New Order by Fay Wolf

New Order

Can a decluttered space fuel a creative mind? Heck yes, says organizing expert Fay Wolf, who has helped everyone from Hollywood celebrities to schoolteachers to work-from-home parents achieve a simpler, more fulfilling life. Here, Wolf outlines her basic rules for saying goodbye to the stuff crowding up your space and hello to new habits that free you up for the things you’re passionate about. And it can all be done in as little as a few minut...

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TitleNew Order
Release DateJan 12th, 2016
PublisherBallantine Books
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, How To, Reference, Personal Development, Productivity, Design, Art, Crafts

Reviews New Order

  • Robin
    This is perfect for those who have tried the "Konmari" method and found it a little silly or wanting. The strength of this is the section on "digital" clutter. She had many ideas that I will incorporate into my own digital files. Update: December 28, 2015 - Today I purchased a couple of pretty blue plastic file boxes from Office Depot with the idea of taming the file monsters lurking in my closet. I like Wolf's idea of leaving off the tops so fil...
  • Valerity (Val)
    Fay Wolf's book on decluttering is a good, easy read with lots of good advice on getting organized without too much pain. Lots of shortcuts and tips to save you time and money in the process of sorting and purging along the way. I think just about anyone can find helpful ideas in here. This was a useful Goodreads win.
  • Melissa I
    The ARC says "all reviews should be scheduled to run after "that" (the run date) date, so I've gotta save my thoughts until then which is tentatively scheduled for release on March 22, 2016. But, I'm gonna say this book is friggen' awesome. *trying to control my fingers from typing specifics and there are SO many specifics. Fantastic book....wish to God I had this when I first had kids. I think I'm allowed to say just go pre-order it now! I alway...
  • Kris
    "Before you begin: Your first step is not to go to the store to buy organizing products. Resist, friend."“Set timers. Timers are your new best friends… The ding when the time’s up gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and proves that I can make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.” Example:“Screw perfection. Perfect is the archenemy of Better. Perfect is boring. Perfect is unattainable.”“Scheduling creativ...
  • Amy
    I enjoyed this book. It is simply written with a casual tone that makes it less daunting than the Konmari method (once I saw the illustrations on how to fold shirts, I closed the book). Some of the things suggested, I have done in the past and will reconnect with them. There is a strong emphasis on digital productivity tools, which I will give a try (well, more than one try to find a good fit for me) again.Even if you aren't a creative person (or...
  • Scout Collins
    4.25 starsThis book didn’t just focus on organizing from an organizing-alone perspective, it also brought in topics like mental health, pursuing your passions and overall happiness. I liked these connections; they made this book different than every run-of-the-mill organizing book that just provides pretty pictures and overly simple tips.Wolf stressed the importance of getting rid of stuff, decluttering, actually DOING (not putting it off til l...
  • Hayley
    Covers some of the same ground as Marie Kondo's Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up BUT goes much further into the digital side and how to grab control of your daily to-do lists to start being more productive. While Marie Kondo talks a lot about the physical spaces, New Order gives hands on advice for dealing with the barrage of digital and mental clutter that prevents us (creative types but also works for everyone) from doing what we really love. ...
  • Barb
    I read this one in one day. There were lots of great tips, some I already know and use and some I did not think of! I even signed up for her newsletter. I tried a "to-do" list app and hated it, so its gone. I am definitely an old-school pen and paper kind of gal, especially since those don't email me to remind me that I have an item on my calendar unaddressed for the third day in a row. Deleted! I do believe that being less cluttered is quite lib...
  • Noelle Kravitz
    Pros:-Easy read-Lots of resources-Friendly tone-Some comics and pictures-Colorful Cover-Some good tipsCons:-Odd square-shaped book-Paragraphs/advice sometimes felt unnecessarily lengthy-Information fairly generalNotes:-Does not take you through each type of room and show you ways to organize. It's more of a general guide through the decluttering process, not the cleaning/reorganization by room like I expected. If that makes sense??-Personally did...
  • SueEllen
    First, I must admit I am a sucker for any book that has the words “organization” or “declutter” in the title. This one begins with the typical advice about start small and sort into keep/donate/trash steps, but then if adds a lot of practical advice about dealing with digital clutter, social media, and email that I have not found in other books. Included is an extensive list of organizing apps, websites, and resources. As a final - and ma...
  • Kayla
    This book covers EVERYTHING about new age organization. Clear, honest and direct, Fay Wolf provides actionable methods for how to get your life's clutter under control in order to lead a happier and more fulfilling existence (with less stuff). I'm pleased to say that I already practice a lot of these ideas, but my mother is another story! I'm buying this book for her.
  • Terri Frank
    Read this book in under an hour. Great visual graphics and section breaks kept my attention. Best of all, no trips to the organizing store! I redid my file cabinet using only post-it notes. I also loved the author's tips on managing digital clutter. This book won't change your life, but you'll definitely find a tip or two.
  • Lauretta
    Perhaps it got too much hype or I've read too many books on getting organized. However, my hopes were raised that this would be a different message especially tailored to the issues and needs of creative people. What a disappointment! Just another hum-ho doctrine on getting organized. Didn't learn much.
  • Stacie
    This got an extra star from me for the practical advice about social media, email and digital filing. The rest was lots of the same donate/relocate/trash steps as other books. She has a catchy conversational style but I could've done with less cussing.
  • Literary Soirée
    I turned to Fay Wolf’s incredibly helpful new book when I had a pesky closet I just couldn’t make myself organize. Love her unique approach to assisting creatives like myself in getting one’s environment in better order, so more “flow” can be achieved in the creative process. 5/5
  • Sarah
    I really like this book. The author has a realistic view of what people can accomplish. Love that this deals with digital clutter and daily life goals as well.
  • Sara
    4 stars for motivating me to get off my butt and go through my paperwork (again), utilize the to-do list on my iPhone, and analyze old habits in order to create new ones. Wolf breaks down decluttering in a very simple way, so simple that she really doesn't spend that much time on it (this is a good thing.) She focuses more on our mental barriers to decluttering and organizing our lives, which I definitely struggle with. She breaks things down int...
  • Michelle
    First of all, the title is misleading. The part about "for Creative Folks" is probably something added to try and interest creative types, especially visual artists who see the potential in everything to use in art. Two of my artist friends hold on to every thing, and I do mean THING, that crosses their paths because they are both visual artists in multiple mediums. So... keep in mind that this book is for anyone seeking information about declutt...
  • Kinsey
    With humor and conversational vernacular, Fay Wolf has written a helpful book for those that need some guidance and assistance with clearing and organizing. It's full of great suggestions to help with your home and environment, but also with tidying your digital mess, as well as all that mental brain clutter we all collect. Overall, it gives some really nice recommendations to help all the little parts that make up life as a whole to become more ...
  • Amy
    much less intimidating than the Kondo book currently gathering dust in my cabinet :)also, much more practical as the edges are actually evening cut and easy to thumb through looking for an important passage (and the 'where to donate/recycle/etc" pages are all pink edged). For some reason someone thought it would be pretty to have a deckle (uncut) edge on the pages of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which are impossible as a result to turn o...
  • Kate
    Nice! If you've never read another book about home organization, this one offers all the time-honored advice, the classic four-bags-for-initial-sorting gambit, for example. But maybe you've already read several books about home organization. (Maybe, like me, you can't resist reading every article and book on organization that crosses your path.) Well, this one may just help in some fresh ways. Its tone is that of a cheerful creative friend: Wolf ...
  • Karen
    Let me start with, I like the Konmari method of pulling everything of a similar category out, keeping what you love (and use) and passing the rest along. It's fairly quick, simple and works for me. I was interested in this one because it is directed at creatives and I thought it might be good to help with the crafty stuff in my home.While Wolf references Marie Kondo, among others, only the first maybe 1/3 of this book is about decluttering stuff....
  • Kristine
    New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks by Fay Wolf is a free Goodreads advance reader copy of a paperback book that I won in January, but received and read in late February - actually in incredibly good timing, since, not only was I in-between books, but I was looking to do some reorganizing, anyway!Fay Wolf's frank, endearing, implorative while not being authoritative tone and use of bold font, fun graphics, and pink reference sec...
  • Anna Marie
    This was a goodreads giveaway that I won.This author presents a lot of specific resources to help you simplify your life, such as a list of donation centers and useful apps, and I really did like that part.There are helpful drawings and diagrams as well to give a visual look at the process. It gives great suggestions on ways to declutter your life. Some of the topics she tackles are ways to declutter "stuff" around your house, decrease paper, ele...
  • Anne
    This book is marketed as a guide to decluttering for creative types, but it's a lot more than just decluttering. Wolf talks about physical decluttering (think Kondo method, but more no nonsense), habit/life decluttering, building new habits to free up time, etc. So, yes, the first few chapters are all about clutter (in your house, in your files, even on your computer), but she also talks a lot about productivity, collaboration (this is aimed at c...
  • Christine
    This book has a lot of links to online management tools, places to sell items, etc. -- so I'd expect this to be more of a website instead of an actual book.There's not much in here as to methods etc--so for someone who is in overwhelm this book could be the best place to start because there's not a lot to remember. It's kind of the "just do it" of decluttering books. There's no special Kondo folding techniques, for instance.There is a section on ...
  • Amelia
    "New Order" by Fay Wolf takes the intimidation out of decluttering. Ms. Wolf is not only a professional organizer, but also an artist and musician, who can empathize with folks who have a creative streak. She approaches organizing by tackling specific spaces, rather than gathering items from all over a house. She also acknowledges the nuisance of digital clutter caused by social media and email and aims to reduce it. The chapter “Apps, Websites...
  • Erin Hendrian
    PROS: The section on organizing files was quite helpful, as well as the suggestions for reducing paper and digital clutter. The book has an energetic, "let's get started!" vibe that is motivating, and includes an extensive list of organizing apps and resources for donating or selling unused items. CONS: The material on basic decluttering, organizing, and maintenance is nothing groundbreaking and was a lot less specific than other books like The L...