The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, #3) by Lauren Willig

The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, #3)

A dangerous ring of spies, a game of mistaken identities, and a heartwarming romance of unlikely pairs come together in Lauren Willig's engaging and exciting third novel THE DECPTION OF THE EMERALD RING. Praised for the "cheerfully postmodern and energetic . . .romance-adventure hybrids [that] have escaped the clutches of niche fiction." (The Onion A.V. Club), her Pink Carnation series is garnering her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. Laur...

Details The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, #3)

TitleThe Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, #3)
Release DateDec 1st, 2006
PublisherDutton Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Historical Romance, Fiction, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Deception of the Emerald Ring (Pink Carnation, #3)

  • Navessa
    *spoilers*Greetings ladies and gentlemen! If you missed my review for the last book in this series, The Masque of the Black Tulip, I’ll give you a slight refresher. Our hero’s name is Shoulders because you can bet your sweet ass the width of them will be mentioned more than his actual name. Our heroine is Chemise as all our hero seems to think about is getting her out of hers. Also, spies. Now on with the show! Dramatization: Shoulders: I mus...
  • Lisa Kay
    Regency Period & Ireland[image error][image error] (This is a review of the audiobook.) Oh! This parallel time warp series just keeps getting better and better. Luckily, it looks like the fabulous, talented and versatile Kate Reading narrates the whole of this series. She does a wonderful job on the male and female voices – of all ages. (Eloise’s grandmother sounds a little like an elderly Katherine Hepburn.) She’s good at differentiating t...
  • Chris
    Old TT review:So, I read The Deception of the Emerald Ring, the third book in the Pink Carnation series, and I have to say, I'm not pleased with the direction the series is taking. Instead of being French Revolution spy adventures with a dash of romance, they are turning into romance novels with a dash of French Revolution spy adventure. Me, I got nothin' against romance novels, but I'm picky about them and Lauren Willig is not making the cut her...
  • TL
    Love this series:-) Romance and spies, humor/drama *happy sigh* Kate Reading did a brilliant job narrating the story, giving everyone a distinctive voice, past or present. Letty is one of my favorite characters of the series, I think we'd be great friends:-)
  • Beth
    The magic was missing from this one. And I’m not sure I can elaborate further and identify what piece was lacking except to say that something was just off. It took me a week of off and on reading to finish this which is inexcusable for a book that qualifies as light reading. There is an author’s note in the front of the book where she admits that this book was more of a struggle to write than the first two and unfortunately, I think I picked...
  • Ian
    After trying to thwart her sister's elopement, Letty finds herself compromised and married to Geoffrey Pinchingdale-Snipe. Feeling he has been trapped into a marriage to the less attractive sister, Geoffrey abandons Letty on their wedding night and sets sail for Ireland. Feeling humiliated Letty sets off in pursuit but what she doesn't realise is Geoffrey is a spy in the League of the Purple Gentian and he is traveling to Ireland to thwart a Fren...
  • Kate
    I quite enjoyed this book. It's predictable, but sometimes predictable is nice. Geoff accidentally marries the wrong sister, Letty, but somehow they fall in love in the midst of spying and intrigue in Ireland. Also, we learn more about the Black Tulip.I've continued reading this series because it is like potato chips. Not particularly good, and you know that there is much better substance out there, but still you find it enjoyable and a little ad...
  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    The third book in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig and a satisfying addition for me. This one takes place mostly in Ireland. Fast paced but not too fast that you blink and miss something. I wasn't really liking the hero and heroine at first but after awhile I started warming up to them. I thought the romance was a little stiff and not totally convincing but it worked out in the end. I'm not a great fan of plot-lines that continue in sev...
  • Lynn Spencer
    4.5 stars I've been catching up on the Pink Carnation books, and this was my last reread. From here on out, I get to experience them for the first time!I remembered liking this book, and I enjoyed it quite a bit the second time around as well. The modern day relationship keeps my attention and I'm always wanting to know what will happen next. And the historical story! I really liked Letty in this book as she's sensible and intelligent. I got a li...
  • Jazmin
    What a pairing. What a delight!!! I'm just having the best time over here. I do like how Letty and Geoff weren't initially eager to even be in the same room with each other, and I like how both had their own hangups - such as Geoff's idea of romanticized love with Mary, and Letty's whole hangup of trying to save her family's reputation. I think I would've liked a little more about how Letty watched Geoff and Mary from afar and wished that was her...
  • R.A.
    My favorite of the series so far. The one couple is my favorite so far. Great to see the Pink Carnation and her aunt again. There's a couple I'm rooting for but not sure if I should. We'll see.
  • Stephanie
    This is the third book in a series that takes place in England during the regency period. It focuses on the leagues of English Spies ala the Scarlet Pimpernel (aristocrats who spy!) who are busy doing their part to foil Napolean. This was the first in this series that I read (the pink carnation series)and while I think reading the earlier books would have fleshed out some of the characters in this book a bit more, it wasn't a big problem. I wasn'...
  • Mabeo
    The problem here is the bitter single woman syndrome. This book is the third book in a series about a Harvard grad student who is researching spies in England during the Napoleonic wars. A totally fascinating topic that is ruined by the modern day researcher who is just a mess. This is no Jennifer Weiner description of a modern woman, this is just pure insecure woman with no life but her research. In short, there's nothing to respect about her, s...
  • Michelle
    The plot was fairly interesting, but Willig's writing style leaves a lot to be desired. I didn't like how she switched between the present and the past; it felt disjointed and I didn't really care for the characters in the present. I can see where she tried to make some parallels, but I didn't enjoy them. Also, her use of language makes the sections set in the early 1800s implausible; I felt like she tried to antiquate modern language, but she di...
  • Michelle
    Eloise continues her search for more information (using only primary sources of course) regarding the adventures of various spies during the Napoleonic Wars. This book revolves around Geoff and Letty -- who were caught in a 'compromising' situation and were forced to wed basically as strangers. I did find it interesting but I felt like this relationship was a little forced. I mean Geoff suddenly realizes Letty is this honest and wonderful girl af...
  • Rebecca Huston
    Book #3 in the Pink Carnation series. More of a historical romp than anything else. I still had fun with it though, and it's clever at least. Calls a lot on the classic Scarlet Pimpernel series. For the complete review, please go here:
  • Jessica
    This was my least favorite of the series. It was kind of boring and the main characters were extremely irritating, and those are the worst sins an author can commit.
  • Cheap and Lazy
    3.5 stars. A favorite theme of mine in romance is the hero making up to the heroine for his misjudgment and poor treatment of her; this book delivered on that premise. However, though I was emotionally invested in this “misunderstandings are the plot” installment of the series, the writing niggles (e.g. repeated words, excessive use of adverbs and details) that bothered me in the first book, not in the second, bugged me again. The present-day...
  • Antonia Mauro
    Lauren Willig continues to offer splendid English espionage in vibrant settings and locations. Her characters embrace your presence with Willig's excellent handle on period language and the art of conversation. The actors are charming, endearing, frightful and very humorous. Love the sexy edge too!
  • Stephanie
    After only getting about 130 pages in, I exclaimed 'oh no' at least a dozen times. So far my favorite of the Pink Carnation series. I finished this book in a day.
  • Becky R.
    As with each of the novels in this series so far, there is a level of tension, and in this case, I actually really enjoyed the distance and frustration introduced so early on in the story. Rather than a shallow, "I love you and feel passionate towards you" from the get-go, we have two characters who have to learn more about one another. Honestly, Letty is a sweet character, and one that I felt got blamed for too much of Lord Pinchingdale's frustr...
  • MJ
    The Deception of the Emerald Ring by Lauren WilligAfter her weekend at Colin Selwicks country estate ends rather quickly (that’s what happens when you almost kiss and are interrupted by a phone call) Eloise Kelly is back in London looking for more information on the Pink Carnations activities. Only she keeps getting distracted by the fact that her cell phone is not ringing and Colin is not calling. That is until she stumbles upon a possible lin...
  • Kelli
    I really like to think of this one as Georgette Heyer fan fiction. This one's plot has elements of Heyer's 'Devils Club'. Which is an excellently good novel. This one starts out better than the first book in Willig's series (I skipped the 2nd one, for now). I think the voice of the main girl character is fascinating and sweet. The writing is pretty good when it stays on her. However, again Willig makes her men characters emotional and wimpy by wr...
  • Susan (susayq ~)
    I fall a little more in love with this series with each book I read. The humor is what gets me...and Lauren Willig has me cackling with some of the stuff she writes.The premise of this book is that the Pink Carnation is in Ireland to help foil the plans of another attempted Irish Rebellion, while the Irish are seeking help from the French and the Black Tulip. Well, lets' just say, the Pink Carnation does what she's supposed to and stops the Irish...
  • Celeste
    I love these books---as romance novels...I don't think that they will win any awards anytime soon---but that having been said...I love these books. The authors humor is just like my own (I would like to think that if I wrote a novel I would be as witty as this) If you read too fast you might just miss something rather funny. If I were to give the author any advice it would be this---find a friend with some "glamour shots" experience and a friend ...
  • Christy B
    Not as good as The Masque Of the Black Tulip , but still a delightful book. Nobody can beat Miles and Henrietta - and I was very sad of the absence of them in this book - but Geoff and Letty, while a different sort of pair, were just as funny and cute together, although in a different way. Lord Vaughn continues to peek my interest. And excuse my French, but Miss Gwen kicks ass!!
  • Susan
    These stories are FUN! While it reads more like a historical chick lit book than anything else it is still a great escape. Many humorous lines and situations, interesting characters, strong heroines, mysterious hero make for reading time well spent.My only negative thought about this story was that while I enjoy the modern narratives, they didn't have much depth to them. Nothing seemed to happen, or if it did, it was very little.
  • Lauran Vetuschi
    I would have rated this book a 4.5, but there are so many more in the series--I need to leave room :) By far, this is my favorite so far!! I really appreciate that Ms. Willig takes the time to summarize and sort out the actual history versus what she had to change to fit the story. Looking forward to #4! Hoping to finish the entire series before year end, but we shall see :)
  • Dawnn somerset
    i didnt like the start of this one as much as the others, it didnt really suck me in right away like the others in the series
  • Pamela
    I really liked Letty and Geofrey but the modern day Eloise was a bit annoying. Cute story.