His Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance, #4-6) by Aubrey Dark

His Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance, #4-6)

Some secrets are darker than others... I knew that there was more to billionaire Jake Carville than what he showed the world. But I didn’t know that Jake’s past was so dark... and so dangerous. Lacey Miller is just a curvy girl, a tomboy, a street artist. When she steps into Jake Carville’s life, his obsession with her will lead her into a world like she’s never seen. A world of wealth and power. A world of unquenchable passion and unspe...

Details His Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance, #4-6)

TitleHis Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance, #4-6)
Release DateJun 29th, 2015
GenreRomance, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews His Ransom (A Dark Billionaire Romance, #4-6)

  • Debra Monette
    Good story! I love anything that has to do with painting! Great characters, hot, sexy and has more books in the series, what's not to love. So, I will be reading every book.
  • Alice Lopez
    Loved the story told by this author. It included art,mystery, erotic romance, secrets and love.
  • EmmiK
    Thanks to the author for sending me the full series free of charge. I really do appreciate it. Before I go into my review I just want to say, objectively, this was a good book. Buy the book, support the author.My review is a bit odd. How can I give it 4 stars, say it's a good book that you should pick up, but not be in with love it? Well, it all comes down to preference; and I'm a very picky romance reader. 1. Romance. 2. Billionaires. 3. Lavish ...
  • mrs n a clarke
    Ok but not her bestI've enjoyed Aubrey's books so far, from her dark series of His, Mine and Yours. I like the fact that she has linked some of the character's from those books to these. For me the book starts well, amusing and raunchy. It falters in the middle for me, pushing the boundaries of plausibility and the female lead is quite immature. The key event in the story could have been handled more logically in my opinion but I enjoyed the endi...
  • Margie Moran
    His Ransom Aubrey DarkYou will enjoy this book I did very good book great story about Stacy Jake ,a great love he thinks his family dead but Lacey. finds them for him read the book there is so much to it you will enjoy it she is a great author .enjoy Margie Moran
  • Jessica Meadway
    His RansomI had read the first part of this series 'His Gift' and was hooked. The story line was easy to follow. I loved the characters together, they complimented each other well. This book follows on well, picks up where the last book ends. Highly recommended
  • Suzy Bagshaw
    FREAKEN FANTASTIC!!!This book was awesome. One you can't get enough of. You can't put it down. Talk about HOT, HOT, HOT!!
  • Meglajanna
    Not her best.
  • Mom to 2 cuties
    4 starsI enjoyed this series. When you put the 6 pieces together it makes a very sweet and sexy romance novel. I read them free through KU but they are worth paying for.
  • Samantha Shaffer
    Jake and Lacey paint a medium burn romance work of art. Beware ladies more things than street art get painted in vivid color is this story.
  • Edrenia
    OkThis book was ok once again the leading lady was childish. The leading man was too controlling. She's only twenty one he's thirty one she had no career or job.
  • Jasmine Roman
    LovedI loved every second of this book I can't wait to read the next book in the series I'm going to start right away. I can't wait to read Lacey's friends story.