The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3) by Alison Goodman

The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3)

The thrilling, genre-bending conclusion to Lady Helen's demon-hunting adventures, set in the glittering Regency world.Lady Helen has retreated to a country estate outside Bath to prepare for her wedding to the Duke of Selburn, yet she knows she has unfinished business to complete. She and the dangerously charismatic Lord Carlston have learned they are a dyad, bonded in blood, and only they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Deceiver, who threa...

Details The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3)

TitleThe Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3)
Release DateNov 20th, 2018
PublisherViking Books for Young Readers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal

Reviews The Dark Days Deceit (Lady Helen, #3)

  • Lauren James
    High octane demon-fighting, Regency social politics, angst-ridden romance and the best heroine of all time - I could read about Lady Helen forever.
  • Kalie
    Listen. With this last book being published in a handful of months and the trilogy being soon complete, I’m going to need way more people to read the series because it is an underrated gem and EVERYONE IS SLEEPING ON IT.So here’s my plea: Get on it. Please. I’m sitting here, having just finished the final book, and I want to scream about it to an audience who would understand my blathering, but I can’t because a). this book isn’t being ...
  • Leah (Jane Speare)
    Complex! Twisty and unexpected! Not enough romance! Badass Lady fighting! Perfect ending to the trilogy, but I’ll miss these characters a whole lot.
  • Erin Arkin
    Review to come.
  • Adelaide
    Great! The Dark Days Deceit offers an adequate -and partially open- ending to the trilogy.Nevertheless, there are a few inconsistencies between what we know from the first books, an additional information about (view spoiler)[the Colligat (hide spoiler)] and one of the final explanations about (view spoiler)[the Deceivers' overall plan (hide spoiler)] -explanations which could have come with more details. A bit frustrating if you like when everyt...