東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #5) by Sui Ishida

東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #5)


Details 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #5)

Title東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #5)
Release DateDec 18th, 2015
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Seinen

Reviews 東京喰種トーキョーグール (Tokyo Ghoul:re, #5)

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...As this is a multi-volume series my opinion is also influenced by the previous volumes... THERE WILL BE MINOR REFERENCES TO PREVIOUS VOLUME - SO READ WITH CARE! Here is my review of volume one... and volume two... and volume three... and volume four...In the sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul, Haise Sasaki has been tasked with teaching his special squad of half-ghouls how to ...
  • Auntie Terror
    So far my favourite of the sequel series.
  • Ella
    These chapters are just a perfect example of why I love this series. Sui Ishida is a god of writing, I swear. So much insight into Kaneki's character. It blew my mind.
  • Maria
    WOW! This was very dramatic even by Tsukiyama’s standards. Incredible!
  • Aleksandra
    This is the prime example of what I love about Tokyo Ghoul manga. Intense, action-packed, so many feelings, vivid artwork, great character dynamics and multi-dimensional characters.Special shoutout to Tsuskiyama's arc, Kanae, Haise, Matsumae and (view spoiler)[Kaneki breaking through oblivion stop Haise from killing Shu (hide spoiler)]Tokyo Ghoul: re is the only story with memory loss as major trope that I actually like. Usually I stay as far awa...
  • Mai
    Damn this was a bloody mess of an arc!! especially chapter 53 to 57! (Ishida-sensei is a pure sadist :( ) (view spoiler)[ BUT DAMN KANEKI (or who ever the fuck he is right now) IS BACK AND A BADASS DAAAMN!! I'm worried about his mental stability ... he seems to be in a worse shape than Shironeki and I cant imagine what will happen in the next arc :/ AND WHY THE FUCK MUST SHIRAZU DIE!! URIEs BREAKDOWN AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT WASN'T WORTH THAT MU...
  • Rebecka (is hilarious, shut up)
    What the hell... Ishida is a confirmed mass-murderer of feelings. I don't know whether to curse or praise him.
  • Taylor Ramirez
    I wasn’t expect an all out fight. In this Shu’s family is discovered of being a bunch of ghouls so there’s a big fight. Sen/Bandage girl got Kanae and made him crazy…er, crazier. There’s a really great seen between Akira and Kaneki where she hugs him. I’m pretty sure Amon’s out there somewhere. Lots of people die, including Hairu who was really cute. Then a random monster came at the end. Overall it wasn’t the best fight ever but ...
  • Michael Schmid
    Es wird einfach von Band zu Band besser *___* Dieser hier war zudem mal wieder sehr geilo brutalo krank %DDD
  • Anna
    Kaneki sta riaffiorando, me lo sento! Kaneki, ho capito che vuoi rimanere Sasaki per non tornare al tuo passato tragico, ma cosí rischi di uccidere i tuoi vecchi amici se non ti ricordi nulla!! Tsukiyama sembra quasi un'altra persona rispetto alla prima serie. Ora è disposto a rinunicare a “riprendersi” Kaneki, perchè capisce che sta meglio ed è piú felice senza i suoi ricordi. Ma al tempo stesso ora deve anche sopravvivere per onorare l...
  • Eslem Ouederni
    Can't wait to dive into the next ones
  • Paola
    Este volumen es el que más estrés me ha causado hasta el momento de todo TG:re. No puedo describir la angustia emocional que personajes como Akira, Kanae, Shuu, Haise y Furuta me causaron (cada uno a diferente nivel). Ah, la familia Tsukiyama...*Me siento emocionalmente exhausta después de leer esto.*
  • Dhei
    wasting time on 4 first volumes, at last something emotional comes. it cant be helped since tokyo ghoul is typical 'soooo many characters to appear and battle, battle, battle'. if this development didnt come, for sure i will drop reading.
  • M. Ashraf
    So Kaneki is back! right! at least he will!He is questioning everything and he bound to get it.The battles were great! the fatality is not asked for.The story is moving strong. I am really enjoying it!
  • Hikaoru
    The doves use of Qs make me wonder about the apparent helplessness of humans depicted in this story. They're as ruthless as the ghouls.It's hard to feel any remorse for anyone's death in this series. Because frankly, what made any side's existence better than the other?
  • Fatemeh
    Just why... *sobs* *sobs*
  • Joti
    Shu tells the members of Re, the new Anteiku, that he’s going to get Kaneki’s memories back. And in the meantime, Sasaki’s plan to go undercover as ghouls is approved and so guess whose WEARING HIS TEETH MASK!!!! HOW NOSTALGIC!!! Kanae also encountered Eto, who tells him he doesn’t really care about Shu, but just wants to make Sasaki suffer & that he doesn’t care about his Master She’s happiness at all. Eto’s always interesting (the...
  • Paulina
    Primera escena del capítulo 42 y ya estaba con el corazón en el puño. Tsukiyama se reúne con Touka y hablan un poco sobre Kaneki / Haise.Sin embrago, continuando con los Tsukiyama, se presenta a Kanae, quien siempre se ha dedicado a servir a la familia de Shuu y tiene un cariño inmenso por éste, misma razón que la ha llevado a arriesgar su vida en la posterior pelea con Haise, quien dicho sea de paso, llevó a cabo una misión con máscara...
  • Rici
    Wow, langsam nimmt das richtig an Schwung an! Wir haben Haise, der sich langsam an seine Vergangenheit erinnern will, sich aber auch damit auseinandersetzen muss, was das für ihn bedeutet. Weiterhin haben wir Shu, dessen Verlust von Ken ihn sehr traf, und nun erfuhr das Haise noch lebt wieder Kraft fand ich seine Erinnerungen wieder wecken will. Im Hintergrund haben wir natürlilch aber wieder den kampf der Ghule gegen die Tauben, die erneut zu ...
  • Arshad Pooloo
    The story felt somewhat a bit slow in the various volumes, bringing up new characters and plots. But this arc is my favourite. The stories and characters so far having been built up starts colliding. Everything is set in motion, the talent of Sui Ishida can only be admired in this volume as memories begin to unravel.
  • Ashqtara
    Woah, der Band war gut.Langsam hat Haise Probleme mit seinen (fehlenden) Erinnerungen, die Quinks und andere Tauben begegnen ziemlich starken Gegnern, Shu macht eine interessante Wandlung durch und Kanae... Oh Kanae ;____;Und Eto ist creepy wie eh und je :')Aber spannende Story, super gezeichnet und viele interessante Einblicke in die Charaktere, den Band mochte ich!
  • Elias Alexander
    This is getting better and more intense for every volume. I am almost dead after reading this. Kaneki goes through so much. And I just love how we can see the battle in his head. He wants to stay Haise, but he also wants to remember kaneki. I need the next volume, specially after that last cliffhanger.
  • Soffy Sopraffare
    Esto es lo que pasa cuando te acabas de mudar y aún no te instalan el internet en tu Baticueva, solo lees sin detenerte a reseñar y ahora vienes a actualizar todo lo que leíste en ese intervalo de tiempo y ya ni te acuerdas de las fechas exactas.Por lo pronto el manga me va gustando mucho, es mucho mejor de lo que esperaba, sinceramente.
  • Marina
    Este volumen ha sido espectacular. Ha estado cargado de emociones, y no te deja descansar ni un momento. No sé cómo lo hace Sui Ishida, pero cada tomo es mejor que el anterior, cargado de dibujos geniales, batallas trepidantes y una trama que te atrapa desde el principio.
  • Cat Lewis
    Ich hab ja eigentlich gedacht, dass der ganze CCG-Kram mich nicht so umhauen kann wie die ersten 14 Bände. Aber die Qualität bleibt konstant auf höchstem Niveau - GRANDIOS!!! ♥
  • Jesus Flores
    Aquí la CGG va contra el grupo de ghouls de la Rosa.Varias peleas, se queda interesante
  • ☠tsukino☠
    Bel capitolo, molto inteso.Kaneki (non riesco a chiamarlo Sasaki!) è sempre più perso nel voler scoprire il suo passato (bello il suo confronto con (view spoiler)[Akira (hide spoiler)]).Mi è piaciuto molto anche il confronto (view spoiler)[Touka/Nishio/Tsukiyama (hide spoiler)] su quali potrebbero essere le conseguenze della riconquista della memoria da parte di Kaneki.Mi piace l’approfondimento degli altri personaggi, Shirazu in particolare...
  • Aayusha
    That revelation at the end though!!!!
  • Ross Valle
    Me tarde mucho en leer este tomo porque se me hizo tan pesado, pero los ultimos capitulos de verdad estaba como ljflakjflkajdkfjd