The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2) by Holly Black

The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)

You must be strong enough to strike and strike and strike again without tiring.The first lesson is to make yourself strong.After the jaw-dropping revelation that Oak is the heir to Faerie, Jude must keep her younger brother safe. To do so, she has bound the wicked king, Cardan, to her, and made herself the power behind the throne. Navigating the constantly shifting political alliances of Faerie would be difficult enough if Cardan were easy to con...

Details The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)

TitleThe Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)
Release DateJan 8th, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2)

  • Chaima ✨ شيماء
    Dear Holly Black,First of all, how dare you?Second of all, you are NOT supposed to go around stabbing people in the heart. That is illegal. This is illegal. Please stop writing illegal stuff.This book has made a great mess of my life. I keep thinking back to when I first read The Cruel Prince and how I was completely unaware of just how much this story would mean to me. My tiny human body isn’t even big enough to hold all the love that’s insi...
  • Melanie
    1.) The Cruel Prince ★★★★★1.5) The Lost Sisters ★★★★★ “Once upon a time, there was a human girl stolen away by faeries, and because of that, she swore to destroy them.” Many of you might not know this but on this day many years ago, Holly Black’s biggest fan was born. Spoiler: it’s me! And I figured what better way to celebrate my birthday than to finally post my review for my favorite book of the year! I read this b...
  • Brittney ~ Reverie and Ink
    "I want to tell you so many lies." A billion spiteful stars.Everything hurts, and no, I'm not okay. Holly is a delightfully cruel author and I love and hate her for it. It's very confusing. I'm not sure I can write this review as a 'sane' person but I'll try. Disclosure: spoilers for the first book, but not for this one!  "Your ridiculous family might be surprised to find that not everything is solved by murder," Locke calls after me."We woul...
  • Emily May
    Update Jan 8, 2019: It's here! Power is so much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to. So I'm officially ADDICTED.I can't say for sure what makes a good fantasy book for other people but, for me, these books are like crack. I'm like Fever series-level addicted right now and I don't know how I can possibly wait for book three. Also: Cardan is evil and terrible and I am in love with him. I wish I was sorry.This book got me so good. The banter ...
  • Emma Giordano
    This sequel was SPECTACULAR! I think I enjoyed it even more than book one!CW: violence, murder, death, tortureHolly Black has done it again. She’s revered as the “Queen of Faeries” for a reason – the dark folklore behind the world she has created has the power to disturb you and also enchant you. I’ve reach much of her work, but The Wicked King impressed me in a new way. Holly’s prose is so delicate yet forceful. I was captivated th...
  • Victoria Aveyard
    At this point, I don’t know why the rest of us even try. I think I’m going to go into a coma until QUEEN OF NOTHING.
  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    someone: why do you like this bookme, deep in an elaborate fantasy sequence in which Jude forces me onto a throne for her own selfish gain and is an ambitious bitch to me and treats me like shit but we have a lot of sexual tension (view spoiler)[and eventually we have angry sex to the sound of her gasping “I hate you” (hide spoiler)]: uhhhhh well I just really like the plot twistsOkay but for real. I already talked a lot about why I loved The...
  • Lola
    Looks like you’ve got some real competition, Sarah J. Maas. If you want to stay in the lead, I would up my game if I were you.Holly Black sure has.The stakes are higher. The game deadlier. The enemies hungrier. Jude fiercer. She was once deeply betrayed, but instead of destroying her, her past has sculpted her into a new, improved girl.A lethal one. If you thought you knew everything, saw everything and heard everything about the Faerie world, ...
  • Miranda Reads
    Once upon a time, there was a human girl stolen away by faeries, and because of that, she swore to destroy them. This was everything I hoped it could be, and more. Jude, a human raised in Faerieland, spent her entire life undermined and controlled by the often cruel whims of the Faeries.She's hated and feared the creatures for years. She's cowered and fled from them. She's begged and bargained her way out of torture. Not anymore. Especially consi...
  • • Lindsey Dahling •
    Me, 99% of the book, watching Jude and Cardan interact: Me, during 1% of the book (if you’ve read it, YOU KNOW WHICH PART): Me, closing the back cover, lying to myself: Me, explaining to a therapist how I’ll be just fine as soon as Holly Black releases this hold she has on me:
  • jessica
    ‘i want to tell you so many lies.’ hello, police? hi, yes, i would like to report a crime, specifically a murder… what murder? oh, well, you see, holly black has singlehandedly torn out my heart, ripped it to shreds, and then lit it on fire. this book has ruined all other books for me this year. until the release of ‘the queen of nothing’ (that title alone is killing me all over again), i will be crying myself into a deep, dark, and hea...
  • C.G. Drews
    WHY DON'T YOU JUST PICK UP MY LIMP CARCASS AND TOSS IT 50FT INTO THE SEA TOO. omfg. This was excellent in the most ragey beautiful perfectly poisonous and mind twisty way. I am reeling and also want to s c r e a m myself into the next dimension becauseIneedbook3ajfdsaldhgoh these feelings should be illegal. i am not used to feeling all these things. ➸ Again I put forth the fact that these are the MOST Slytherin books.They are about mind games a...
  • Korrina (OwlCrate)
    It’s a great feeling to fall in utter love with the first book in a new series, and then anticipate the sequel, and then be offered a chance to read said sequel early, and then to read this book in 24 hours and savour every bit of it. Very few series that I’ve read in my life have hooked me as much as this one. The only downside? The agonizing two year wait for the third book!
  • Cindy ✩☽ Savage Queen ♔
    Power is so much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to.I'm not sure if I should be happy or angry? This book was, undoubtedly, my most anticipated book of the year. But I must confess, it did not quite live up to my expectations. That's not to say it is not a good book, it was just a tad slow for my taste. The book doesn't really pick up until about the 60% mark. After that though, things definitely get interesting. Main Characters' Ranking:...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    My Wicked King Box Came From Owlcrate Today! Clink under the picture to see all of the amazing goodies! GOODIES LINKWell, that was an ending!! Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
  • Kai
    King: wickedWig: snatchedReview: to come
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    #1 The Cruel Prince ★★★★★#2 The Wicked King ★★★★★ #3 The Queen of Nothing ???After the shocking turn of events that finished off The Cruel Prince, Jude is fighting with everything she’s got to keep the kingdom of Elfhame from falling to pieces under its new rulers. Unfortunately for Jude, not only is a war brewing in the Undersea, but the court is full of traitors—and a few of them might be in her own home.I loved The Crue...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Happy Pub Day!!!Ok so here's the deal-I wasn't crazy about The Cruel Prince. There, I said it. The reason I'm starting this review with a seemingly negative attitude is two-fold: 1) It shows the sheer amount of growth that Black provides between the first two books in this series and 2) It shows that I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass and being pushed to give this a high rating to boost sales. The Wicked King was a true delight and privilege ...
  • ✨ jamieson ✨
    I genuinely cannot believe this book was basically about what happens when you let a drunk furry be king “Once upon a time, there was a human girl stolen away by faeries, and because of that, she swore to destroy them.” YOOO Holly Black did it again! The politics !! The characters !!! The angst !!! AND THAT ENDING. I enjoyed this even more than book one - it was so dark, twisted, with even more political intrigue, betrayal and scheming. Part...
  • Alana • thebookishchick
    Can I just write an entire review repeating everything hurts, over and over again. Because EVERYTHING REALLY HURTS. It's been over a month since I've read this and it still just really, really fucking hurts, okay? Holly Black has done it again. She's ruined my life, made me question my sanity, and need a cold shower after reading this book. Even though I was incredibly excited for this book I still had my doubts that The Wicked King would top ...
  • Riley
    Dear Holly Black, How dare you. wtf. I am a mess.
  • Nenia ⭐ Literary Garbage Can ⭐ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestThe relationship between author and reader is one of constant courting, and sequels are especially hard. You've won my trust once, with a stellar book, but that's no guarantee that I'm going to enjoy the sequel. Second Book Syndrome is totally a thing. It's what happens when authors get complacent and think that less effort can be expended when publishing their sequel. I loved THE CRUEL PRINC...
  • chan ☆
    cardan to jude: going to exhaustively review this because everyone and their mom will. but i fucking loved this, no surprise. could have been smuttier, and the ending was... cliff-y but whatever. holly can do no wrong.
  • ELLIAS (elliasreads)
    Twitter | Bookstagram | Youtube |ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??!!!mISS. hoLlY. bLaCK. arE yOU kiDdiNG mE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!!!!! Does this woman know it's only fucking January..... J A N U A R Y 2019. Not 2020. I am screaming seething like a mother right now.I don't normally use gifs but—Literally.....Fuck this. No review. Just know if any books pull any cliffhangers like this one, I'm going to burn that book. Thank you for coming to my t...
  • ✨ A ✨
    I SWEAR THOSE LAST FEW CHAPTERS TOOK 10 YEARS OFF MY LIFE! THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE A JAW DROPPING SEQUEL!! I am in shock! My mind is still processing : oRTC_____ Dearest 2018, Would you hurry up, so I can get my hands on this glorious book?I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Byyye________ My reviews for: The Folk of the Air book #1 : The Cruel PrinceThe Folk of the Air book #1.5 : The Lost Sisters
  • Beatrice in Bookland
    "Power is much easier to acquire than it is to hold on to."1) The cruel prince ★★★★★1.5) The lost sisters ★★★★★The only thing you need to know is that Cardan calls Jude:my darling seneschalmy sweet villainmy darling godmy sweetest punishmentand if that's not enough to make you love this book to pieces I don't know what to tell you
  • Tatiana
    Update 1/15/19"DENY ME!"Oh, I got the chills again. The drama of it all is so yummy! Still have no idea how I want it to end, besides my ship to continue to rock, obviously.Original review4.5 starsNot sure how much I should write about this sequel. After all, the strength of this series is in a large part in its plot twists and turns. So I'll keep the story details to a minimum I guess.It's 5 months after the ending of the The Cruel Prince. Jude ...
  • Charlotte May
    "Kill him" a part of me says..."kill him before he makes you love him." Hell fucking yes!!!!Guys this was fantastic. Non stop twists, turns, drama, betrayal and MURDER.So Jude is the power behind the throne, controlling Cardan's every move, along with her fellow spies of the Shadow Court. I love Jude as a character - she is tough on the outside, but we know she hides her softer side, and she isn't afraid of doing what needs to be done aka MURDER!...
  • Noura Khalid (theperksofbeingnoura)
    Thank you Edelweiss and Little Brown books Publishing for sending a review copy in exchange for an honest review. "For a moment," he says, "I wondered if it wasn't you shooting bolts at me."I make a face at him. "And what made you decide it wasn't?"He grins up at me. "They missed." 1- The Cruel Prince ★★★★★2- The Wicked King ★★★★★3- The Queen of NothingA beautiful and mesmerizing sequel to The Folk of the Air trilogy. Holly Bl...