Eat Dirt by Josh Axe

Eat Dirt

National BestsellerDoctor of Natural Medicine and wellness authority Dr. Josh Axe delivers a groundbreaking, indispensable guide for understanding, diagnosing, and treating one of the most discussed yet little-understood health conditions: leaky gut syndrome.Do you have a leaky gut? For 80% of the population the answer is “yes”—and most people don’t even realize it. Leaky gut syndrome is the root cause of a litany of ailments, including: ...

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TitleEat Dirt
Release DateMar 29th, 2016
PublisherHarper Wave
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Science, Food and Drink, Cookbooks

Reviews Eat Dirt

  • Melissa Crytzer Fry
    -- UPDATE (6/6/17)!! After following the "candida gut" diet for three months... guess what? No more pre-diabetes (I've been lighter in weight before, exercised more and my A1C never came down, but this time it did)! My cholesterol also is vastly improved; my inflammatory markers are all NORMAL! Bonus: I've lost 17 lbs! And the best part is how much BETTER I feel energy-wise, brain-fog-wise, and just OVERALL. Hip, hip hooray! --This book was a nec...
  • Jessaka
    When I was a kid my brother talked me into eating dirt one day, said it was good. No, it wasn’t. He was always “pulling my leg” as he called it, and I would always fall for it. I also remember making a mud cake around that time, and my mother gave me an old box of raisins that I spread on the top and sides of this mud cake. Now, I am reading that dirt is good for you, good for your immune system. I can believe this. I knew a woman that work...
  • Christopher Lawson
    I Failed the "Leaky Gut Questionnaire"At first, I thought this book was only mildly interesting. Then, I decided to take the "Leaky Gut" test. The author uses this test to check the likelihood that the "good" microbes in your gut have been harmed. To my astonishment, I had many of the leaky gut symptoms noted in the test (and which my current physician has not solved.)Okay, at this point, I got a LOT more interested in what Dr. Axe had to say. Dr...
  • Sharon
    Although I agree with his premise that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables and fermented foods, I disagree with his kooky diets. We just need to eat a variety of whole and unprocessed foods. We don't need supplements and to buy things from his website!
  • Craig
    Some interesting ideas but mostly filler. Skim it or borrow it.
  • Olivia
    Excellent examination on the outcome of our modern day convenience-centered eating habits.There is so much I learned from this book, so much I found fascinating, astounding, surprising and infuriating. Some of it I knew, like the incredible health benefits from consuming kefir and fermented vegetables, but most of it I did not know.I have changed a few of my buying and eating habits since reading this. It also makes a great companion read to Rose...
  • Cyanemi
    Another in the many books Ive read on this topic. Also great like the others. It may be hitching a ride on this fairly new and hot topic.
  • Edward
    Dr. Josh Axe introduces the concept of Leaky Gut, which is the root cause of a lot of modern diseases and health problems. Dr. Axe stresses that we need to have microbial diversity in our guts to keep our system in balance and maintain a healthy gut protective lining. This prevents pathogens, undigested food particles including toxins from entering our blood stream causing undesired immune responses and all sorts of health issues.A large part of ...
  • Zee Monodee
    There are some very good tips here (get exposed to dirt/earth, soak in sea water if you can, that sort of thing), but on the whole, the full concept of what the author wants the reader to follow sounds rather utopian. Not only are all the supplements and probiotics he recommends probably not available everywhere (and not even online from some places, in case you wanted to ask), the whole way of living he advocates for does cost a lot of money. In...
  • Reba
    I've been following Dr. Axe for a few years now, I subscribe to his newsletter, and read his blog and have heard him speak for many online "summits". eat dirt is a comprehensive look at how our current lifestyle and diet is killing us. We're over sanitized and undernourished. We need to revert to eating fresh food straight out of the dirt, and ditch the hand sanitizers and bleach. I myself quite like snacking on dirty carrots now and again. Just ...
  • Alexandra
    yeah yeah leaky gut stop eating everything bad and using cleaners.I had higher hopes for this. it was better than the last one but only by a smidge.
  • Christine
    An interesting read...
  • Lynda
    If YOU don't think you have leaky gut syndrome, think again. Or you may have a friend, a family member, a colleague or a neighbor who is suffering from various ailments, low-energy, gastrointestinal issues, inexplicable fatigue, or their children (or your children) are having behavioral issues, then it is more than likely that leaky gut is the culprit. Don't turn up your nose at this term. We will start to hear this term more and more going forwa...
  • Justin
    I am going to rant about this one a bit. I don't think Dr. Axe is particularly bad at this so please don't hate him too much. Pretty much everything I am saying applies to people without MDs who insist on calling themselves Doctor (Dre not included). Dr. Axe is better than most of these health personalities and I thought I liked him when I got this book (though I don't remember why).Most of the information in this book is good, but it feels like ...
  • Sera
    As I grow older, among other things, I continue to re-examine my life and the choices that I make in how I treat myself both mentally and physically. This book came recommended to me through one of the teacher - parent book clubs at my daughter's school. The book focuses on the human gut and how all of the processed food that we consume in the US, together with our quest to destroy as much as bacteria possible, and the high stress levels that we ...
  • Hotrodsmom
    I really enjoyed this book. I rented it from the library but I'm going to buy it. It's full of such wonderful infrmation. I went to lake Michigan and all I could think of was all tjose delicious microbiomes! I hope Dr Axe writes another book. This one was great
  • Diane
    I have been interested in reading about the microbiome and health for a while. This was easy to read and incorporate into my health regimen- especially for my migraines.
  • Corrine
    Dr. Axe goes in depth into the gut-brain connection and how to heal different kinds of disorders from Candida to Adrenal Fatigue using functional medicine. I think this is a great health book to own!
  • Aysha
    Kinda zoned out when he started saying that it was important to wash your hands after you use the restroom. But some of the other info was new to me and worth listening to.
  • Minda
    Makes sense. Making dirt soup tonight. ;)
  • Wendy
    4.5 stars. Lots of great info. And in some ways, not enough. Pros: well written, helpful index, good mix of anecdotal to science, lots of ideas for things that could help, many extras online since the book can't get into all the details for various topics. I think Axe knows his stuff and the advice is solid. Cons or more accurately "things to figure out" (applies to many books so not necessarily singling this one out. And this is longer bc now I'...
  • Mknox
    A lot of product placement. Sort of has a Tim Ferris something about him in the way that his doing this is a blatant way of making money, which I'm ok with. But not everyone is. (He's not sacrificing quality as he does it in the way David Wolfe does.) He's gotta make a living and his information is very helpful. He's spent a lot of time in med school and tested and researched many, many of the things he talks about. He should be compensated. But ...
  • Wout
    In this book Dr. Josh Axe guides us through the process of healing our leaky guts. He does this by explaining WHAT it is (bad regulation of the tight junctions in the gut, which leaves room for substances to leak into the bloodstream) HOW it is CAUSED (antibiotics, processed foods, toxins, a lack of relaxation) and HOW to HEAL it (probiotics, organic foods, fermented foods, relaxation). Oh, and he also adds in a few stories of how he helped his c...
  • Karen
    I was so excited to win a copy of Eat Dirt, by Dr. Josh Axe through Goodreads, and I am reviewing this book in return. I have been following Dr. Axe via emails and Facebook as I love his approach to health. I often read books about functional and integrative medicine and give them as gifts to my close family and refer them to friends, as I would like to see the people that I love improve their health and food choices. Even though my suggestions a...
  • Lesley Looper
    This book took a long time for me to finish. Much of it was familiar, but it was good to get some reminders.
  • Tif
    i only wish this book had been available 5 years ago. for anyone suffering from leaky gut this is a brilliant read and also a hopeful read. Josh Axe really does make you feel like you can mend and not just mend but be happier and healthier than you ever were before. i particularly appreciated the area on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the break down into 5 catergories of gut type and the healing recipes, supplements, essential oils and lifestyl...
  • Debs DiGiorgio
    I am exited about all I have learned from this book. This could be an extremely dull book, but Dr Axe's writing is easy and pleasant to read. Each chapter got me excited about something new, especially the recipes. It's always such a big time waster when you have to search through recipes looking for something that fits into your own idea of healthy eating. No worries about that, here. The thing about these recipes is that I want to try them all!...
  • Cindy
    This book is mostly the principles I *try* to follow in my eating habits. We all get off track and that's why I decided to read it. There is some great information in here about certain gut microbes for specific things. If you feel your gut is not functioning well (bloat, low energy, cravings, even something as benign as a runny nose, development of allergies) this book could certainly help you. I haven't tried any of the recipes, but they look p...
  • Marilyn B
    I've read an absolute ton of books on digestion and problems associated with poor digestion and/or other myriad issues to do with the gut. And. This was not so much new information but perhaps one of the better laid out books that I've read. It's lot of the same info I've read before so the "5 surprising ways to solve" leaky gut weren't so surprising to me though it is comforting to be told that once again eating fermented foods (hello kefir, kom...