The Wedding Season (Enchanted Bridal #1) by Samantha Chase

The Wedding Season (Enchanted Bridal #1)

There were three guarantees in Tricia Patterson's life: 1. Her friendship with Sean Peterson was rock solid 2. She had a career that she absolutely adored 3. This summer was going to be the death of her With the proverbial "Always a Bridesmaid and Never a Bride" becoming her new mantra, Tricia didn't know how she was going to survive this year's round of weddings. Six of them this summer alone! In an attempt to ward off the pity-party, her best f...

Details The Wedding Season (Enchanted Bridal #1)

TitleThe Wedding Season (Enchanted Bridal #1)
Release DateJun 24th, 2015
PublisherChasing Romance, Inc.
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction

Reviews The Wedding Season (Enchanted Bridal #1)

  • Reyes
    There is a scene in which the MC comes back from a wedding with the love interest and they get into her house and she kicks off her shoes, then they argue, they make up, they make out, then she kicks her shoes off again to lay in a sofa with him, they make out some more, and finally she gets up from the sofa to undress sexily and ends up wearing only her panties and her shoes. I think that says enough 👍🏼🙈
  • Bette Hansen
    Loved this story!! It seems that everyone Tricia Patterson knows is getting married. Dreading the upcoming summer wedding season with 6 invites already in hand, Tricia and her best friend Sean agree to attend all of them as a couple. That should help keep everyone from giving them the "so sad you're still single" looks! That plan goes up in smoke when Sean is involved in an accident that leaves him hospitalized and out of the country. Luckily for...
  • Mila Rossi
    Great premise, but a little disappointed with the development of the story. Also, wished I knew beforehand that this was clean. The fade-to-black moments were such a bummer. I liked the heroine and thought she made a lot of sense throughout the story. The other characters, not so much. Her best guy friend sounded very much like a girl friend to me, and young to boot. I also was a bit iffy about the romance between the hero/heroine. I knew they'd ...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quote:I just need some time… I’m not sure when it stops being what I need and starts being cowardly.My Review:Tricia and Sean had been best friends since high school, and when their circle of friends all seemed to be getting married and planning their weddings (six in one summer), the two unmarried friends established a pact to attend the wedding together and pretend to be a couple to fend off the inevitable matchmaking. But Sean cou...
  • Stephanie
    This was a quick, ok read. I liked the relationship between Ryan and Tricia, but the "fake relationship" aspect of it was very, very short and that kind of frustrated me because it was the main reason I decided to read this one. Ryan's mother drove me insane and I wasn't a big fan of Ryan's brother (and Tricia's best friend) Sean. If you're looking for a quick read with lots of romance then you might enjoy this.
  • Karen ⚜Mess⚜
    Bad point: I had to read a wedding theme book for a paranormal book club. Good point: This book was free on Kindle.Bad point: Bad, bad, bad book.Good point: The book was 200 pages. Suffering was relatively short.
  • BJ
    It had a good plot, nice characters and I liked the author's writing style. I also liked the 2 lead characters but felt the pacing wasn't quite right. I didn't feel as if I understood the H's motivation, we knew he was an insular guy, a workaholic but his story just fell rushed. The h was more fleshed out, and a very likeable person. It was a nice easy read.
  • Amy
    Ryan and Tricia have known each other for years but little did they know how fate would intervene. This is a sweet love story with some spice and angst to it.
  • Elzhraa Elrayess
    I wanted a quick fun read, but this was kind of boring, and nothing happens except what is written in the synopsis.
  • Janis
    What a funny and romantic bookI loved Ryan and Trish love story and Sean too. Highly recommend. This book is a easy read. I finished it quickly.
  • Pam
    It seems like everyone Tricia knows is getting married. She's tired of going solo & receiving "poor Tricia" looks. Her friend Sean is invited to the same weddings & is tired of everyone wanting to fix him up with their relatives. Sean comes up with the bright idea of them pretending to be a couple & attending the weddings together. You know what they say about best laid plans! Due to circumstances beyond his control, Sean is unable to come home f...
  • Michele A.
    Tricia and Ryan have known each other for years, but not very well. Ryan is 4 years old than his brother Sean and his best friend, Tricia. When Sean is unable to attend all of the weddings both Tricia and he agreed to attend during the summer season, he convinces Ryan to step in his place. Ryan and Tricia are attracted to each other. As they get to know each other they find themselves more and more drawn to one another. They even alternate weeken...
  • Maree Repa
    Soon after meeting Tricia Patterson, her parents broke up, no longer living together. So no both Tricia and her Mother moved and settled in Long Island. When starting. School she met Sean Patterson. They were both lucky as they both lived close by. And with time both become best buddies.Now looking forward of 15 years poor Tricia is still single. She wasn't happy about it as being invited to so many wedding she would want a partner. Luckily she h...
  • Heather andrews
    Sometimes Ryan just needs to use actions instead of words, “because... this.” He lowered his head and claimed her lips with his. Ryan was kissing her. Really kissing her." I liked that Ryan could admit when he had a problem especially when his hands can't stay off his woman, “Sweetheart, where you’re concerned, I definitely don’t have patience..." I really liked this book.
  • Chessela Helm
    cute and short story about two family friends falling for each other. The characters are fun, although you find out two of them did something manipulative and I don't think they apologize enough for it. Otherwise everything is light and frothy, nothing getting spicier than kisses. It only took about two hours to read this, so don't expect much depth. But it's a fun way to pass a couple hours!
  • Ray
    Oh dear lord.The first thought I had when I read the synopsis of this book was "lol this is ridiculous" But it was 4 am and I couldn't sleep so naturally, I went for it.And guess what? It really was bloody ridiculous.So basically this book is about this girl Tricia who around 28? 30? 75? (I have no damned clue) and who's still single, and since summer is approaching, she gets a gazillion wedding invitations, she doesn't wanna go there solo becaus...
  • Debbie Hanson
    The Wedding Season Samantha Chase 4 sweet stars.Sometimes in life all you need is a sweet easy read and The Wedding Season was just that. A sweet, quick, fast glowing read that kept me interested without weighing you down with mass drama. Samantha is good with her wedding stories, and this was no exception. Worth every one of thosev4 stars.When Tricia Patterson moved with her mother to yet another new school, her anxiety was huge. It is never eas...
  • Annette
    As a child, Tricia's family moved many times. When she was in high school, she and her mother moved to a new town in Long Island. At her new school, she met Sean and he became her best friend. It is now 10 years later, and Sean is still her best friend. He is working overseas but plans to be home for the summer. They make a pact to attend six weddings of their friends. That will protect both of them from well meaning friends who want to fix them ...
  • Marjorie
    Single and relatively happy about it Speech Pathologist (who knew that was a job!) Tricia is dreading the summer. Three wedding invitations already on the mantle and another three have just arrived, just what she needed. Still, her best friend Sean will be back by then and they have made a pact to attend as a couple so that they can both avoid the matchmaking and pitying looks from their loved up friends. It all goes awry when Sean suffers an acc...
  • Roz Curney-Sherod
    "The Wedding Season" is part of the series "Enchanted Bridal" and the Prequel. I have to admit, I read the first two books out of order without realizing this was a series. There's no problem with that because they can be read as standalones except when you're reading the epilogue. This installment focuses on our heroine Tricia Patterson and our hero Ryan Peterson. Tricia is best friends with Sean, (Ryan's younger brother) since high school. The ...
  • Eileen Bourdette
    A super quick read, but I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s not steamy enough to be a trashy romance book, nor is it fluffy enough to make for cute chick lit. Its formulaic, which isn’t always a bad thing, but the whole story seemed very rushed, and all the obstacles thrown at the couple were not only easily overcome, but also resolved very quickly. There was a lot of telling us they main couple got along rather than showing us. They be leaving ...
  • Donna Smith
    Matchmaking at its bestTrish and Sean have been friends ever since she walked into a new high school and had the pleasure of sitting down next to him. They have a unique bond that screams best friend. When they both start getting a ton of wedding invitations, they plan to go as each others dates. That way they aren't getting fixed up by anyone with good intentions. When Sean gets hurt at an overseas job, he can't go to any of them. Rather than le...
  • Sm
    not much to say about this onea man and a woman can be "just friends" without any romantic thoughtsin this case, it was When Harry's Brother Met Sally (Again)a tad ... gimmicky(view spoiler)[ she moves into her BFF's mom's house? she doesn't change anything about the place? her BFF goes around helping people around the world? her BFF and his mom set her up with his brother? and not just set-up, but shrouded in unnecessary lies set-up? I mean, eve...
  • Sue
    I really enjoyed this sweet story about friends to lovers Ryan and Tricia. Tricia has been best friends with Sean since she moved to the area and wedding season is upon them. In order to avoid their well meaning friends who keep trying to connect them to others so they can also have their happily ever after, they come up with a plan to be "together" for all of the weddings they feel they must attend. However, unexpected circumstances throw their ...
  • Lisa
    Feel filled, fun, sexy readThe Wedding Season is a fun, feisty, steamy read that also manages to be full of feels. I was sucked in to this story as soon as I read the prologue, which is actually a true prologue and not just an excerpt from the book.Ryan and Tricia have some pretty serious chemistry going on. Combine that with quirky meddling family, a little family drama, as well as well developed characters and you have a book that is hard to pu...
  • Melissa
    Can you imagine having 6 weddings to go to as a single woman?  You would be expected to catch the Bride's bouquet.  You would get the "when are you next?"  I would had done what Tricia did- have a pretend boyfriend.Tricia is the best friend of Sean, but he was in a bad accident and can not be her date for all these weddings.  Sean asks his brother, Ryan, to step in for him as a favor to him.This is the kind of book I would want to read at the...
  • June
    Tricia and Sean have been best friends for years and had plans to attend a multitude of weddings. They were to attend as a couple to chase off the matchmakers who do nothing but try to set them up with someones cousin or such. Unfortunately, Sean can't make it, so he sends his brother Ryan to help out. Ryan was already gone from home when Tricia moved to town so she doesn't know him very well. But that is about to change. Ryan likes Tricia but is...
  • Taylor Metcalfe
    I liked it for the cute romance it was. I enjoyed listening to the audio book. I personally think I would have liked it more if the plot was slightly different. I don't think I'll continue the series though.(view spoiler)[ In the epilogue they set up the next book basically with the same premise. Getting Sean and her cousin to work together hoping they fall in love. But Tricia seriously had problems with Sean doing this to her so it bugs me that ...