Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

Sleep Smarter

Sleep Smarter is a fun and entertaining look at how sleep impacts your mind, body, and performance, without skimping on the "how to's" to get the sleep you really deserve.Whether you've struggled with sleep problems, or you're simply interested in living a longer, healthier life, you're going to be blown away with what you learn. Here's just a sampling of what you're going to discover: Why you need to sleep more and exercise less to get the best...

Details Sleep Smarter

TitleSleep Smarter
Release DateMar 15th, 2016
PublisherRodale Books
GenreHealth, Nonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews Sleep Smarter

  • Mischenko
    Finding this book was like a stroke of luck for me and I was really excited to get into it. After attempting to repair my sleep habits months ago, there were still multiple things I was doing wrong.In Sleep Smarter, author Shawn Stevenson shares his journey through healing himself from a debilitating disease. After diagnosis, he was told there wasn't much he could do and eventually he decided to take his health into his own hands. With sleep and ...
  • Sheri
    Better sleep leads to better health which in turn leads to a better life. The hows and whys of each sleep strategy are presented as well as tips to help implement them. I've read these strategies before but I found this book offered explanations that really resonated with me.
  • George Jankovic
    I've been having sleeping problems lately so I read two books on the topic. This one was great. Each step has a lot of science behind it so you really buy into it. We need to be convinced emotionally and rationally to follow. I will definitely try to make this happen even though I already do some of these things and let's see. Enjoy!
  • Valerie
    Decided not to finish. Ridiculous pseudo-science + common sense mixed with an annoying level of infomercial-style self promotion. Bleh.
  • Missy J
    A very quick read. In short, this book is about sleeping. Tips and tricks on how to improve your sleep. For example, not having any "screen time" 90 minutes before you go to bed to avoid blue light, to keep the temperature low in your bedroom and dark, to not wear any tight clothes, to ventilate your room and keep a plant, develop a ritual, drink less coffee and alcohol, regularly exercise and maintain a healthy weight... The author provided a lo...
  • Mimi
    I’ve long felt better sleeping habits could make a marked difference in my life but Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson reveals exactly how. SPOILER ALERT: It is so valuable I wanted to take the time to share the key secrets so you can start taking action immediately but do read the whole book to soak up all the wisdom.SLEEP IS THE SECRET INGREDIENT! You can eat well and exercise but it may be futile to get to the health you want or to be as produ...
  • Georgi
    I like: + Good tips on sleep improvement + Not too long + Short, structured chaptersI didn't like: - Leaves feeling for "subjectivity" as many of the references and especially all link are to websites, property of the author- Felt like the last 3 chapters didn't deliver too much value
  • Michal Wojtera
    There are some brilliant ideas in this book, but unfortunately they are scrambled together with some utter nonsensical pseudo-science and product promotion. (Earthing for example).Take each strategy (maybe except the blue-light regime, that's scientifically proven) and verify it.There is also some sound advice about things like coffee and importance of sleep.I watched Shawn's talk @ Google (check youtube if you are interested) and really liked wh...
  • Shirley
    My copy of Sleep Smarter was an advance reader copy as part of a Goodreads giveaway. What a fantastic gift! I am in desperate need of a good night's sleep. I will provide a spoiler alert to allow readers to have the same "AHA" moments that I had while reading. Did you know that sleep allows your brain to remove waste products that can lead to Alzheimer's disease? (p. 6)I learned that about 95% of the serotonin in one's body is located in the gast...
  • Sue
    I have insomnia, and have done all I have ever heard to get a good nights sleep. This book has ideas I've never heard of, as well as a 14 day challenge. I am encouraged that I can get a better night's sleep for the first time in a long time!
  • Daniel Sperry
    This book is thick with pseudo science. From rubbing magnesium in specific parts of the body to negative ions energizing a person. Fake Science!
  • Kate
    The lack of footnotes in this book is troubling to me. It makes a lot of big claims and the references aren't directly connected to them. If I see a phrase like "studies have shown", I want to know exactly what study and be able to access it immediately. I don't want to have to go through every reference in the bibliography and cross-check it against every claim in the book. A few of the things here sound really pseudoscientific to me (like the E...
  • Derek Harvey
    Practical. Well researched. And witty! Not dry at all. And it touches on WAY MORE than just your sleep. If you're looking for a health overhaul, you could easily start with this book.
  • CP (Wayne)
    Simply put, sleeping takes up one third of our lives – it’s a part of us we can’t avoid, so why not hack it and use it to our advantage. This book reminds me of how we often overlook the importance of quality sleep and don’t use to our advantage.I read the first version and was a bit disappointed with its lack of depth but this version definitely did it justice. It includes so much more description and all the tips are well supported as t...
  • Julia Doherty
    This book was recommended by the Pat Flynn book club. I'm short of time this month so it was nice to get a quick read under my belt (this was about an hour on audio). Lots of tips for being more productive and having better quality of sleep. My takeaways:-1. Turn off blue light and do not look at my phone at least 90 mins before going to bed. 2. Stick with a regular routine. 3. Try not to drink caffeine after 3pm each day. 4. Alcohol makes you fa...
  • Ahmad Moshrif
    I think 190 pages are too much for usual tips.good book!
  • Sandie Buto
    Overall, this is an excellent source of information. Instead of just a list of “fixes”, the author provides the reasons the fixes are recommended. Unfortunately, I have tried all of these suggestions without any long lasting impact on my sleep. As an educator in mental health, I had hoped to use this material and 14 day plan with participants, however, the book seems to overemphasize costly products that my clientele cannot afford such as top...
  • Maria Ryan
    100% Readable. 100%-Plus Implementable.Sleep is a vital nutrient and this book is totally digestible. Sleep Smarter stands out from all the others in its genre. Written in Shawn’s own familiar and friendly voice (, it is chock full of the latest research regarding the importance of sleep for every single aspect of our health and teaming with easy to execute tips on how to get a better night’s sleep, starting TONIGHT. Sh...
  • Zilong
    As a hustler, I've always been wondering how to sleep faster - get more rested with less time? The answer lies in the quality of sleep. This book did a great job outlining practical action steps one can take to improve sleep quality. A few most overlooked sleep strategies I really like:1. Get more sunlight during the day. More natural light exposure, more melatonin production, better sleep.2. Avoid the screen 90 minutes before bedtime. Artificial...
  • Rod
    Short and very practical, two things I greatly appreciate in my reading. Definitely something I would recommend to others who are struggling to make sleep a priority.
  • Angela
    This is a very informative read with lots of healthy habits you can implement in your life--not just for better sleep but for better health overall. Some of the advice in here is already widely known such as turning off your electronic devices before bed, keeping the temperature cool in your bedroom and keeping a consistent sleeping pattern, even on weekends. Stevenson goes a step further though: he provides you with useful tips so you can adopt ...
  • Nishit Salian
    Exactly how a nonfiction ought to be written. Thankgod for such a read. The book gives valuable insights on how one can actually "sleep smarter". Very concise and no-nonsense points/strategies make it very readable.
  • Saeed Ramazany
    کتاب فهرست وار خوبی بود. ۲۱ نکته برا خواب بهتر رو لیست کرده.متن ساده و روانی داره و بیخودی طولانیش نکرده. آخر هر فصل دو سه تا نکتهی کاربردی داره که باعث میشه راحتتر بتونیم پیشنهاداتش رو عملی کنیم.برا کسی که میخواد کیفیت خوابش رو بهتر کنه توصیه میکنم. م...
  • Ilya Ivanov
    Wonderful book with easy recommendations regarding the quality of the sleep. Sleep is so fundamental, yet the quality and quantity of sleep are so much ignored in the modern world. I would definitely recommend at least the easiest bits of advice from this book.
  • Jacqueline Wheeler
    Fantastic sleep book! I haven't read many other sleep books, but I don't see how others could be better than this one! I learned a LOT of other information, not just the normal sleep tips people talk about. I can't wait to do the 14 day plan in the back and YouTube my results!
  • Chris
    I really enjoyed this book! It gave me some good ideas and reconfirmed other theories that I have heard. Very helpful book. I would suggest it to anyone.
  • Lara
    I really enjoyed this as an audiobook. The author reads it, and does a very good job. Hearing his humor just made the experience so much better. In general, many of his recommendations were not new to me, but a number were. Since I was listening, it wasn't always clear how well some conclusions were supported by research--one study or many. However, since I was familiar with some, I was inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Some may find...
  • Violali
    I learned a lot reading this book, not only about sleep itself but other interesting things like how nutrition and exercise can interfere with our sleep. I already sleep better by implementing some of the tips from the author.
  • Barnabas
    A remarkably enjoyable book on how to get a good night sleep - full of great tips (like disturbance of technology and devices, the food we eat, and the harmful effects of lack of sleep) which are all very timely.A great resource for the 21st century man - who wants to do more and more - and can't stop to take time to sleep.For me the importance of natural melatonin generation (vs taking it in pills) was quite interesting. Along with the eliminati...
  • Svetlana Kurilova
    The topic is well researched and have many great ideas for developing better sleep habits. On top of it, the book contains a 14-day plan (challenge) where every day you make small improvements in your way to the best sleeping.We usually don't pay much attention to our sleep but it is an important part of our life! I am glad I came across this book and looking forward to my new SMARTER sleep =)