Chandler (Fixed, #5) by Laurelin Paige

Chandler (Fixed, #5)

I'm good in a boardroom, but I’m better in the bedroom. Much better. I can charm the skirt off any woman in one encounter. I'll even give her an orgasm before I put her in a cab. Or three. No more or she’ll start making plans for the future and I'm not into that.Or I wasn’t until Genevieve Fasbender. She's the first woman in five years that I want to spend the whole night with. And she's the first woman who’s told me I'm not what she want...

Details Chandler (Fixed, #5)

TitleChandler (Fixed, #5)
Release DateSep 20th, 2016
PublisherPaige Press LLC
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Chandler (Fixed, #5)

  • Candi~Dirty Laundry Review
    There are reasons why Laurelin Paige is my absolute favorite author. It's because with every single book she puts out, she just totally FLOORS ME!!! I wasn't sure if Chandler could live up to Hudson. I kept going over it in my head before I read Chandler. Well have no fear, because Laurelin hit it out of the stadium with Chandler!!I never thought I could compare another man to Hudson Pierce, but the way Laurelin brings Chandler to life is just pu...
  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    ★★★★ ! Chandler (stand-alone book 5). Chandler’s funny, sexy & endearing fall into whipped! “I, however, pretend like sucking on her tits is no big deal. Spoiler: It is. I’m fucking lead.” Chandler (stand-alone, book 5) opens up to life as usual for playboy Chandler Pierce. Growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth, yet the black sheep of his family, he has opted for a position in his family empire without applying himself. ...
  • Dena
    Oh Laurelin, when you say jump, I say how high. You are the queen of writing these sexy studs I fall so helplessly in love with, I can never get enough of the incredible men you bring us. Just as I fell in love with Hudson Pierce and his arrogant and dominating ways, I've fallen in love with Chandler Pierce and all his goofy and charming ways. I'm not sure how you suck me in, but Chandler was definitely another homerun!Chandler is the sweeter and...
  • Shayna
    Hudson who?! That's right ladies! Make room in your heart for Laurelin Paige's newest heart-throb, Chandler Pierce! This book was EVERYTHING I thought it would be, and SO MUCH MORE! I can NEVER say enough great things about Ms. Paige. She is an amazing author who always brings her A-game and never disappoints her readers! She is another one of my 'drop everything now' and read her books author. She's my auto-buy author. She is my everything roman...
  • Amy
    Laurelin Paige, just when I think I know where you're going to go with a character, you prove me wrong. You show me just how astute you are, as a writer and as an observer. You remind me that you know your characters better than anyone. We first met Chandler Pierce in Paige's Fixed series, when he was an adorable teenager of questionable parentage. While you don't need to have read those books prior to reading this one, it helps. And if you haven...
  • Karen Mc
    Many say that you should never mix business with pleasure. But what if that pleasure could be the love of your life? What if that pleasure is life-changing? What if that pleasure is a page-turning book? SPOILER: Chandler, the latest romance in the Fixed series by Laurelin Paige, is pure pleasure indeed. An intoxicating rush of a read, Chandler stirred my soul, hitching itself to my heart so hard to where I did not want to leave.After just a few ...
  • Candace
    If you're a diehard fan of the 'Fixed' series, you'll probably find yourself picking up 'Chandler'. When I love a series, I'm not content until I've read every spin-off and all the bonus materials. So, not surprisingly, I was eager to read Chandler's book.The problem with spin-offs is that they often fail to rise to the level of the original series. After all, the bar has already been set pretty high and that's what got you hooked in the first pl...
  • Beneath The Covers Blog
    Good God, blew me away. Completely!I wasn't sure how much Chandler could measure up to Hudson, because come's HUDSON we're comparing here. But I never lost faith and was not surprised one bit that I was proved wrong. Chandler is an alpha male through and through, and did the Pierce name justice!Always living in the shadow of his older brother, Chandler is continuously misjudged and undervalued. To prove he's more than jus...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Chandler Pierce. Brother of our darling Hudson.He's 24 now - finally all grown up and here he is with his own book.After having had some bad insta-love experiences during his college years, he's made up some rules. Rules to remind him not to fall in love with anyone anymore. Not yet at least.Only one-night stands - nothing more.All his womanizing has given him a huge player reputation in the gossip pages. And he's pretty proud of that.But now he'...
  • Serena
    5 LET'S PLAY HAPPY BUSINESSMAN STARS!!!Oh god. I'll gladly play happy businessman with Chandler Pierce. Any day. Any time. Any how. Hell. Any way he wants. Chandler had me moaning like a cheap prostitute. Over and over. I mean, he's just so sinfully delicious. I want to sit on chair. Yes. He's fun, fresh and has the biggest heart. And oh damn. He knows how to take control. In more ways than one. Chandler is not so little any more!You...
  • Love, Holly Xx
    Move over Hudson, there's a new Pierce in town. I am completely and wholeheartedly in love with Chandler Pierce. Even more so than Hudson. Yep, you read that right. I am insanely in love right now with this man. Chandler and Genny are without a doubt my favourite Laurelin Paige couple to date, and with the all the humour, heart, and sexiness, Chandler (the book) is one of my top reads of 2016. I really hope we get more from this couple, but if we...
  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer
    *****3.75 STARS*****{ARC Provided by Author}Chandler is the youngest of the Pierce siblings. Always living in the shadows of his older brother Hudson. His family doesn’t have much faith in him and for that reason, he basically holds a glorified title at Pierce Industries. Chandler spends most of his time wooing different women and sticks to his motto of “one and done”. In his earlier days, he fell in love too easily and ended up with nothin...
  • Michelle
    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Provocative and veraciously crafted!!!! Laurelin Paige continues to deliver stories that will titillate and have readers swooning like crazy!!! Did I ever think Hudson Pierce would ever be dethroned? Absolutely not because I’m a loyal to my beloved Hudson but I will say that Chandler Pierce did give his big brother some serious competition. “What can I say? I’m a guy who loves women. L...
  • Elizabeth
    "I’ve discovered her secret, one she hasn’t even figured out herself—she wants what I want. And not only does she want it—I'll make her need it." Chandler is Fifth Book in the Fixed Series. The Pierce Family is back and this time, it's Hudson's brother Chandler's turn to climb his way up the corporate ladder and land the perfect girl! "I'm crazed with my lust. I'm barely restraining now, but the illusion of the scenario has set fire into...
  • Lauren Luman
    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review of the book.Laurelin Paige is one of my favorite authors! She has this knack for writing these sexy scenes and these strong women that make me want to shout "Feminists unite" from the rooftops! "Chandler" is definitely no different. Chandler Pierce is the youngest of the Pierce family. If you've read the "Fixed" Trilogy, you're familiar with the younger, more doe-eyed version of the playboy this ...
  • Laurelin Paige
    Who is ready to fall in love with an all new PIERCE?!?! #ChandlerIsComingPreorder your copy here:Amazon:
  • Sophia Triad
    “Hudson’s younger brother”. This should have been the most appropriate title for this book.I don’t normally compare the main characters from different books, I hate it. But this time I could not avoid it because Chandler is doing it himself. He keeps comparing himself with his big brother Hudson. And I am sorry about this, but Chandler is definitely loosing.Let’s see a few examples, exactly as Chandler points them out:“As nice as my o...
  • Sabrina
    Chandler! I am unhealthily obsessed with this man and if there's a cure for it I don't want it. He had me dreamy sighing during this book and I never wanted it end. His character was a very contradictory one, but I loved that about it. We got to see the side of himself that he showed to the world while also getting his inner self that he kept hidden. It showed his vulnerability and that's what drew me to him. Seeing him pursue Genevieve was intri...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳Have you ever read a book in which you just COULDN'T finish it because it is just too... bad?➳Yeah, unfortunately Chandler is that type of book for me... which I'm surprised because I ADORE the Fixed Series by Laurelin Paige. I honestly don't know how to explain it, I just wasn't interested in this one. The story plot felt like it was dragging and moving too fast, the characters went straight to the point of the story, with no climax, no dra...
  • J. Grayland
    This spin off follows the romance of Hudson's playboy younger brother Chandler Pierce and how his sexual preferences change from hot vanilla sex to even hotter B&D sex when he meets Genevieve Fasbender the ambitious daughter of a British business acquaintance who also happens to be an enemy of big brother Hudson. The story line was full of humor Chandler is such a lovable character but I found the character of Genevieve aloof and stand offish. Aw...
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    4 Stars!(ARC provided by author) Chandler Pierce is a charming, gorgeous man living in New York. He turned 24 a few months ago & recently got his trust fund. He's single & likes to have a good time, & is often on all the gossip sites portrayed as a filthy rich playboy. His reputation is that he's spoiled & has lived a privileged life and had everything handed to him. While there is some truth to that, Chandler wants to be taken more seriously by ...
  • Ang~Dirty Laundry Review
    I just finished this book this morning and it was a delight! I LOVE it! Chandler & Genny were super hot together and Chandler was utterly charming! Full review to follow!
  • Candy
    Chandler Pierce has finally come into his own, he is a part of Pierce Industries. Not at all focused on business like his older brother Hudson, he's more interested in the chasing woman. He believes himself to be a giving lover but takes what he needs. That is until he meets Genevieve Fasbender. She is beautiful & so much more than he expects. Chandler has promised himself to stay unattached because he knows he falls in love to easily. After a on...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    OMG Chandler is SCRUMMY!! An unexpectedly funny and totally sexy story. Laurelin Paige continues to be one of my absolute favorite contemporary romance authors. "What can I say? I’m a guy who loves women. Lucky for me, women usually love me too. And why wouldn’t they? I’m charming, young, good-looking, smart. Decent at my job, despite what Hudson tells anyone. Oh, and let’s not forget, filthy rich. I’m shower masturbation material come ...
  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*
    ‘What can I say? I’m a guy who loves women. Lucky for me, women usually love me too. And why wouldn’t they? I’m charming, young, good-looking, smart. Decent at my job, despite what Hudson tells anyone. Oh, and let’s not forget, filthy rich. I’m shower masturbation material come to life.’ - Chandler I am definitely a ‘hopeless romantic’, I look at the world through rose coloured glasses and just want everyone to be happy and in l...
  • Rejane
    2 immature MCs. The female wants to prove to her father she's a smart shrewd businesswoman. But when her father doesn't listen to her ideas she gets back at him by sleeping with the male who kind of owns the company she wants a job with(something like that). I honestly think her father knows better than take her seriously. Anyway, that's not a way to show you're professional. And the male mc is also an immature whining boy who is always doing thi...
  • Karen
    Aw sweet Chandler. He's like an over enthusiastic puppy dog that constantly has its tongue out and humps cushions. I want to hug him and kiss him and rub his belly! I feel the need to break out into song, like He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother and a song from a comedy show I watched when I was little, "Brother Lee, Brother Lee, Brother Lee love." Google it Kenny Everett, thank me later for the ear worm. Brothers, I have 3 of them, can't live with th...
  • Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    I loved Chandler! Chandler is gorgeous, rich, and he's a player. His motto is to never fall in love....ever.When he meets Genevieve Fasbender at a gala and after one night with her, he wants more. His dirty thoughts tho *WOW*With her, for the first time, he is different. He is charming and wants her unlike anyone before.So while I loved some things, some things just didn't work for me. I thought that this book was super short and rushed. Chandler...
  • Maree Repa
    Chandler's JourneyI was so excited to read this most exciting sexy, amazing and unbelievable book, Chandler. From the most exciting fifth series, Fixed. The most ultimately gorgeous brother of Hudson Pierce, Chandler himself shows us his charming and most romantic ways in his life of a twenty four year old gorgeous young man. With his womanising way of life I was just so excited to read this most amazing, exciting and wonderful story.Poor Hudson,...