Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work

One of the most valuable skills in our economy is becoming increasingly rare. If you master this skill, you'll achieve extraordinary results.Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from crafts...

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TitleDeep Work
Release DateJan 5th, 2016
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Business, Productivity, Psychology, Personal Development

Reviews Deep Work

  • Adam Zerner
    Overview: the thesis is that deep work is both rare and valuable in todays world. That's about 1/3 of the book. The rest of the book is practical advice on how to pursue deep work.Part of me feels like a lot of what was said in the book is common sense. Particularly things that people know but can't find the willpower to do. I think that there is some truth to this. But there's also a difference between "knowing", and *knowing*. I think this book...
  • Rachel Bayles
    If you do one thing to improve your life this year, subscribe to Dr. Newport's blog and start reading his books. I would suggest starting with "So Good They Can't Ignore You" and then read "Deep Work." They compliment each other. The first helps you sort out what you should be focusing on, and the second one tells you how to make sure what's important gets done. Over the years I've read lots of productivity books, and the related literature. But ...
  • SR
    Worth reading. Helped me make some drastic changes in my schedule. I will post an update how these changes went after six months.What I learned: (spoiler alerts)1. Figure out what is most valuable to your success.2. Spend most of the time on it, mostly in the early hours of your day where your attention span is long.3. Try to spend at least 3 deep sessions on it approx. 90 min each.4. Almost anything other than your main task is a shallow task.5....
  • Holger Matthies
    It is easy to lose yourself in shallow work - I'll agree with the author. Other than that, there is very little of value or substance in this book. You might want to review your excessive tweeting. You might stop using Facebook altogether. You might abandon email.The problem is that the real ideas (have sender filter their own email, take time away from office, take email sabbaticals) might work for specialists, freelancers, entry-level workers o...
  • Chris
    This had a lot of valuable ideas about the importance of deep work and how to do it. Most people are going to buy into this concept easily enough, but Cal did a nice job further arguing it with some examples, various research, and so on...but this book also felt like a very good 100-page book that was stretched into a mediocre 260-page book. It's repetitive. And his research often relies on the "correlation = causation" mistake. For example, some...
  • Paras Kapadia
    File under - Shallow writing that should have been a blogpost at best.This book is mostly random commentary on other people's work and content. Almost nothing is original and no studies have been conducted by the author himself. The author's contribution is simply - this researcher found this, I do it this way and you should do it too.The irony of this book is that the subject matter expert on deep work has produced such shallow content.
  • Kony
    Ideal advice for folks whose top priority is to achieve elite levels of professional success by capitalistic metrics -- namely by jumping through golden hoops very swiftly. The author, for one, is a professor whose goals are to secure tenure, publish a ton of highly cited academic papers, and win the equivalent of a Nobel prize. If your life goals sound similar, he's got tips for making it happen.This book is less useful for people whose prioriti...
  • Scott
    OVERVIEW:Deep Work was a solid self-help/productivity book. Being a podcast junkie, I had heard the majority of things that Newport preaches in his book. However, I really appreciated his practical applications of how to enter into Deep Work, or 'the zone' as I call it. STORIES TOLD: In Deep Work, the author tells a story of a young consultant who automates his work responsibilities using Excel macros. He then studied computer programming to incr...
  • Peter
    Focus“Deep Work is the professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.” Cal Newport offers a very compelling argument as to the value of finding organising those periods when we all need to focus on the work/knowledge we need to obtain to further our professional goals and ambition...
  • Amir Tesla
    Amazing, amazing. This book is going to drastically help me reach the optimum level of productivity I've been seeking. This marvelous book provides you with a great mindset, valuing deep work resulting in astonishing achievements. The deep work book is organized in two sections: 1. The first convinces you of the importance and necessity of deep work in order to live a fulfilling and productive life. 2. The second part of the book begins to offer...
  • Lara
    Many good pts, but barely any women and a single unneeded Trump reference
  • Manuel Antão
    If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Dilettantes at Heart: "Deep Work" by Cal NewportD Work?EEPHang on a second, I just need to head over to the RTP1 to check on the weather. The rain that was forecast ten minutes ago might not be coming after all. Oh look, there's a cat juggling mice. I wonder what Donald Trump is up to. And there's someone talking shite about gun laws in the USA. He's wrong, he needs to be corrected. He'...
  • Mary-ellen
    A shallow, poor quality book about deep work. The central idea is about scheduling distraction free blocks of time to help you reach a state of flow with your work so you can achieve more. The useful content could be summed up in about 10 pages. The rest of it is mind-numbing padding. For a guy who doesn’t want his time wasted, he wasn’t exactly respectful of his reader’s time. I grew quickly tired of hearing about how awesome this author i...
  • Vance
    Cal Newport provides insight from his experience, research, and lessons from others on how to get in the flow of your work to be the most productive. I read this after his first book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” and “Deep Work” helped to build on the lessons in the first book. In general, the key is to find a good work flow by stimulating you in whatever works best and finding blocks of time without interruption to get deep work done...
  • Angela
    Say you were shoring up an ideology of service. Where besides abstract idealism would you draw from? Well, America's "me first" set has some very practical things figured out. Habits of mind that help them get "ahead" in the workplace. This book is a great example of the kinds of literature they produce - it contains important information and some actually good critiques/ techniques for sharpening attention and the effectiveness of one's work. Ne...
  • Chris Porter
    The ability to focus is the new IQ.I heard that somewhere, from someone smart (or someone with a low IQ who was over compensating).I realised my ability to focus on one task had degraded horrendously since getting a new smartphone. Since December I've been enjoying this smooth user experience by paying constant homage to the little screen of joy.The day my usage hit 4 hours I knew I had a problem.Then I started reading Deep Work.In a world of dis...
  • Andrea
    Background: Read this during the evenings while attending a scientific conference where I had to concentrate on lectures that I didn't understand 90% of, but still seemed fascinating.This is not a masterpiece, it's not even a self-help book. You would expect someone that advocates deep work to have put a little bit of deep work into a book about it. It doesn't seem so. Maybe the author was too busy writing and publishing the nine peer-reviewed ar...
  • Emma Sea
    One of Newport's main building blocks here is the concept of ego depletion: that our willpower runs down the more we use it. More recent research has cast doubt on the original framing of ego depletion, but still it holds a deep sense of truthiness. Still, Newport's suggestions of ritualizing behaviors in order to minimize my likelihood of slipping into shallow work resonates with me.It's noteworthy that the book is written for people whose day j...
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    In a world filled with constant distractions and interruptions, our ability to focus deeply and produce quality work has become affected. This book discusses the importance of deep focus and concentration in creating results at work.I value the author's ideas and found them helpful. My perspective regarding interruptions has shifted and I'm working on managing distractions better which in turn will improve overall efficiency.Overall, a great book...
  • Eva P.
    The ideas - as far as I read- were good. But the too many examples of white men that have used those ideas first and succeeded, plus the fact that the writer disregards other variables (like all kinds of privilege, economic status, personal preferences etc) made me lose interest to even skim it to the end.
  • Mario Tomic
    Deep work is probably my favorite book I've read this year, and I can't recommend it enough. In the age of knowledge work, with so many things going on, the ability to do focus and do deep work is a precious asset to have. As Cal says: "Focus is the new IQ." We can all agree that there's just too many distractions happening around us, smartphones, apps, social media and all the things we're enjoying today have turned us into multi-tasking machine...
  • Bill
    Wholly convincing exploration of why focus is valuable, why it has become rare, and how to cultivate it. Worried that you're an Old Person in an employment sector overrun with Millenials like software tech? You won't be after reading this. The perfect complement to It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work. While that book focuses on the org, this is completely focused on the individual. I'm excited to try out the suggested techniques and will report b...
  • Philippe
    Over the last years I have been on a quest to develop a more naturally flowing and productive way of life. The ability to focus, to prioritize and to rest is essential for someone who is engaged in an intellectually demanding job, has an unquenchable curiosity, and leans towards ambitious goal setting.A first breakthrough came in the shape of the Personal Kanban approach. In contrast with a primitive and myopic to do-list driven routine, PK gave ...
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  • Eren Buğlalılar
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  • Mike Vardy
    Deep Work is an incredibly well researched and insightful book. Cal Newport has upped his game as an author — which is no small feat considering his past work has been phenomenal – with this latest effort.The practical insights and thought that has gone into this book is well worth your time and energy. Newport has painstakingly crafted a tremendous arguments that proposes we spend more time on work that has greater impact in our lives (and t...
  • Saeed
    "A business's goal is to generate value, not to make sure its employee's lives are as easy as possible."--------------------------------این کتاب رو به همه توصیه میکنم، خیلی کتاب خوبیه و حرف جدیدی دارهمن واقعاً به این کتاب نیاز داشتم-------------------------------------قسمت اول کتاب به حمایت از ایده ی اصلی نویسنده می پردازد که...
  • Sarah
    I give the content a 4. Many good things to consider and shift. Many concepts I want to discuss and implement. Unfortunately, Newport only interviews men. It's so frustrating and the book loses value. It would have been so easy to interview some women about their deep work. Could have been so much more.
  • Carles Caño
    Si tengo que accionar un libro en 2017 se trata sin duda de "Deep Work" de Cal Newport.El subtítulo lo resume a la perfección: "Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World". Estamos yonkis perdidos con el puto smartphone, las redes sociales, WhatsApp, Telegram, el email...Nunca he sido adicto a nada hasta que aparecieron los smartphones y las redes sociales. Hace tiempo que "me estoy quitando" y hago mis progresos pero más lentamente de lo...