Breakfast, Lunch, Tea by Rose Carrarini

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

Breakfast, Lunch, Tea is the first cookbook by Rose Carrarini, who co-founded the much-imitated delicatessen Villandry in London in 1988, and now serves her signature simple, fresh and natural food at Rose Bakery, the Anglo-French bakery and restaurant in Paris. Rose holds a passionate philosophy that, “life is improved by great food and great food can be achieved by everyone.” Simplicity, freshness and the ability to choose the right things ...

Details Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

TitleBreakfast, Lunch, Tea
Release DateDec 1st, 2005
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Nonfiction, Travel, Reference

Reviews Breakfast, Lunch, Tea

  • 7jane
    This is book of recipes for breakfast, lunch and teatime from the Rose Bakery in Paris, France (map included to find the place). There are plenty of nice photographs and recipes are not too complicated, most of the time.Of the recipes, particular likes:- breakfast: fresh mixed fruit salad, melon and ginger salad, fruit taboulé, honey granola, ricotta pancakes, blueberry scones, cheddar cornmeal scones- lunch: green bean and almond soup, spiced c...
  • Michael
    A BEAUTIFUL cookbook full of delicious and interesting recipes. It is also beautifully photographed, though since it's a Phaidon book some of the photos are very artsy portraits of dirty dishes. One would think that what had been on the dirty dish would have been more beautiful. I'm clearly not Euro enough.
  • Manik Sukoco
    The book is divided into three sections with (most obviously) breakfast, lunch, and tea recipes. Breakfast includes a variety of fruit salads, pancakes, and scones. Lunch offers soups, savory pastries, and some meat based main courses. And my favorite section, tea, includes a multitude of tarts, cakes cookies, and puddings. Much to my liking, this is largest portion of the book.One of the most important aspects of a cookbook (to me) is the aesthe...
  • Jesse Kelly-Landes
    The dreamiest cookbook of all time (maybe, I hate to commit).
  • Nikki
    Yummy. If only I was actually capable of making any of this shit.
  • Lisa
    Unique format for a cookbook; legal pad-sized. Recipes have conversions for pros in weights and common cooks in cups/spoons. Also translates phrases such as superfine sugar to granulated sugar for the American to know what they're talking about.Seeming simple recipes. Photos were so-so, seemed like a lot of pics were of burnt stuff, which is odd for a cookbook.Still, most recipes sounded yummy and only a little pretentiousness.
  • Lisa
    This has been fun to read and cook through. So far I've made:Spicy chickpea soup with lemonthe plain sconescarrot and seed saladAnd they were all great. There are many recipes for desserts and pastries that I know I'll never (or rarely) make due to the large amounts of cream and butter but if you dont mind this i bet they are great!I still plan on making a bunch more from this including pancake variations, granola, other lunch salads, a juice ble...
  • Daisy
    A pretty book with lots of tempting recipes. The one I tried, Chocolate Chip Biscuits, I wasn't all too thrilled with though; I thought other recipes from my past made better cookies. For my taste, these needed more salt. But I liked chilling the dough and cutting the cookies instead of the typical way of dropping them from a spoon. I'd try other recipes from here if I owned the book. but I have to return it to the library.
  • Nancy
    An interesting book, as many photographs as recipes. Rather plain & simple recipes, but many are different than my repertoire. Rose Bakery is a breakfast, lunch & tea establishment in Paris, run by a British couple. Very British-type of food, indeed. My daughter bought the book for me while in Paris; probably wouldn't have purchased it for myself.
  • Cherie
    A- Really interesting cookbook; the story of Rose Bakery, with gorgeous photos (so not just recipes). I didn't come away with heaps of things I wanted to make, but a few. And it really is a delicious cookbook. I would love to visit Rose Bakery next time I'm in Paris. (Part of the reason I didn't want to make some things is, um, they looked a little complicated...)
  • P.
    I haven't yet made anything from this, but I've already decided that I want to buy it for the little cakes alone--a bonus is that a lot of them are gluten free. Plus every cookbook (or, ya know, book at all) that Phaidon publishes is always designed so well that I feel I must buy it.
  • Falcon
    Great simple recipes for brunch and tea, the author uses organic ingredients whenever possible and has a few gluten free and vegan recipes. The photos are lovely and give a rustic feel to the food. I'm looking forward to making the granola this weekend for brunch!
  • courtney
    a reason i wish i lived in paris
  • Mara
    You must have this cookbook. There's a recipe for every whim and all are very well written. You need only to cut the amount :-)
  • Rebecca
    A beautifully-designed and photographed cookbook. I really wish I'd gone to Rose Bakery when I was in Paris, but I didn't make it! Going on the list!
  • Sandy
    Some interesting things about Paris and the bakery's and some good looking receipes.
  • Carmen
    unique and fresh recipes
  • Yesim
    A good cookbook to read and get ideas from. But unfortunately not very accurate recipes.
  • Ysanne
    Great book, very simple and elegant recipes for English favourites like scones and quiches.
  • Graham
    My current go-to book for hosting a brunch.
  • Karen
    Pretty pictures and some good looking recipes....none of which I will more than likely ever make! Fun looking at the book though and reading the story of her bakery in London and Paris.
  • Michel
    "Le meilleur brunch en France" — Le Figaro