Two! by Tia Perkin


"Two!" is a funny little rhyming book about what it's like to spend a day with a toddler - from food eaten off the floor to a child running out the door! Toddlers love the vibrant colors and memorable rhymes of "Two!", and parents can laugh and breath a sigh of relief that they are not alone! With beautiful illustrations and a catchy story that both parents and kids can enjoy again and again, this is a must-have book for your children's book coll...

Details Two!

Release DateMay 8th, 2015
PublisherTia Perkin
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews Two!

  • Mary (BookHounds)
    MY THOUGHTSTwo is just adorable! I have a great-nephew that just turned two, now nicknamed "hurricane" and this book seems based on him. The story takes you on the daily adventures of a very active boy as told through quick rhymes and wonderful illustrations. I love the art work and how it portrayed the little boy so comically. The book itself is sturdy enough to last through a day with the main character. I read this to my nephew and he really e...
  • Angela Lambkin
    What a cute and yet very realistic and funny but tiring day-mom!I don't think I found anything bad about this only good, realistic and funny in some spots of this story. Great illustrations too Tia! So, these are my reasons to wish to recommend it for five stars and for kids ages 0-3 & or in grades P-P and for new moms to be warnings. I received this this for free and in return, here is my honest review. Super job Tia! By Sunny.
  • Janelle
    Cute book. I think mums and dads will enjoy it even more than the kids will though. Lol
  • Amanda Williams
    So true and adorableI read this to my 13 year old sun because this looked like him as a baby or I should say to your old and is exactly how he acted as a two-year-old till he was about five. He was a daredevil and broke everything. He also thought he was Superman and could climb and jump off anything or is that Spider-Man? I originally got this for my best friend's to read to her two-year-old that he is so impressionable and such a little copycat...
  • Kyla Lockwood
    Family reviewMommy: while reading this with the kids i found that it is more a book for parents and not really for my kids....humor yes but overall engaging my children....not so muchEmma(8yrs) I really like about the kid he though stuff was really fun....everytime the baby did something something went was kinda sad.Bellas(7yrs) I just didnt like it because it was a toddler. I just like the pictures.Overall: the illistration was great....
  • Barbara Ann
    This is a kindle or board book recounting the life of a toddler who is in the Terrible Twos stage. The book is written in rhyme that is sometimes a bit off. The illustrations are funny and cartoon-like. They probably display the feelings of parents of toddlers accurately. The child picks up things from the floor, turns on the lights, gets in dangerous situations, and can't make up his mind. Warning, parents who read this book to their children ma...
  • Cheryl
    I was very disappointed in this little book and will be returning it. I purchased it to give to my great-nephew who is turning two. With it being a board book I expected it to be appropriate for a 2 year old. What I found instead is a board book showing a child, who looks nowhere near 2 years old doing all kinds of things I would not want to suggest to a 2 year old. Colors are rather dark for a child's book also. I think the book is more directed...
  • Julie Barrett
    Two! by Tia PerkinStory of a child who also has a younger sibling that gets into a lot of trouble. Colorful children's book that rhymes.Very easy to follow as the words are bright on the pages. Older child tries to fix everything the younger one has destroyed, hiding things from his mother.Silly book and love all brilliant colors on the pages.
  • Courtney
    My children love these little books. They thoroughly enjoy each and every story, as if they are all unique and individual without any cause for similarity among them. Even though sometimes, they might seem tedious and repetitive to me as a parent, I do enjoy being able to read short-stories to my children that are clean and respective.
  • Jossie Marie Solheim
    Super cute story with amusing illustrations. Not sure I’d actually want to read it to a two year old though. Might give them ideas lol. Not that they don’t manage to find enough trouble all by themselves. Although could be an amusing books for a friends or sisters child, might get them back for that really annoying and loud toy that drove you mad for hours. :)
  • Yacrista
    Great book to read to littleoneThis book has great illustrations and depicts a family life with little ones. Also it is a quick read, which is always a good thing after a long day.
  • T. Okerberg
    This was really cute!My four year old niece is visiting, so I read this book to her for bedtime. She said she enjoyed it a lot.
  • Tina
    Energetic!A simple depiction of what being TWO is all about. Fun, quick read, but no real story. Ended abruptly for me.
  • Julie Gallagher
    Funny and very true
  • J Layne
    Colorful children's book. Enjoyed.
  • Susan
    Clearly Tia Perkin has raised a two year old! Spot on!
  • Laura
    CuteThis is a cute little picture book. I would have liked it better without the rhymes. Several of them felt forced.
  • Alice
  • Rhonda
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  • Audrey
    Cute"A hilarious book" - Xena (7)Definitely describes what life is like with a two year old. Cute book. Easy read for young children.
  • Lynn Demsky
    A delightfully rhyming beautifully illustrated story about a Mother trying to keep up with her rambunctious two year old all day!
  • lisa
    HahahaYep! Sounds like an hour on a loop for the day. If my little one wasn't asleep, one of those things would probably be happening.
  • Sandi Houghton
    Cute. Can't wait to use in story hour.Cute. Can't wait to use in story hour at the library. Rhyming is a little long winded but accurate to say the least.
  • Kiera Leming
    Cute bookI like this book because it is simple for a baby to sit and listen too. Also the pictures are great, bright and helps my son understand what I'm reading.
  • McKenzie Richardson
    Very cute. Loved the illustrations!
  • ruby2shoes
    Mixed ReviewThe story is very true on the behavior of a two year old and illustrations are good yet the misguided behavior is not what I would encourage reading to children.This would be great as a gift for adults who are preparing or already in the "terrible two's" with their toddler. Witty, funny, and humor wrapped in truth. Best for adults.
  • Bertie Moore
    Super cuteAll children's books are acquired for grandkids. This would be just as good for mom too. How fast they grow. 3 and 5 years old now. Still doing the jumping, though with much more skill. Heart attack city! Ha ha! Thanks, always a reminder to enjoy every minute, at every age, it goes soooh fast!
  • Kristi
    Accurate!I love it because it explains my two year old perfectly! It's not the style of illustrations that I love, but it works well with the rhymes. Very cute and simple rhymes to read with my kids. I'll enjoy reading it with them.
  • Amy Egbert
    Super cuteA fun book with good rhythm and sound words makes it a fun read with kids. Totally relatable for any person living with the demands of a toddler.
  • Holly Lenz
    Cute story about those terrible twosTwo! is a cute short picture story for two year olds, their siblings, and their parents with darling illustrations. Anyone who has dealt with a demanding toddler will recognize their toddler in this story.