Atlantis (A Shrouded World #2) by Mark Tufo

Atlantis (A Shrouded World #2)

Jack, Mike and Trip were ripped from their loved ones and thrown into a dangerous world they know nothing about, relentlessly pursued by Night Runners, Zombies and a terrifying new creature known only as Whistlers. Like their own worlds, civilization has collapsed and danger lurks around every corner. The trio can do nothing but march forward, attempting to find some answers; some way to escape from the nightmare. Seeking only to return to their ...

Details Atlantis (A Shrouded World #2)

TitleAtlantis (A Shrouded World #2)
Release DateJul 15th, 2015
PublisherDevilDog Press LLC
GenreHorror, Zombies, Adventure

Reviews Atlantis (A Shrouded World #2)

  • Thia
    If you like Tufo you should like this 2nd book in the Shrouded World series. If you haven't read any Tufo previously I would start with his Zombie Fallout series - it isn't necessary but I would recommend it. You must read book 1 of A Shrouded World first or you'll be lost, and this book is open ended so I assume there will be a book three. Enjoyable zombie monster mashup overall.If you listen to the audiobook - The narrator Sean Runnette is as a...
  • AudioBookReviewer
    ABR's original Atlantis audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.This is book two in a series. Three men from different worlds (Tripp and Mike are from the same world – well if you know Tripp, they are sorta from the same world …) find themselves thrust into one mysterious world complete with Zombies, Night Runners and Whistlers. Mike and Jack have secrets – secret abilities they don’t want to share in this new ...
  • Vix
    As Mike, Jack and Trip further their journey to Atlantis they try to figure out why they are there.Mike with his usual humour and Trip just being Trip, I was unsure of Jacks character at first, being new to JO’B’s work but I am really starting to like him, he has none of the humour of Talbot but he is much more practical, which takes some getting used to, he also has a real sentimental side when thinking of family/friends which is endearing.T...
  • Amanda Felix
    It's a MAD, MAD WORLD!! And we're invited for the ride of our lives. The first in this great new series combined the talent of two great writers (and two pf my favorite authors) with the premise of alternate post apocalyptic realities that converge bringing the adversaries of both main characters with them; Michael Talbot's Zombies and Jack Walker's Night Runners. If that isn't mind bending enough, this world has it's own nasty surprises revealed...
  • Kimberly
    Oh this team up of Mark Tufo and John O'Brien is just sheer genius! This series is absolutely awesome. I love both of their takes on this new world their characters have found them selves in. And you couldn't have put two better characters together than Mike and Jack! I def love Trip as well. The humor, some dark, is great and added at the best moments. This is one series you most def need to read if you like one or both authors. If you have neve...
  • Craig Corbin
    Not as delighted in the co-authored booksThere is a decent story her, enjoyable read, but a little less interested in the Jack character, lots of sad internal dialog the I found myself skipping over after a bit.
  • Sherill
    listened to audiobook. Love it.
  • Tom Porter
    A good readI think this book was great. I will be getting the next one when and if it comes out. Ok
  • PHYL
    Three Zombie types, and Horrible Creatures. This book increases the horror and nightmarish conditions that started in Book 1. A difficult book to put down. I enjoyed it. Creepy Great!
  • Leah
    Great series so far.
  • Erika
    Omg! Another awesome collaboration!I'm not about putting spoilers in reviews so I'll say this....YOU GUYS FREAKING ROCKED THIS 2ND BOOK! Wth was the parallel universe within the parallel thing. That had me like Woooow uh oh things about to get crazier. A new breed of undead? Runner? Too much. I feel for Jack and Mike on they fear perspective of something new and scarier. Damn guys did you have to leave us pondering towards the end? Mark, where is...
  • A. Hunt
    When Mark Tufo writes, it's the real deal. Except it's with zombies, night runners and other creatures! You can't help but be grossed out, laugh out loud and cringe, all in one sitting! Combine his style with John O'Brien and you have an awesome ride ahead of you! In A Shrouded World, book 2: Atlantis, we find our friends discovering more about their enemies yet always about two steps behind when it comes to defense and fighting back! Our heroes ...
  • Malinda
    This is book 2 of the Shrouded World series, which is a mash-up of sorts between Mike Talbot and Trip of the Zombie Fallout series and Jack from the series, A New World, by Jack O'Brien. I'm a huge ZF / Mike Talbot fan so I gave the series a try. It was good, almost great. The only issue I have with the series is that it seems to take a really, really long time for things to happen, that may be due to the story being written by 2 authors or maybe...
  • Brian
    Well, this is exactly what you would expect if you took John O'Brien's A New World series and mashed it together with Mark Tufo's Zombie Fallout. Along with some other weird stuff. One thing that did disappoint me was that it ended in a cliffhanger. Now I have to wait until a new book of this series comes out, (if one ever does!). So please authors!! Don't let this story hang!
  • Annie
    I LOVE MARK TUFO BOOKS! I LOVE MIKE TALBOT! I LOVE SEAN RUNNETTE! That being said...this book was laugh out loud funny...and I waited quite impatiently for this was worth it!! The guys are really in trouble..there is danger around every corner...and now with Jack being separated from Mike and is super scary and a very dire situation....I cant wait for book 3!!!I Liked it this time, didn't love it....I found the ending to be a...
  • John
    Yer killin me Smalls!!I always enjoy Tufo's stories, and am beginning to enjoy O'Briens as well, was just hoping for a little bit longer book. Too quick of a read for moi, (even though I know Tufo's got a lot of different series to catch up on (*cough* zombiefallout *ahem ahem*)) but Shrouded 2 was extremely entertaining all the same. Awesome work gents!
    ExcellentA wonderful combination of the two imaginative worlds in two excellent novel series by two great and hilarious writers. An odd combination, I'll admit, but a winning one for sure. I look forward to the rest of these books and am now looking into O'Brien as my next writer to watch. Great job as always for Tufo, and I expect the same quality from O'Brien.
  • Ken
    Two of my favorite authors at the same time. This was very good and the characters develop well through out the book. I enjoyed the story line and how it played out. But it was to short... Hopefully the next will be out soon and bring this together more and revel how. why and at least a little more of what is going on.
  • Pauline McDonald
    Really enjoyed this book, mainly because I love the writings of both John O'Brien and Mark Tufo.This book gripped me from the beginning and I was caught up in the story. I thought the two realities in one building was a really good twist.Can't wait for the next book !
  • Cathy Harris
    IncredibleThis book is a great read. It takes up where the first one left off. It takes you on a wild ride to your own imagination. Two incredible authors make for a fantastic read.
  • Sarah
    I want of a action progressive plot. I like the characters but they talk to themselves way too much. If the plot had moved a long a little more towards solving the puzzle I could have handled the mumbling. We still have no idea what is going!
  • Lisa Evans
    Awesome!! Well once again guys you did it! You made another awesome book!! I just can't get enough, now then the hard part. Waiting till the next one !!!
  • Dennis Smith
    Tufo & O'Brien do it again!Love the format of reach writing discreet personalities rather than just attempting to blend their work.Can't wait for # 3!
  • Hernan Ruiz Camauer
    If you like Trip (as I do), you should love this book.I suspect the story will get wrapped up in one or perhaps two more books.
  • Lisa Parker
    Stop what you are doing and read this book. But only if you like action packed zombie lore with a ton of humor. Trip is awesome, Jack is yack, and Mike is psych o. Great read.