Inexpressible Island (End of Forever, #3) by Paullina Simons

Inexpressible Island (End of Forever, #3)

The third and final novel in Paullina Simons' unforgettable End of Forever saga concludes Julian and Josephine's heartbreaking love story that has spanned lifetimes.They were ready for anything...except the endJulian has lost everything he ever loved and is almost out of time. His life and death struggle against fate offers him one last chance to do the impossible and save the woman to whom he is permanently bound.Together, Julian and Josephine m...

Details Inexpressible Island (End of Forever, #3)

TitleInexpressible Island (End of Forever, #3)
Release DateNov 19th, 2019
GenreRomance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Fiction

Reviews Inexpressible Island (End of Forever, #3)

  • SissiReads
    I cannot tell you much of what happened in this book because EVERYTHING is a plot twist and you have to read it and experience it yourself, but what I can tell you is I have never read anything like this, and I am quite certain I will never read anything remotely as perfect as this trilogy ever again. What Paullina has given us is an epic adventure that goes beyond universe and time. What she has given us is her best to date. Everything that has ...
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *‘Together they walked through fire. Together they walked through ice. The whole world and all that was in it was their Inexpressible Island.’Nothing can quite prepare you for the End of Forever Saga, penned by master storyteller Paullina Simons. Inexpressible Island is the third and last book in the series, which allows Paullina Simons to draw the final curtain on this intrepid trilogy. A story of heartbr...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    "How does a man live, when he must live without the thing he can't live without?" What a perfect conclusion to this epic series! Once again the narrator Jeremy Arthur was outstanding. I am going to say right up front that I am shocked this series has not received more attention. This epic saga is well worth the three-book commitment and each audio book was simply fabulous! I am saddened that the publisher does not even have the proper editions l...
  • AtenRa
    Gut wrenching but still beautiful, the last instalment in End of Forever had it all (well, almost). This series might have been about two people's epic love story in the beginning but I think in the end, it was all about Julian and about his personal journey as a son, a friend, a partner. He is the main focus of Inexpressible Island and Mia just compliments his story. I have to hand it to Simons, her storytelling is magnificent. All the twists an...
  • Theresa Smith
    Paullina Simons brings new meaning to deja-vu and six degrees of separation. I can’t even begin to fully describe these novels for fear of spoiling them for you, and believe me when I say, you do not want them spoiled. If you see any reviews that say, ‘this contains spoilers’, keep scrolling because if you ever intend to read these books, don’t go into them knowing what’s going to happen. Even though this review is for Inexpressible Isl...
  • Angelique Simonsen
    This finished the trilogy very nicely. Not the usual fare from this author being a time travel novel but I really enjoyed it all the same
  • CasNewby
    BEAUTIFUL AND PROFOUND AND SURPRISING UNTIL THE ENDI loved the first book in this series and then was surprised at how much deeper and even more compelling the story became with book 2—but nothing could have prepared me for this. I’m reluctant to discuss it in any detail because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that this book and series are instant classics and are very high on my list of all-time favorites.
  • M
    Paullina Simons is at her best in the backdrop of war. When you love one book/series from an author SO MUCH (The Bronze Horseman), it’s so hard to assess anything else without comparing. But, the majority of this novel, the conclusion of the End of Forever trilogy, is set is WWII London. Of the various scenarios and historic periods covered in the series, this WWII jaunt was my favorite. The amount of research and attention to historic and cult...
  • Bits_fearietales
    #inexpressibleisland is the last instalment in the #endofforever trilogy by the darling @paullinasimons . This lovely lady’s writing has, and always will have my heart ♥️.I honestly don’t even know where to begin with a review for this one. The first two instalments had me on a rollercoaster of emotions but this...I was seriously not ready for this!It had so many twists and turns and unexpected happenings, that I found myself having to pu...
  • Dijana
    Ah! I can't even... AH!
  • Kate Page
    What a finish to this epic saga! Inexpressible Island completes the love story of Julian and Josephine. I was eagerly awaiting this book to find out how this story would end and the wait was totally worth it.Julian travels back in time one last time to save Josephine. This time she is living in war torn London during the blitz. I think this was one of my most favourite timelines of the saga. Simons' paints such a vivid picture of the sights, soun...
  • Sally Keys
    Inspiring and heartbreaking This book was not at all what I expected but it pulled me in and exceeded all my expectations. It was heartbreaking and at the same time inspirational. What you think is going to be a horrible ending turns out to be the best ever. It just proves that you never really know.
  • Novel Grounds
    Okay. I have not read the first two novels in this series but with just reading some of the reviews on this one, I am diving into them now and will update once I have read them. From the looks of it  I am going to be hooked! Has anyone read this series yet? Okay. I have not read the first two novels in this series but with just reading some of the reviews on this one, I am diving into them now and will update once I have read them. From the l...
  • Faith 09
    Wonderful ending to the series.
  • Kate Gordon
    Mostly an amazing end to an adorable trilogy. (Maybe I read too fast but there was a small bit i didn't get.) I've been reading Paullina since Red Leaves and I cannot believe how she keeps pumping out stories of such variety but consistently so good!
  • Vesna Dan
    Loved this series!!
  • Sharon Grima-rapa
    Was sad to read the end of this saga. I was absorbed in this book. The last chapter was one of the most suspenseful I've ever read. Can't say much more, you have to read this book without any hints or spoilers of where Julian's and Mia's journey will take you.
  • Justine Ingaliso
    [Please feel free to help with my questions below, fellow readers...]Oh Paullina continues to amaze me... I was so nervous reading this trilogy because how could she even go there again after TBH! But she did... and oh she did! I didn’t think I could love another male lead as much as I love Alexander but I think I do.. Oh Julian ... And oh Ashton! Their beautiful friendship alongside Julian and Mia’s love was just ... oh so incredible. Spoile...
  • ghost_writer
    The final book in this trilogy is definitely the best one. There are a lot of scenes in the first half of this book that will make Paullina Simons' fans nostalgic for The Bronze Horseman, especially since it is set in WWII as well. I think that's also one of its weaknesses though. To me, this series never really becomes its own thing, and the stuff I liked most about it was when it reminded me of other stories. The best part of the book to me was...
  • Teresa
    Inexpressible Island is the third novel in the end of forever saga and concluded the story of Julian and Josephine.Julian travels back one last time to be with Josephine, where he finds himself in London during WWII. This time is no different from the rest; he must fight for their love and to keep her alive, however certain people and events cross his path this time that helps him connect the dots to present life.Back in the present the pieces of...
  • Mary
    This book is the conclusion of a series - Having not read the first two books in the series, it took me a bit to try to figure out what was going on and I felt that I missed some important pieces of the story. I would definitely recommend reading the first two books in the series before reading this one. I have read other stories by this author and very much enjoyed them as well. In this story, Julian travels back in time to find Josephine. I tho...
  • Jaselle Van Gestel-Bush
    I read the other 2 books in this series with a skeptical look on my face the whole way through, I wasn’t sure if I was enjoying the story or whether I could really immerse myself into it due to its magical nature.. but I had to keep reading, I had to know how Pauline Simmons would wrap this up because I knew that she would and that she would do it well! I was definitely rewarded for persevering through the previous books to get to this ending. ...
  • Peggy
    This is the third book of an epic saga. It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book as I had not read the previous two books. I have added them to my list of books to read.It is a story of love, sacrifice and a story of friendship. Julian travels back in time once again to save his love ( Mia, Josephine ) from death. Julian's love for Mia and his devotion to his friend Ashton is portrayed wonderfully. The author paints such a graphic pic...
  • Jody
    This was the best of the books in the trilogy. I enjoyed the London setting and the gang of characters in this era. I liked the way Simons brought all the stories together. There was a lot of deep friendship which was gratifying to read and I found the romance much more satisfying in this version of Josephine and Julian. Found the ending slightly underwhelming. It's not that it was a bad ending, just that I think it was a difficult story to finis...
  • Danielle Stacey
    Oh my that was crazy! I was so tense not knowing how this would end. I couldn’t put it down once I’d gotten about half way. So many twists and turns! Those last few chapters were so intense I was so scared. Mirabella & Julian were beautiful as the last couple and definitely left me loving Mia. Ahhh so good! Oh my that was crazy! I was so tense not knowing how this would end. I couldn’t put it down once I’d gotten about half way. So man...
  • Amanda
    WOW! Just wow! I was not expecting anything of what happened. Talk about six degrees of separation and what a way of bringing the past events into the present and vice verse. Definitely my favourite novel of the trilogy; and I’m so glad it changed pace compared to the first two because the second novel started to get a bit repetitive for my liking. A fantastic read!
  • Sarah
    I do think that this trilogy should be read back to back as once again, like the second book, the story plunges straight back in with no recap. Once you've got your head around that, and you ignore the fact that 1940s Londoners speak in American-ese, this is a great conclusion to the time-travel series.
  • Danielle
    Wow the final novel in this series has so many twists and turns in typical Paullina Simons style. Definitely my favourite book of the trilogy, so full of grief, suspense and raw emotion .... it's hard to write anything without giving away the story so I'm just going to recommend the series as a very different and intriguing read :-)
  • Lisa Simmons
    This trio loft is no bronze horseman, and jules is no Alexander, but I still very much enjoyed it. The first book I was just just like what the hell am I reading??!!! But the second and third books were great!!!