Eating in the Middle by Andie Mitchell

Eating in the Middle

In her inspiring New York Times bestselling memoir, It Was Me All Along, Andie Mitchell chronicled her struggles with obesity, losing weight, and finding balance. Now, in her debut cookbook, she gives readers the dishes that helped her reach her goals and maintain her new size. In 80 recipes, she shows how she eats: mostly healthy meals that are packed with flavor, like Lemon Roasted Chicken with Moroccan Couscous and Butternut Squash Salad with ...

Details Eating in the Middle

TitleEating in the Middle
Release DateMar 29th, 2016
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food, Foodie

Reviews Eating in the Middle

  • Brittany
    Check out my blog to see Reviews of Book and Movies, and check out some Recipes!I really enjoyed the layout of this cookbook. Andie is a very humble woman who went through a huge weight loss journey and shares tidbits of her story among recipes that can help you enjoy the food in life without having to indulge in an insane amount of calories. Nutritional data was provided for each recipe, but it did not take over the recipe.The photographs were c...
  • Julie Webb
    Andie's story is inspirational and empowering BUT this book isn't. Maybe I was expecting something else? The recipes are mostly not low calorie. They look delicious but that's kinda of the problem. I wanted to read this because she lost 135 pounds in 13 months. Amazing! These recipes are what I'd classify as occasional indulgences not the balanced approach I expected. There is no way you will lose or maintain you weight loss with these. I feel ch...
  • Katy
    Found some very tasty recipes in this one. Really made me want to pick up Mitchell's "It Was Me All Along" too. Hopefully reserving this one for cookbook club too, i think my group would enjoy it. It's healthy food that's not fake food.
  • False
    Food that is quasi healthy for those who have lost weight and want to sustain the loss. Being able to return to an eating norm again. Worth a peek. I wouldn't buy it.
  • Kelly
    Easy to follow instructions, recipes with everyday ingredients, and most importantly mouth watering pictures. Well done!
  • Laura
    I thought this was a good everyday cookbook, with mostly healthy recipes. I think that's actually the point of the book - she eats mostly in the middle (moderately) to maintain her weight loss, but occasionally indulges. The last chapters include the indulgences, but they weren't that interesting to me (I have my own indulgences, thank you). But I thought that her dinners were generally pretty interesting, especially the fish and chicken recipes....
  • Brittany Busboom-Miller
    I really enjoyed Andie Mitchell's cookbook more than I thought I would, not having read her memoir or really know her story. I loved the layout of this cookbook and that the recipes were simple, yet new and different than what I have seen or made in the kitchen myself. There were multiple recipes that I wanted to save for later, and that is what I think makes a cookbook go from great to excellent. I also enjoyed that Andie's story and background ...
  • Rebecca
    Pictures of recipes? Yes.Commentary on recipes? Yes.Nutrition facts? Yes!Recipe Style? Healthy modern cooking.Any keepers? No.Not a bad collection, but the ingredient lists were kind of long for my taste.
  • Reagan Brasch
    This is a really great cookbook! The recipes are easy to follow, you get to learn about the author (who apparently has the same mom as mine in that she will make 6 pies for 6 people at Thanksgiving), and it has nutritional information.
  • Darci Morosko
    I loved her story and enjoyed reading the memoir style beginning but never really tried any of the recipes.
  • Akapedge
    Good tricks for weight control and recipes.
  • Robyn Schultz
    I'd never heard of Andie Mitchell. Didn't know about her blog, memoir, or weight loss journey. I picked this up based solely on the title. I wasn't disappointed. I enjoyed the introduction to the book and then liked her little introductions to each recipe. I found this to be a well balanced cookbook and liked the nutritional information included. Plenty of great recipes to try.
  • Lecy
    Eating in the Middle is the debut cookbook from food blogger and weight loss extraordinaire, Andie Mitchell. It is a collection of "mostly wholesome" recipes, beautiful color photographs and little stories of her life that capture the overall theme of each section.When I opened the package from the publisher, I couldn't help but first notice the construction of the book - the matte photograph cover and the debossed fabric spine that adds a great ...
  • Katrina Roets
    Okay guys, you cannot imagine my excitement over finding this available for review. If you read my review of Andie's memoir, you'll know that I already think of her as my soulmate in food. Now, I get to see just what she's done in her own kitchen to help with her weight loss journey and I'm super duper excited! I should say that I was because I have already gone through this cookbook, but the reality is that even after going through it, I'm still...
  • Lauren
    Damn, did I miss reviewing cookbooks. I took a brief hiatus because I kept getting distracted by other shiny objects (gardening books) and couldn’t focus. I’m back.Fun fact: I used to write a cooking column for my college newspaper. It was titled Hooker in the Kitchen, because, well, my last name is Hooker and I cooked stuff. In the kitchen. I digress.I was thrilled when I unwrapped this heavy number from its postage wrap. The cover art is go...
  • Jenn Ballmann
    I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes, as always, all opinions are my ownSometimes I'll pick up a cookbook and fall in love with it because the cooking style is so similar to mine that I can't help turn to it time and time again. Other times I'll pick one up and it fails to inspire me to open it more than once or twice because the recipes are nearly identical to my own. Unfortunately Eating in the Middle by Andie Mitchell falls into ...
  • Debbie
    I'm not sure why, but I love this cookbook, maybe more for the stories than for the recipes. I'm also happy for the nutritional information included.
  • Megan
    Disclosure: I received a free, uncorrected proof at ALA Midwinter from the publisher. I have never read It Was Me All Along, though I have heard of the book. I've never visited the author's website (though I think I may need to change this). So this is to say I wasn't a fan. But I love cookbooks. Especially those that have great photography and have recipes that seem like they are doable in my small, what counter space I do have is all ready cove...
  • Carolann
    I love finding a new cookbook and cracking the spine, 'mostly' because I can post-it flag a few of the pages and then my loving - and very kitchen-friendly - husband will surprise me with those dishes. I was interested in this cookbook in particular 'mostly' because of the cheeky title: 'A mostly wholesome cookbook'. Mostly wholesome really works for me. Now, I know what you are all thinking, 'Tell us, tell us what pages you flagged for your hubs...
  • Amanda
    I fell in love with Andie's writing and her life story when I read her memoir, It Was Me All Along, last year, so I was SO EXCITED to receive my copy of her debut cookbook! My favorite thing about Andie’s cookbook is that she truly stresses eating healthy foods with her concept of eating “in the middle.” Rather than deprive herself of ever having any indulgent foods and setting herself up for a lifetime of cookie binges, she eats “in the ...
  • Bojana
    I read Andie's autobiography a few months ago and was really excited to find out about this book, because I think she is awesome!I was on the fence about whether I should buy it as I had purchased a few cookbooks recently. So, I took it out from the library and fell in love, my bank account will have to deal with the repercussions as I will be purchasing this for my ever growing collection. The recipes are not overloaded with ingredients- they ar...
  • Julie Shuff
    I ordered this book while I was away, and it was such a treat to have it waiting for me when I got back! I loved Andi's memoir and of course her blog, so I am obviously biased. I haven't made any of the recipes yet (though I'll update this review when I do), but they are so far almost all things that I feel I actually would want and be able to make! Sometimes you open a new cookbook and it has all these ridiculously obscure ingredients that you c...
  • Jessica
    I heard about this cookbook before I read Andie's memoir It was Me All Along, but after reading that I was even more excited about her cookbook. After being overweight for the first 20 years of her life Andie had a wake-up call and after some drastic changes lost 136 pounds in 18 months. But, losing all that weight made her almost afraid to eat and she went to the other extreme of being hyper-vigilant about everything she ate. She knew she had to...
  • Lindsey
    I've struggled with having a bad relationship with food my whole life and I've been trying to change that and learn to treat myself better. I loved that with this cookbook the author talks about her own struggles with that and how she learn to be happy without looking to food to do so. She found a balance of enjoying life while not using food as a crutch while still loving food. Finding a balance in food is a great thing, eating healthier while n...
  • Mary
    Andie Mitchell's cookbook, like her memoir, includes much love, kindness and tenderness. She has written introductions to each section about the food related memories that contributed to the development of the recipes in that category. She also shows clearly the generous heart she has, which helped her triumph over an eating disorder, without blame and anger, and still have a healthy love of good food, in moderation. While I have yet to make any ...
  • Andrea
    After reading Andie's memoir It was Me All Along, I stumbled across this book at the library. It is a beautiful cookbook with lots of great recipes. She throws in some information from her book and weight loss journey. In today's world it is very difficult to maneuver the food choices and determine what it actually okay to eat. I like Andie because I think she makes a lot of whole foods and lives in the 80/20 realm.
  • Kait
    i read andie's memoir, It Was Me All Along, and while i didn't love it completely, i did enjoy her story and have loved her blog for many years now. there are some really simple, yummy, and easy recipes in here. excited to try them out!
  • Robin
    One of the best things about starting a Cookbook Club at my library has been learning about new cookbooks and their creators. One of the ladies mentioned this book and it's terrific. Most of the recipes are simple and straightforward. I really enjoyed reading the author's story and understanding her motivation in creating or updating these recipes.
  • Kyla
    As opposed to Hemsley/Hemsley, this cookbook was relatable, healthy but not annoying and fun to read. It is probably targeted more to those who haven't really explored the world of healthy cooking before and has more meat than I would use - but I would buy it - maybe for my sister, and then borrow it.
  • Barbara
    I look at tons of cookbooks. This one has so many great recipes. The recipes are short with not many ingredients. Eating in the Middle is a eating on maintenance. I'm a chronic dieter. It's work to lose weight but harder to maintain once you lose. These recipes are based on us who want to maintain. Great recipes without sacrificing taste and richness.