Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3) by Ella James

Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3)

Homer Carnegie. Admit it—you know my name. Your kid’s got my e-trading card. Your husband sits up straighter when I stroll onto the TV screen. He knows I’m going to crack the bat and save the day. Even your grandma’s jonesing for my autograph. But women my age? They’re the worst. Or would that be the best?It’s not my fault they line up at the door. They catch my balls all right, two at a time sometimes. Believe me, everybody wins.At l...

Details Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3)

TitleCovet (Sinful Secrets, #3)
Release DateFeb 25th, 2019
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Reviews Covet (Sinful Secrets, #3)

  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)
    So I feel like Ive been waiting for this story like forever and let me tell you it was definitely worth the long wait.This was so much more than what I was expecting and I'm going to try and articulate my thoughts and impressions here without giving anything away so you get to experience this as I did blind.So brief run through here this starts with Finley and her parents and the events that traumatised a little girl of seven on her birthday all ...
  • Sunniva Dee
    You know what? Ella James is a master storyteller; she transports you into a completely different world full of passion, characters so alive they pop off the pages, and the truest of loves. Eeep!! “Covet” is so gorgeous! Highly recommended.
  • Jo
    This is one of the best books ever. Ella James delivers a beautiful story. It has all the feels. Tears, love, lots of 🔥🔥, shocks, twists and just everything! I didn't put it down. I read it in one read. Be prepared to be enthralled by Declan & Finley, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Ella James for letting us experience such emotions through your books!! One-click now!
  • Jewel Ann
    Ella James is a brilliant wordsmith. Covet is unexpectedly twisty, heartbreakingly emotional, and addictively sexy!
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Declan is a huge baseball star in Boston. But that's pretty much over now.His team wants him to go to rehab - but he's not going to rehab - he's going on a cargo ship!A ship who brings him to the very remote south atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha.He's been there before as a kid. He's kind of royalty there. His dad donated so much money to the islanders. (For reasons!☺)Enter Finley.She's from the island.Her parents died when she was only a li...
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    4.5 STARS This is one long book, for me, I found it a little slow to start with but once it gets going I was really got into the story. I’m not going to go into details of the book as I don’t want to post any spoilers. Ella knows how to write a story that will grip you, have your emotions all over the place. She knows how to pull on your heartstrings, she does it beautifully with this book I really didn’t know what to expect when I opened t...
  • Rahmayanti
    To the all great God of words and amazing stories call books... Covet is that perfect angst romance with a Twist that just makes you want to throw your Kindle while crying and screaming your heart out... It's definitly must read! Declan is perfect. Or that's how the world see him. But in that Burrow, Finnley see the true Declan. Finnley is a sweet, shy, and hates him with no reason. But Declan slowly see what other people didn't see in her. A sir...
  • Myla
    Declan a sexy baseball star marooned to an island. Almost everyone is delighted to his visit where his family is a patron of the place. No one knew the real reason why he's there -- to get rid of something that has hunted him all his life.And he's curious to know what happened to the girl he vividly remembers when he first visited the island with his father more than a decade ago. "I'm just a girl locked on an island..."Though life has not been k...
  • Jemima
    Let us start with the obvious.. That Cover! Look at that cover! I think my eye balls nearly popped out. Lol!Here's the thing, This is my first Ella James book and after reading the synopsis, I went into this with high expectations. I was looking forward to JUST a hot steamy romance read but I got a whole lot more.Covet is a thick book! It's so long! (No pun intended)Don't get me wrong..I have nothing against thick books..the longer the better (Ge...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    Aw wow. This book was totally unexpected for me and I loved it so much. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewThe storyline in this book is different to what I’ve read from other books. It’s about old traditions and old ways and a stranger coming to land and ruffling up the place and turning all the heads. Declan and Finley are a special kind of couple. Watching their relationship throughout this book has been my absolute favourite. Sh...
  • Julie
    Wow, what a story, I don’t know where to begin. I don’t won’t to spoil any of the highlights and there were many.Declan is a baseball player and has decided to stay on the remote island Tristan da Cunha to sort out his life. Finley lives there and is the islands Dr., shepherdess and generally anything else she can help with, she’s sweet and kind and everyone likes her. Declan and Finley had met before long ago but this time their time tog...
  • Nilufer Yenidogan Ozmekik
    4.65 stars ( I only cut the points because it could be 50 or 70 pages less)Great, unconventional,tormented, broken souls who are my favorite kind of characters! So emotional, gripping, mind twisting story! Sinful Secrets series are best books of Ella James! They’re real proof that this woman is real gifted writer! If you want to read from heart without romance books cliches and words touch directly to your heart, and meet to a real talented wri...
  • Shabby -BookBistroBlog
    I popped my Ella James cherry with this one and the setting itself stole my heart. Set in a beautiful remote island far away from the Madding Crowds, the characters are very earthy, pure and untarnished. Ella writes a compelling tale of love which is both salvaging and redmptive for both Homer and Fin.Homer Carnegie the suave Red Sox star is on a voyage to escape from the world and find himself. His legacy drives him to their foundation foster is...
  • Keri Loves Books
    An incredible story and a journey I never expected. This story took me completely by surprise and I absolutely loved it!!Declan is a baseball superstar but also a hot mess. It’s time to get his life back on track. He’s headed to a remote island that is completely disconnected from the rest of the the world. He’ll stay for several months to clean up his act. Finley has lived on the island her entire life. She’s the current “doctor” on ...
  • Obsessive Book Whore
    This is the first book I’ve read by this author. Covet is book three in the Sinful Secrets Series but can be read as a complete standalone. This book started out a bit slow for me, but with the vivid imagery and great storyline, it didn’t take long to get into. Our Hero and heroine weren’t without demons. Declan is a huge baseball star in Boston and he’s struggling with addiction. Needing to get away and regroup, he takes his timeout on t...
  • Heather Miller
    This was a book that I have been "Covet"ing (like what I did there?) for a really, really long time!! I absolutely LOVED it! This third installment of Elle James' Forbidden Romance series (personally I loved the "Sinful Secrets" series title better) was an absolutely thrilling, sexy, angsty, keep you on your toes read. Declan "Homer" Carnegie is the star baseball player in Boston, but he has secrets - boat loads of them. He travels to Tristan da ...
  • Sheila'S Book Corner
    Sometimes it bothers me when the blurb is vague about a story but I love it because you don't expect certain things from the story. This story, from the beginning made me keep turning pages and even when the book is long, it did not feel that way because you got into the book so you felt a part of the island. Tristan made me feel like I was back in time with not much technology and a lot of time for yourself, to find happiness in little things th...
  • Jessica Lezama a
    Sometimes it bothers me when the blurb is vague about a story but I love it because you don't expect certain things from the story. This story, from the beginning made me keep turning pages and even when the book is long, it did not feel that way because you got into the book so you felt a part of the island. Tristan made me feel like I was back in time with not much technology and a lot of time for yourself, to find happiness in little things th...
  • Mary Helen
    You know the type of stories which plague your thoughts for a long time? Ella James gave it to us with Sloth and she’s done it again four years later. In that time she gave us several fabulous Off Limits stories such as Crown Jewels, which is where we first meet Declan, the heartbreaking protagonist of her newest release, Covet. Ella James is a master at weaving an intricate tale and I’m always amazed at how she incorporates her details of he...
  • Valeen Robertson (Live Thru Books Blog)
    When Declan needs to get away from the mess he's made of his life, he heads to Tristan da Cunha, the island in the middle of nowhere where his family are patron saints practically. It was on this island he witnessed something that made an impact on him years ago, and he's never forgotten the special little girl involved in this incident. Wow. That's the main word I was thinking as I read this rather long story, and it's the word still left in my ...
  • Beyond The Covers Blog
    Tortured, sad, romantic, sexy?  Yes, Covet by Ella James has it all.  I was impressed with the beautiful writing and how James was able to capture the remote island life of the main character.  Furthermore, Covet delves deep inside the life of an addict and what their struggles truly entail, and Ella James was able to write it in such a realistic and heart-wrenching way that I hurt for Declan.  Covet is full of tragedy but also full of ho...
  • Lee Lane
    I’ve just finished Covet. So many times during this book my heart was breaking. But as the end drew near and I slowed my pace (because their story could NOT end!), I found the good in all they endured. Happiness. Peace. Home. I can only say that as I close the book on the story of Declan and Finley, my heart is full.Declan’s life could be plucked from the headlines of ESPN. He has a dark side and his reasoning for going to the island of Trist...
  • Amber- Leave Me Alone I'm Reading
    This book CONSUMED me! I had been in a bit of a book funk, so it was nice to drown in this steamy, emotional read. The writing is so perfect. I felt every single emotion, including all the pain. I’m talking allllll the feels. I fell in love with Sloth years ago, and I’ve loved all three books in this series. They’re so unique. And they are all complete standalones. I highly recommend this series!!
  • Carlene Inspired
    Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.I am a longtime Ella James fan and I've been patiently waiting for the Sinful Secrets novels to be continued, so you can probably picture my excitement when Covet finally got a release date. I absolutely went into it with high expectations and I think EJ hit it out of the park. Just like Sloth and Murder, the characters and the sin they must work through are difficult and EJ does a fantastic job of ...
  • Kari Hansen
    Declan has forged himself a successful career as a star baseball player which he now finds is self destructing around him and he is determined to pick up the pieces of his life his way and not how the team dictates. He finds himself heading to the remote island of Tristan da Cunha where he can reassess far away from the spotlight he finds himself under, and maybe he can reconnect with the little girl he met all those years ago and has never forgo...
  • Karen
    You have to love an author who ventures into the different. I get bored with the CEO, bazillionaire, rock star type books.Ella does different but with a bit of same! I’m not explaining myself very well. Our hero (Declan Carnegie) aka Homer is a rich baseball player (potential yawn) but he’s got complexities. Our heroine (Finley Evans) lives on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a teenie tiny population (now that is different).Wor...
  • Konny
    Covet by Ella James is a full length, standalone romance novel.Finley is a young woman who's living on Tristan de Cunha, a island, rural, in the south african sea. She's had a rough past, works a lot of jobs like the other islandians.Declan - Homer - Carnegie is a celebrity sports star, caught up in a media scandal, and on his way to the island for an retreat.Both are about to meet their fate, but first, second and third karma throws a lot of roc...
  • Anne Baker
    An Amazing Read - Yearning the ForbiddenSo many emotions in this great long read by Ella James that pulls you along slowly but surely, which leaves you wanting to know what happens to the very end. It is certainly a unique storyline with real and lovable, charming characters. For sure worth the wait from this eloquent writer. A beautifully written haunting read with some trigger points for some readers! A long read that does from the start keep y...