wanted to read some Malaysian science fiction. From this collection, I got the feeling that "cyberpunk" isn't my favorite sub-genre of SFF. That being said, I did enjoy this collection of short stories set in Malaysia of the future (or alternative present?). A majority made me think, like good speculative fiction should.Th...
  • Anna Tan
    I don't know if it's fair to rate a book that I have a story in, but well, I guess I'm rating all the stories in the book other than mine. =) Anyway, as much as I was hoping that I would fall desperately in love with Cyberpunk: Malaysia, I didn't. I liked it well enough. It's pretty decent. But it's not gripping. But as far as debut Malaysian Sci-Fi goes, it's a good offering. So that's 3.5 stars from me! ---There is a quote (I think) which says ...
  • Firdaus Abu Bakar
    i am not impressed with "hey-we-can-see-the-future" type of stories in this collection but if i am destined live long enough, it would be great to have a grab of DMZINE #13 (JANUARY 2115).
  • Anis Suhaila
    Cyberpunk was quite hard to finish as I'm not a fan of science-fiction/dystopian and there were just so many scientific terms (I know I should take the initiative to google). But I really loved the short stories which still highlighted the human nature, the human stories rather than focusing too much on the science of it all. My favourites were Sharmilla Ganesan's Personal for exaggerating the horror truth of our attachment to our devices and Ted...
  • Margaret
    The good (fun, humorous and experimental):The Andromaid Reads At NightAttack of the SpambotsExtracts from DMzineThe White Mask I am trying to sound positive but the other stories are not great. Some are like knock offs of recent science fiction films (especially parts of Undercover In Tanah Firdaus which may be better as a movie, because it read like a screenplay written by a teenager in a few hours and then cramped into a short story). Stories l...
  • Fadillah
    Is it cyberpunk? Some of it are close enough. Is it engaging and thrilling? I'd say majority of the featured stories indeed good. I am surprised to see the low rating by some of few readers but based on their review, i get why they gave such rating. It really is the matter of individual's preferences. I picked up this book because i just finished watching Black Mirror Netflix series last month. I don't expect it to be amazing and mind boggling li...
  • Just A. Bean
    Overall I enjoyed this collection. I will admit that a lot of the geographical references went over my head, but the cultural and political issues were fairly well laid out over the book.As with any collection, the content varied, and I didn't finish some stories usually due to being unrelentingly grim, but most had a balance between dystopia and fight against oppression. The themes of personhood, surveillance and state oppression were pretty str...
  • Zara
    Not going to lie... I wasn't expecting much but I was impressed by this bunch of stories. Always great to read speculative fiction set in a place I am familiar with, especially when it incorporates our very special culture.
  • Krayfish1
    The stories are all solid and set in interesting future Malaysias. "Attack of the Spambots" -- about advertisers taking things too far -- stood out.I liked the main characters and premise of "What the Andromaid Reads at Night" but the ending seemed abrupt."The Wall that Wasn't a Wall" is dark, as is "October 11"
  • Kam-Hung Soh
    Many of stories require some development (it's not interesting to read some scene setting and a conclusion). The more memorable stories question or satirise the conventions of Malaysian society, such as whether an android who self-identifies as a woman still needs to wear a tudung (head scarf) over her motile nano-tech hair and zombie humans spamming people with advertising.
  • Terri
    I wondered while reading this whether cyberpunk can ever be hopeful? There was one optimistic story in this collection but otherwise it was all pretty grim. I guess it's the nature of the genre, but maybe it's time for cyberpunk which looks at the ways technology can enhance people's lives rather than plunging everyone into an immediate dystopia. There were some interesting ideas here, but also some stuff that felt dated and repetitive.
  • Grace
    To b fair, Cyber is not a particular genre of interest- difficult to digest towards the end. Abstracts of a post modernistic Malaysia and creative- weird futuristic concepts somewhat made my eyelids heavy and mouth a perpetual "O" shape... Of course literary/ writing skills are pretty good... Just not enough to make it a mouth watering page turner. There r other better Fixi short story books one shelf I would happily reread. Not this one.
  • William Tham
    Disclaimer: I got featured in this collectionSo while cyberpunk isn't really my thing, I did enjoy quite a few stories in the collection-my particular favourite was Foo Sek Han's 'Extracts from DMZine': funny, dystopian, tragic, irreverent while remaining poignant in a strange way. It was a pretty good read overall.
  • declis
    The cover of the book is really pretty and special, I've never seen it before. I'm not sure about some short stories, most of them were strange and I didn't understand them. But 3 or 4 were really good. It's a nice collection of cyberpunk short stories, respect for the work.
  • Sammi Lim
    Ipoh white coffee pills... Someday a possibility? I mean there's caffeinated peanut butter now.
  • Lesley
    As with most short story collections, some worked (at least for me) better than others, but overall worth reading. (Maybe three and half.)