Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis


The Avengers and Nova by the all-star team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Brooks! What is a hero? When Sam Alexander, a.k.a. Nova, has a bout of doubt on how to best use his newfound powers, he gets advice from the experts: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! Featuring Captain America, Thor, the Wasp, Luke Cage, She-Hulk and Iron Man!

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Release DateApr 29th, 2014
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel

Reviews Avengers

  • Obsidian
    I honestly thought this was very cute with an uplifting message. There is no action so to speak. Just a teen costumed hero who seeks out the Avengers after sitting in a class listening to a teacher say how the Avengers and those who wear costumes/masks are not heroes. We then have some of our fav characters like Captain America, Luke Cage, etc. talk about what makes a hero. I even love the message Cap gives about how his outfit/costume is a symbo...
  • Ivy
    5 ⭐Nova's class is asked to write an essay on, "What Makes a Hero?". Nova goes to ask the Avengers about being a superhero. The Avengers say about people doing good things inspire people to do good things. The Avengers and Nova are called to deal with an attack on the Wakanda Embassy. I liked this comic featuring Nova and the Avengers. Yes, good people do inspire other good people/people. Would be cool to be an Avenger. What makes a hero?
  • Anusha Narasimhan
    A one shot on what makes someone a hero. There is literally no action in the comic, but it is still good because of the message.
  • Dave
    Don't know wether to laugh or cry with this one...LMAO !!!
  • Luke Burrage
    Free comic!Underwear perverts discuss what it means to be a hero. Which is fun, in some ways, but it seems to me that *BOOBS* such a discussion only makes sense in a world *BOOBS* where the underwear perverts exist and work by the rules set out in underwear pervert comics.I mean, there *BOOOBS* is some handy apologetics on display, but I can't help thinking, why not use your superpowers for real good, instead of *BUTTS* just violence? Iron Man ha...
  • Danny
    It's a free and short comic, so complaints are obviously relative. However, this is a pretty trite little piece on heroism, which, apart from lacking originality, doesn't do much to setup this profound life lesson. I did like some of the artwork, however, but the reading experience on a Kindle is not that great.Definitely don't read this if you're in a cynical mood.
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  • Jarett
    I chose this rating because it is a great book and it teaches you a lesson. I liked how the heroes discussed with each other. I would recommend this to 6-12 year-olds. If you read this book you will learn the difficulties of war.I chose this rating because it is a great book and it teaches you a lesson about the difficulties of war.
  • Pauline
    Awesome Great life lesson that we often forget I feel like. Of course we shouldn't be doing good actions just to be recognized, and it's not because it is indeed not recognized by the entire world that it doesn't matter. :)
  • Daijaun Mathews
    I was really into this book ! I'm a huge comic fan , and to see all my favorite heroes linked together is just mind boggling. It gave a wonderful twist on the kid heroes we all know & love and mixed it in well with action & gore. I would have liked it a lot more if i was able to keep up with the book better, i felt i was finding myself in new scenes and didn't know how i even got there. Other then that this book would be recommended to all my fri...
  • J
    Poignant AnswersGreat for clarifying certain answers & great responses to what is a hero & what quantifies being a hero & if hero’s actually have a purpose in serving the people on Earth for a greater purpose & are they saviors of man kind or merely average people who happen to have amazing powers in addition to being perfectly mere mortals flawed in mind maybe & filled with doubts just as any normal person without special powers.
  • Neha
    Few new superheroesYeeyy avengers... While reading I kept imagining the people who are playing the part in the movies and I felt like this is the new movie that launched now. So much fun it is!!
  • Debra Chiaro
    Always Fantastic!!!Super Heroes are always FANTASTIC!!! This particular book just points out who they are. Most folks have heard of them all. But just in case you are new to the comics, now you know !
  • David Caldwell
    The new, young Nova comes to the Avengers to discuss what makes a hero. Are they doing enough by stopping super powered bad guys? Should they be working on different problems?This is a nice little discussion that tries to look at why superheroes do what they do. It is fairly short so don't expect deep philosophical truths to be revealed but it should be enough to make you think about what makes a hero. Perhaps, it might even lead you to coming up...
  • Juan
    Awesome Avengers comic of what it means to be a heroAwesome comic Avengers: Heroes Welcome.Story is very good of what it means to be a hero, changing the world, why superheros wear armor/ customs that symbolizes to someone and themselves.About helping others and influence to contribute others around the world.
  • Kaotic
    What Makes A HeroNot full of action, but a young hero raises a valid question, due to a school assignment. What makes a hero? Are we doing enough as heroes?Heroes do what they can, but should they be made to do more, and is it ever enough - some say yes and some say no. But the point Iron Man makes at the end is a valid and interesting one to consider.
  • Shankar Narayanan
    For a simple readingThis is just a simple comic with some famous heros. There is absolutely no action in it and is just dialog delivering between the heros on whether they (heros) should do more than just saving the day.
  • Brooklyn
    The Avengers are trying to persuade Nova that that what they do are bad after his teacher basically bashes all superheroes in his class lessonI chose this rating becuase, the visuals were good, but in an Advengers book you expect action, and there was literally none
  • Utkarshbhan
    The best part was interface. The experience of reading a comic on Kindle was simply awesome. I'm not a huge comic fan per se but wanted to read it none the less. And I've to admit that I might soon be reading another one
  • Bella
    Heroes define heroesA random act of kindness can create a wide impact over the world. Just do it. Spread happiness and help others in every way possible. But don't make them lazy ;)
  • Louise White
    Avengers get philosophicalNot bad for a short read, the question of "what is a hero?" Is answered by the avengers, a bit philosophical but a fun read. I like the features of the graphic novel on the kindle.
  • Noelle Walsh
    A great comic that, while lacking in action, does a fairly good job of trying to teach a life lesson. True heroism isn't about doing great deeds for recognition; it's about the impact on at least one person and changing at least their world for the better.
  • Dan McGarry
    great art just wish it had some actionLike the focus on nova and the art but had a lack of action e w a w a w
  • Ítalo Medeiros
    A good talk about what moves heroes to keep beeing heroes.
  • Hasini (Ink On Paper)
    Sweet comic I expected a bit more superhero antics but I would this is a very heartfelt piece that looks at what it means to be a hero.
  • Ryan
    Fun read, though nothing really that stood out about the story and made it memorable
  • Armando
    LackingSome of the old favorites are here, and it is good to see them! It's unfortunate that the entire comic is the team conversing with a newbie about what makes someone a hero.
  • Michael Edwards
    I really like the art workGuu!trigonometry out horrifyingly g mutt rightfully toughing him tho h oh I in h oh hi hi my. Hi hiby
  • Dewang
    Amazing!!!Amazing as a book!! A good short story line!!A good way to sum the purpose of being a hero
  • Matt Friedman
    Surprisingly meaningfulI downloaded this mainly out of curiosity, and because it was free. It turned out to be an interesting discussion on the meaning of heroism. Not bad.