Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1) by Sarah Andersen

Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)

Are you a special snowflake? Do you enjoy networking to advance your career? Is adulthood an exciting new challenge for which you feel fully prepared? Ugh. Please go away.This book is for the rest of us. These comics document the wasting of entire beautiful weekends on the internet, the unbearable agony of holding hands on the street with a gorgeous guy, dreaming all day of getting home and back into pajamas, and wondering when, exactly, this adu...

Details Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)

TitleAdulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)
Release DateMar 8th, 2016
PublisherAndrews McMeel Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Humor, Comics, Nonfiction

Reviews Adulthood Is a Myth (Sarah's Scribbles, #1)

  • karen
    of the TWENTY-SEVEN books i'd read in the GR awards semifinals, this is the only one that won in its category. so congratulations, even though i don't consider this a graphic novel as such, more like a collection of unrelated cartoons better placed in the humor category, but who's gonna split genre-hairs? although i'm pretty confident i have at least 10-15 years on this cartoonist, there's still so much in this book that resonated with me. which ...
  • Ariel
    I am extremely tired of the word "relatable"... BUT BOY IF THERE EVER WAS A MOMEMT FOR IT!This collection of webcomics had me actually laughing out loud, had me saying "YES!", had me pointing out page after page to my boyfriend. It's silly and cute, but also deeply truthful to the fears and elations of people who live online. I loved it, and will definitely be picking up her second volume!
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    There were so many things I related to in this book but I'm only going to share a few. ↑ Okay, so I'm going to show y'all pictures of SOME of my stuffed animals that take over my bed (I sleep on the couch anyway) and some of my dog, Lucy's stuffed animals. WE BELIEVE IN THE STUFFED ANIMAL! WE LOVE THE STUFFED ANIMAL!I have seriously donated garbage bag upon garbage bags of stuffed animals to the children's home though. But, my stuffed animals w...
  • Natalie Monroe
    This whole book is my spirit animal. Side effects may include extreme nasal pain from snorting liquids up your nose while laughing or embarrassment from snorting very loudly in public. ARC provided by Netgalley
  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    ✨ AVAILABLE NOW! ✨ THANK YOU, Sarah Andersen. I mean it.See, it seems to me lately that everyone around me has some variation of "You are an adult, you must-" sentence ready to throw it on me. Real adults don’t read that much because when are you going to take time for making babies? (really)Real women know how to cook/clean up everything without complaining (you don’t say)Real women want kids, too (back off)Real adults always wake up ear...
  • Nat
    Adulthood Is a Myth documents the beauty of wasting an entire weekend on the internet, the unbearable agony of holding hands on the street with a gorgeous guy, dreaming all day of getting home and back into pajamas, and wondering when, exactly, this adulthood thing beginsThis book was great because it made me feel lighter while reading, but ultimately it didn't do much towards building a full picture of happiness. And I probably won't remember mo...
  • Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣
    Adulthood really is a myth! And I read this book while enjoying a Milka & Oreo chocolate.Sarah Andersen does a great job at showing the hardships of girls and women while keeping it light and funny. It's amazing how easy I could relate to her drawings. I kept showing some of the drawings to my husband and he was impressed and could not believe someone would write about me. Especially the part about not growing up. He says that, according to Sarah...
  • Florencia
    Is adulthood an exciting new challenge for which you feel fully prepared? Ugh. Please go away. I was writing down some thoughts for two reviews, one of a Mishima book and the other of The Bell Jar, but at the moment, I don’t feel like dedicating so much time to that kind of introspection, since in my case, reviewing a book is almost never writing a simple summary. So I will deal with all those books next year, while focusing on other works whic...
  • María
    Cuánto me alegra que Sarah Andersen esté en nuestro planeta.
  • Aneela ♒the_mystique_reader♒
    My Rating: 5 blazing stars!This is the first graphic novel I have ever read. I have always thought comics and graphic novels are for kids - with all the pictures and just one to two sentences and bubble texts. How wrong I was! (Yeah yeah, I accept. Don't give me those nasty looks).And I am glad that "Adulthood is a Myth" is the one I read as my first ever graphic novel to remember it as an enjoyable experience. Sarah Andersen is hilarious. She ha...
  • C.G. Drews
    Oh this was just glorious. All bookworms and introverts NEED to read this. NEEEEED, I TELL YOU. I was just about laughing my head off in companionable fear with the author over adulthood. Adulthood is a myth. And also just ugh. I would happily sign up for a refund, okay? Ahem.So this is a book of 100% comic strips. you've probably seen some of Sarah's Scribbles around the internet. (I have anyway.) But this has a) more, and b) it's just the kind...
  • Nobody
    یکی از بهترین کمیک هایی بود که توی عمرم دیدم و خوندمش ^_^ فوق العلاده با نمک خصوصا جاهایی که تفاوت بین یک دختر نوجوون با جوون رو نشون میده ولی جالبش اینجاست که همیشه یه چیزی هست که یک دختر توی هر سنی بهش اهمیت بده و به اصطلاح سوزنش روش گیر کنه :))سوزن شخص...
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: the following image remind you of yourself???? If so, this is probably a book for you. While I’m 1,000 maybe not exactly the target demographic for the Sarah’s Scribbles collection, I still found Adulthood is a Myth to be nearly completely relatable and maybe that I should get a restraining order against the author because it seems like she might be stalking me. I mean, this li...
  • Tessy Nightblood Ijachi
    Re-reading this just made me realise just how much I love this book, forever one of my favourites. I don't know how it's possible but I got a whole new experience reading this, even if I've read it before.This was so fun and like so relatable. It felt like i was reading the story of my life.You should read this book if you're a;1. An introvert2. A book lover3. A human beingNeedless to say, I think everyone should read this. It's fun, fast, entert...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    Never have I related to a book so strongly!
  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    Adulthood Is a Myth: A "Sarah's Scribbles" Collection, Sarah Andersenعنوانها: بزرگسالی آش دهنسوزی نیست؛ بزرگ شدن خواب و خیاله؛ نویسنده: سارا اندرسون؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هجدهم ماه مارس سال 2017 میلادیعنوان: بزرگسالی آش دهنسوزی نیست؛ نویسنده: سارا اندرسون؛ مترجم: مرجان حمیدی؛ تهرا...
  • Whitney Atkinson
    This was so cute and fun! I read it in one sitting and laughed out loud several times, and I definitely took a picture of a few of these comics to send to friends or post on snapchat. As an anxious bookworm, I really connected with parts of it.The only thing I'm not fond of is there's a few times that this book falls into the mentality of "I hate people!! I want to be alone all the time because I hate every single person I know!!" and I feel like...
  • Megan Johnson
    I am veeeerry behind on learning about Sarah Andersen's work. I've seen her comics floating around on social media for years, laughed at them, wondered how such simplistic drawings could be so relatable, and then moved on without giving it so much as a second thought. Then I stumbled upon Adulthood Is A Myth, and now I'm a big fan. Adulthood Is A Myth isn't so much a comic book in that it doesn't tell a continuous story, but it is a book of comic...
  • Agir(آگِر)
    در اکثر صفحات این کتابِ تازه مشهور شده، بهت زده به این شکلک ها و نوشته ها خیره میشدم و با خودم میگفتم چرا همه لذت بردن و من نه؟به هر حال سلایق متفاوته...فقط چند صفحشو دوس داشتم و مخصوصا اولی که ماجراش تا سنگ قبر هم ادامه پیدا میکنه:)123
  • Foad
    «این سارا اندرسن قشنگ از رو زندگی من میکشه!»«زندگینامه ی منه گمونم!»«انگار آدم داره فیلم زندگی خودش رو می بینه!!»«بخدا اینا دوربین مخفی تو خونههای ما کار گذاشتن که تونستن اینقد واقعی کمیک درست کنن!!»این ها بخشی از ابراز احساسات هاییه که خوانندگان ای...
  • Nazanin
    4.5 "Fun-But-Real" StarsFirst of all, I’d like to thank my dear friend Mohadese for this recommendation! So thank you hun! Second, I loved it! I had so much fun with this book! I didn’t read any graphic novels (I didn’t think there is something that can attract my attention but oh boy, how I was sooo wrong!) and it was my first but such an awesome read! It was fun but at the same time it was sooo real! All of it! all the emotions, all the w...
  • Mohadese
    خیلی خیلی خیلی قشنگ بود :))) احساس می کنم هرچی بگم اسپویلش میکنم کتابیه که باید بخونیدش و بخندیدچون خیلی باهاش همذات پنداری می کردم و خیلی جاها درکش میکردمواقعا طنز بود، هم اجتماعی هم خنده داربعدن نوشت: از خوندن این کتاب بسیار ذوق زده ام.
  • Maede
    از لحظه ای که شروعش کردم دائم صفحه هارو نگاه می کردم که فقط تموم نشه! عجیب دوستش داشتم. شخصیت کارتونی به شدت کیوت و هر صفحه ای یه تجربه کوچیک خاص بود که تو ذهنت می گفتی "وای... می دونم چی میگی!" و یه اتفاق یادت می افتادقدرت عجیبش برای اینکه با صفحه های کم و...
  • Glire
    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you are socially awkward, you're going to feel identified with this book.Sarah Andersen captures in simple and funny comics, the essence of being awkard and what growing up is all about......avoiding old classmates!
  • Khadidja
    Hilarious, relatable short book! :D
  • HFK
    Oh shit,like with the Hyperbole and a Half, I am almost all by myself sitting here, in the corner of "I don't get it". I am again completely unable to understand all the hype, all the fuss, all the praise, and most definitely cringe when savoring the thought of Adulthood Is a Myth being the winner of Graphic Novels & Comics category here at Goodreads. In fact, when I look at the runner ups, I just want to facepalm my face off to the idea of all t...
  • Farith
    Have you ever been in that kind of situation where you felt too awkward or embarrassed and all you wanted is to be buried alive? That feeling when you are the only one in your kind, the rare of the group or the "different one"? Are you reading this as if you with that old classy commercial voice? Well then let me tell you that this book is for you if you answered yes! And if you said no, then maybe you're not making into adulting, or you're a rea...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.It has been ages since I picked up a book of comic strips. I saw a couple of positive remarks about this book and grabbed it immediately. Once I started reading these comics, I couldn't put the book down. I had never seen the Sarah Scribbles character before and was really excited to see what this was all about.I was surprised by how much I was able to related to this funny little book of comi...
  • Heidi The Hippie Reader
    An utterly charming collection of simple cartoons which illuminate some of life's undeniable truths.For example, thinking about putting on your pajamas all day and then the joy of actually doing so.Or considering being productive but then laying around on the couch in a stupor.Totally relatable and reminiscent of I Was a Child by Bruce Eric Kaplan, Adulthood is a Myth is for anyone who tries to be a normal, functional adult but doesn't succeed. A...
  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    What can I say? I love Sarah Scribbles Comics. I always loved them, like since forever (or since I found them on the Internet). I follow her on Facebook, on Instagram and now my wonderful boyfriend bought me her comics (super early christmas present...). And I totally love them. There are soooo relatable and through the whole book I'm like "That's me." "Totally me." "Yep, me."