The Latter Fire by James Swallow

The Latter Fire

An all-new novel from New York Times bestselling author James Swallow set in the popular universe of Star Trek: The Original Series!The five-year mission of the Starship Enterprise has brought the vessel and her crew to the forefront of an important first contact situation. Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, the ship is heading to the planet Syhaar Prime in the Beta Quadrant—the home world of an alien civilization preparing to take its...

Details The Latter Fire

TitleThe Latter Fire
Release DateMar 1st, 2016
PublisherPocket Books
GenreMedia Tie In, Star Trek, Science Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews The Latter Fire

  • Ken
    A highly entertaining Trek novel featuring The Original Series crew, the novel opens with an interesting premise that throws the reader straight into the story.The Starship Enterprise encounters a Syhaari ship which they’d helped the previous year, since then the Syhaari display an advance technological progress.Did the Enterprise crew violate the prime directive?I really liked Swallows depiction of all the regular cast, it was easy to picture ...
  • Paul Bennett
    I guess it's no surprise that a new Trek novel would be formulaic. After all, the franchise is 50 years old, so it's hard to do something new or truly novel in a Star Trek book. Sadly, this author didn't even try to do something new. The Latter Fire has all the elements of a classic Trek story, calculated and measured out with all the coldness and creativity of a butcher slicing ham. This is a deeply dull book, a plodding plot that never satisfie...
  • Dan
    Communication, cooperation, and friendship; it is these ideals that Star Trek says should guide humanity into the stars. Fundamentally, this novel is about those ideas. It is Star Trek in the truest sense, and James Swallow captures the essence of "Roddenberry's philosophy," as it has become known. An excellent novel, and one of the best TOS 5-year mission stories I've read in some time.Full review:
  • Lizzie
    It was an ok TOS novel. I was disappointed because it was way too obvious as to why the one set of aliens were attacking the other. On one hand, after all these years, the predictability of original Star Trek is part of its charm as we know the characters so well, but when you add in new aliens their actions should at least be a little less predictable.
  • Crystal Bensley
    A good TOS adventure with new alien races and an amazing enemy.
  • Paul Lunger
    With 2016 marking the 50th anniversary of the launch of the original "Star Trek", the pattern for novels being released usually weighs a little heavier on that series. With James Swallow's "The Latter Fire", this anniversary year is off to a rather bad start with a book that over-complicates itself for reasons it doesn't need to & probably could've been a far shorter book had it not done so. Things start out innocently enough with Chekov leaving ...
  • Dawn
    "Sometimes, sir, I think this ship is a magnet for everything strange the universe has to throw at us." - ScottyAnother excellent read. Action, adventure, politics, and the repercussions of reactions and assumptions. James Sparrow did an excellent job placing the Enterprise crew into a new challenge between two races and a raging alien referred to as the leviathan. All of Sparrow's characters are well-rounded and things are not exactly as they ap...
  • Christopher Backa
    A really enjoyable read. The story is classic trek. The enterprise is caught in the middle of a clash of two civilizations. The story combines many elements we have seen on the original series. This book also includes some classic animated series characters as well. It's worth the read
  • Aron
    Good story, excellent characterization, & three new alien species. Swallow did a great job on this one,...highly recommend.
  • Greg
    Due to time constraints i cant write my normal length review but this will do for now:Story finished. Everything we love about Trek is represented in this book. Buy it read it and love it. \\//
  • V
    The Latter Fire was a bit of a surprise to me. The summary at the back of the book lead me to believe that the whole story was going to be like a political thriller trying to figure out if Kirk and his crew broke the Prime Directive or not but that issue was resolved in the first third of the novel by Kirk denying the accusation and the Federation diplomat assigned to the mission he was undertaking choosing to believe him. In actuality the story ...
  • Luke Sims-Jenkins
    All in all a fun solid read. I remember thinking a while back that it'd be quite fun if was had a novel that was set during the animated series and while this isn't quite that, it's close! James Swallow does a good job at making this book feel like a transitional novel between TOA and TAS and giving the crew the sort of conflict that might have worked with animation.The story and set up was great though i will admit the middle was kinda slow for ...
  • Daniel Kukwa
    THIS...this wonderful, multi-layered, beautifully-characterized, exciting, tense, triumphant novel...THIS is why I'm a "Star Trek" fan. If you ever meet anyone who needs convincing why this series -- especially in its original archetypal form -- is so special, then have them read this novel. This is everything Trek, distilled to its purest form. Everything the series stands for, in sublime prose. A magnificent read from start to finish, and one t...
  • Keith Bell
    A great story, Swallow surely knows his stuff and the characters come to life. More detail is provided than I needed though in some scenes. Walking from one area to another requires some description but describing each turn is not always necessary. Good read though.
  • Tony Pope
    If it's a Star Trek book...pretty much I will like it. Kudos to all those who keep the series alive in the books.
  • Trevor
    Star Trek The Latter Fire by James Swallow - Good I like the author.
  • Al Menaster
    Fair to middling. Original series story, Kirk and the gang. The characters are kept intact, have to surmount various challenges. Well enough written.
  • Angela Rodriguez
    Summary of Plot:In this Star Trek novel, we find the Starship Enterprise and her crew heading towards the planet Syhaar Prime in the Beta Quadrant, the home planet to an alien civilization that is preparing to make its first contact with the United Federation of Planets. The mission of the Enterprise crew: to act as "ambassadors" and mediators of the negotiations. But what happens when the Syhaari display their technological advancement in warp d...
  • Nicky2910
    Star Trek: The Original Series: The Latter Fire by James Swallow This book is set between the original 5-year mission and the Animated Series - Chekov leaves the Enterprise, and Arex and M'Ress join the crew. But, honestly, for the story itself it doesn't really matter.A couple of years ago, the Enterprise helped a Syhaari ship that was stranded in deep space - one of the first ships of that species to venture into space travel. Now, the Enterpri...
  • Brandon Harbeke
    Whoever wrote the blurb did not accurately describe the contents of the book. The possible breaking of the Prime Directive is brought up and resolved very early. Between that and the title based on Tennyson, it is understandable if the prospective reader has no idea what the book is really about.The bulk of the book has the Enterprise crew visiting a prospective member of the Federation and dealing with the appearance of a gigantic (moon or plane...
  • Kristina Brown
    This is less about clearing the Enterprise crew of violating the Prime Directive and more about stopping an interstellar war. Nothing wrong with that so why the blurb didn't just say so I'm not sure. It dropped a star purely for misleading expectations. The introduced species are good and the threat is fearsome and unique. There's a lot about individuality and the consequences of our choices which lends weight to the story.
  • Andrew Beet
    Thank you aron it's a brilliant novel the climax to the story was so nail biting and in every incarnation of star trek you're always going to have a character like tormid who will say to whichever captain it is whether it is kirk,Picard,sisko or Janeway and Jonathan archer who will say look we don't need your help with our problems and will sabotage the mission in some way and that is what the character of tormid does in this book
  • Jimyanni
    This story was a bit weak for a four-star rating, but a bit too good for a three-star rating. The writing itself was good, the characterizations were above-average, and the pacing was good. On the downside, the plot was a bit predictable and trite. Any reader familiar with Star Trek could have seen where this was headed from a VERY early point. All in all, a good read, but nothing that truly stands out from other Star Trek books.
  • Matthew
    Put simply, this was the best original series Trek novel in years. When I was a teenager, Pocket books published quality, fun Trek novels regularly. In recent years, that hasn't been the case. This one was a return to form. What a pleasure to read a Trek book written by someone who writes dialogue the characters might actually say. This one was a fun quick read.
  • Eric Overkamp
    A well written book, with a solid and interesting story. The author (who has also written some Star Trek TV episodes), makes the cast of TOS come to life and each character in the book acts and talks as we know they should. A recommended read for Star Trek fans and those that are yet to become fans.
  • Laurie Kazmierczak
    This original series book focused on diplomacy vs strategy vs retaliation gone a muck. A fine read which introduced new aliens and challenges to the captain and crew. I recommend it for any Star Trek fan.
  • Michael Glenn Maskill
    A fine read.A good read. The last year or two the books have been stale. Missing the Star Trek feeling over wonder. This book is written in the in a better way. The wonder of good and interesting story line was returned to the reader.
  • David Griffiths
    Disappointing TrekThis has a very familiar 'Star Trek by numbers' feel to it. The regular characters are well drawn but the plot is very drawn out over nearly 400 pages and you'll find yourself longing for it to come to an end
  • James
    Great story a little technical and slow but otherwise good.
  • BER
    Excellent The mission and hopeful fantasies for a future continue. We can still dream. Star Trek continues to feed our hopes and wistful dreams.