Blood Flag (Paul Madriani #14) by Steve Martini

Blood Flag (Paul Madriani #14)

Defending a client accused of killing her father, attorney Paul Madriani is drawn into a treacherous conspiracy dating to World War II in this enthralling installment in the New York Times bestselling series. Paul Madriani and Harry Hinds have a new client: Emma Brauer, a woman accused in the “mercy killing” of her aged father, Robert Brauer. Insisting she’s innocent, Emma tells Paul about a package sent to her father shortly before he ente...

Details Blood Flag (Paul Madriani #14)

TitleBlood Flag (Paul Madriani #14)
Release DateMay 17th, 2016
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreMystery, Fiction, Suspense

Reviews Blood Flag (Paul Madriani #14)

  • Aditi
    “Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat.” ---- Adolf HitlerSteve Martini, an American best-selling author, pens an exciting yet thrilling new book from his Paul Madriani series, Blood Flag and it is the fourteenth book in the series. This series is centered around a quite renowned Californian attorney, Paul Madriani, flanked by his partner, Harry Hinds and each book in the series unfolds an electrifying chapter and adve...
  • Carol
    This was a very different Paul Madriani story, but it was a challenge for me. With the back story of WWII, and the legacy of Hitler, the Blood Flag features a mystery regarding the deaths of WWII veterans. When a daughter is suspected of killing her father, a WWII veteran, Paul steps up to represent her, and finds himself engaged in solving a mystery of a war relic that several groups are trying to find. Blood Flag was interesting, with plenty of...
  • Tim
    Stories that glorify Hitler and Nazis sicken and repulse me. 0 of 10 stars
  • Will Hare
    This is actually a two-and-a-half-stars review. I've always loved Martini's writing, but I think he's lost his way. Granted, he seems to be headed in the right direction, but, for me, it's not enough.The issue here is I think he wants to write about espionage and government conspiracy, but he's using the wrong vehicle. Paul Madriani is a well-established character, and his job is a lawyer who gets innocent clients off, most times with wonderful r...
  • Donna
    This is my first Steve Martini novel, and this is where I'm going to apologize for rounding up. That usually doesn't happen. I actually liked the plot, even with its large leaps into fantasy land. I felt I wanted to see it through to the end. There were some nice twists and I enjoyed the idea of the MCs. However, my pet peeves were alive and kicking with this one. The biggest problem was the dialogue and the descriptive strokes. My thoughts durin...
  • Sara
    A scattered mystery based on the provenance of a Nazi flag, rumored to be stained with the blood of an early follower of Hitler and now sought by several competing groups. There are several leaps of logic and coincidence that make this story impossible to stay interested in. The author again reveals, in less than subtle ways, his right wing leanings and will now be removed from my list of "must read" writers.
  • Tim
    Stories that seem the primary purpose is to glorify Hitler and his Nazi regime sicken me. 0 of 10 stars
  • Jill Manske
    Because I've read and liked other Steve Martini books, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and adding an extra star. But "Blood Flag" was a big disappointment. Not sure if it was written tongue-in-cheek, but it certainly was a preposterous plot and was also poorly executed. It was as if Martini was thinking to himself, "How can I make this book even more ridiculous?" The Paul Madriani series characters were interesting and somewhat endearing,...
  • Lori
    I was off of Martini the past 3-5 years, as I was not a fan of the government/espinoge/terrorist plots as of late, I just want a good lawyer murder mystery. This book was more to my liking, though it had a bit of international intrigue. It was also more interesting since I just visited the WWII Museum in New Orleans, and the basic plot of the book revolved around this era. There was just one area of the book I was critical of, but I went back and...
  • Bonnie
    I practically always like Mr. Martini's books and this one was no exception. I got really involved by it. It did have a major surprise almost at the end that stunned me and it took me awhile to believe it.
  • Rita Berk
    Lawyer Paul Madriani gets caught up in a case involving a Nazi war relic, the "Blood Flag" of the title. Several murders, the FBI, and Mossad figure in the case. Interesting story with twists and turns
  • Jean
    I use to follow the Paul Madraini series but somehow I got sidetracked. I saw it listed on Audible’s suggest reading list and decided to buy it. I have always enjoyed Steve Martini’s writing.Paul and his partner Harry Hinds have a new client, Emma Brauer. Emma is accused of murdering her father, Robert Brauer, for his money. Paul has his new legal assistant Sofia check into a package left at Robert Brauer’s home just before he was murdered....
  • Brent Soderstrum
    This is another of Martini's books from the Paul Madriani series. This, like its more recent predecessors, does not involve courtroom action, which made Martini great but instead international action and intrigue. I wish Martini would get back to the courtroom. However, this is a good book. Paul has a client who is accused of killing her elderly father-a mercy killing since he is sick. The father was a World War II vet who was in Munich when Hitl...
  • Nancy Cook Lauer
    One of my go-to mystery writers, Steve Martini, takes us on a trip through military history as Paul Madriani probes the deaths of WWII vets. Martini has strayed from his courtroom drama roots -- there are no courtroom scenes in this one-- but it's an interesting and solid mystery, even for those who aren't big WWII history fans.
  • Soul Survivor
    Another good book in this long-running series . Readers of legal thrillers , and especially fans of the San Diego , CA area , would do well to read these books . Books 1-3 give some added background to the characters and law practice , but each book can be read as a stand-alone .
  • Peter Talbot
    Mr. Martini is plots effortlessly and with conviction, and is among the best of modern mystery writers at holding back critical information to breed suspense. The action in the Madriani series is sparse but intense, and this is among the better entries in the series. Mr. Madriani is most comfortable in describing facts and exposition in the third person, and does this with the economy of a legal brief at times which can feel a bit dry. Motives in...
  • Lagniappe
    I've read previous Steve Martini books and always enjoyed them - but this one just didn't capture my imagination. The story was interesting enough, with a few nice twists and turns along the way. But about halfway through I found myself mimicking a small child on a long trip and constantly asking "Are we there yet?". Martini books focus on courtroom drama, and this one barely went inside the courtroom at all, blossoming instead into international...
  • Daniel
    A woman is blamed for the mercy killing of her father, Madriani takes the case claiming she's innocent. While investigating her case Paul stumbles upon a WWII incident involving the taking of a Nazi artifact directly tied to Hitler. The veterans that took it have all ended up dead. This isn't your typical court room drama but I enjoyed the bit of history and particularly the surprise at the end.
    Another fine installment in the Paul Madriani series. Another fine installment in the Paul Madriani series. The List is still my favorite Steve Martini. I wish he would write more stand alone books. This might work as a stand alone because he somewhat explains a few things as he goes along but a reader would have a better understanding of the characters by reading the series in order.
  • Cindy
    This was a little different Paul Madriani story, but I really enjoyed it. With the back story of WWII, and the legacy of Hitler, Blood Flag features a mystery regarding the deaths of WWII veterans. When a daughter is suspected of killing her father, a WWII veteran, Paul steps up to represent her, and finds himself engaged in solving a mystery of a war relic that several groups are trying to find. Blood Flag was interesting, with plenty of action,...
  • Reader57
    The first I've read in this series , but there will be more. Paul and his team are sitting flush cash so they can afford to help their new client charged with the mercy killing of her father. Then it turns out his two closest army buddies from WWII also recently died under suspicious circumstances. Martini weaves together a legal thriller without having the reader dragged through court page after page. Ultimately all will be revealed and loose en...
  • Lucretia
    This is another great book by Steve Martini with his two attorney partners involved in another set of mysterious deaths. It has some fascinating history woven into the story which makes it even more real. And I appreciate that this books reminds us of just how awful Hitler was. Some today use Hitler's name to insult people who are surely not close to being Hitler.
  • Lee
    Paul Madriani’s new firm is flush from cash and taking on new cases, they are hired to defend a client who is accused of killing her elderly father. As they try to clean her they find a mysterious envelope sent by a lawyer which is connected to some of his army buddies from WWII. Once again as with the last 5-6 Madriani novels there is little legal maneuvering or courtroom action.
  • Mom
    OK murder mystery about old soldiers trying to cash in on a Nazi flag of historical significance allegedly taken after the fall of Berlin in WWII. Lots of annoying "who would do THAT?!" situations and the usual beautiful girl who is a stupid lump one instant and a heroic genius the next. But qualifies as light entertainment for escape purposes.
  • Stacey Lozano
    This was first Paul Madriani book to read. The author does a good job of allowing it to be a stand alone giving history when it's necessary. I thought he did a great job with the plot line, kept it moving, redirecting your attention as necessary, and made me gasp even though I thought I saw it coming.
  • Soozblooz
    Got 3/4 of the way through and stopped the insanity. I.Just.Gave.Up. I wanted to care and, more to the point, should have cared about all the characters who might be in the killer's cross-hairs or already killed, but the constant plot-shifting was too tiring.
  • Cathy Savage
    Listened to the audio book while I either crocheted or drove. The narration was easily followed and one could keep track of the story. The twists and turns were interesting so I will likely get more audio books by this author and narrator.
  • Opa
    Haven't read a Martini book for awhile. This was OK. It's a lawyer book with a little action. It seemed a little artificial at times and things magically came together quickly at the end. I think some of these authors are getting a little tired after so many books in a series.
  • Cindy Cotton
    Waste of timeThe book summarizes too many important points as having happened with the characters. The end was rushed and contrived. The book is also stereotypes that African-Americans do not speak standard English, but the Caucasian actors always use standard English.