Where the Souls Go by Ann Hite

Where the Souls Go

At the age of ten, Annie Todd finds not only is her mother quite mad but that Annie has inherited an unusual legacy. The ghost of a young girl visits Annie in her new home deep in the mountains of Western North Carolina, where Annie’s mother, Grace Jean, has hidden them away from the life they used to know. Annie finds an unlikely ally in Pearl, a young woman who keeps house in Annie’s new home. The secrets that surround Pearl take Annie’s ...

Details Where the Souls Go

TitleWhere the Souls Go
Release DateSep 4th, 2015
PublisherMercer University Press
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Where the Souls Go

  • Tania
    People here believe the mountain collects the souls of people who have a special gift, the folks who hear the mountain's voice.3.5 stars. I really love this author. I love that her southern books are filled with seers, healers, haints, spells and witches, but also with strong but broken women. Ann Hite also never shares this story in a linear way, instead she starts at the end and we the stories interweave with each other. The only reason it rate...
  • Maureen
    Ann Hite expertly weaves the stories of three generations of Appalachian women using a common thread of supernatural senses and experiences, dashed hopes and dreams, and ultimately, goodness and healing. While the characters' lives are intermingled, and sometimes complexly so, each narrative stands strong on its own. Hite makes it is easy to immerse oneself into the lives of the characters, and somewhere in the midst of that magic, the details fa...
  • Myra
    All of the beautiful mountain language, wrapped up in prose that reads like pure poetry at times, telling a tale straight out of the hills, with as many twists and turns as a rocky mountain trail. You'll want to climb it for sure, for the views are all breathtaking. And like a mountain, you never know what is around the next corner. Ann keeps us in suspense while painting a canvas of the magnificent place that is Black Mountain.
  • Carol
    Magical! Another great read by Ann Hite !
  • Paula
    Sometimes you finish a book that takes you with it and leaves you sad to be moving on. Where the Souls Go is one of those books. Even though the Pritchard women's stories are horrifying, I felt immersed in their worlds and will be thinking about them long after I have turned that last page. Another fantastic Black Mountain novel. Thank you, Ann Hite!
  • Sabrina
    This book follows the lives of several women from the same family over almost a century. However, it is told completely out of order and context in several points of view. All these women are idiots who put themselves in crapy places in life and don't do anything about it but hope that it will compel their children to have a better life but don't do anything to help them and often are the cause their daughters make the same or worse choices than ...
  • Jessica Asbell
    Where the Souls Go is a tale of secrets and tragedy within a family. It seems that each generation of this family has a secret to keep, from AzLeigh to Grace Jean and Pearl, and finally Annie Todd, who tries to figure out why her family is touched by tragedy and who the ghost girl is who seems to be attached to them. Through the stories of these characters, we slowly discover why each woman is the way that she is, what tragedy has molded and shap...
  • Libby
    I've read all of Ann Hite's books and one e-novella published before this one and I think this is the best so far. All her books take place primarily in the Black Mountain, Swannoa Gap area and many of the same characters are in different books. Where the Souls Go concerns three generations of girls/women. Their stories are told in reverse chronological order. We experience them as grandmother, mother, and child and the ghost girl that all of the...
  • Launa
    This book was another great read. You are drawn into these women's lives and suffer their pain. Destiny is carried down through generations with no cure coming. Secrets, revenge, cultural misfortune, death, and repeating the mistakes for generationsI love the mysteries and heritage told of mountain living. It may be fiction....but it is also true for some.
  • Pat
    This is the third novel set in Ann Hite's Black Mountain. Multiple viewpoints allow you inside all the characters' thoughts, and you understand why they act the way they do. I liked this, but didn't love it as much as I did her earlier two books. Still a good read, though.
  • Kate
    Great addition to the series - you can read it before or after Ghost on Black Mountain, either way, you will want to read more!
  • Sandra Savell
    The Black Mountain books are scary... They are books one does not want to put down...and gives insight into the culture of this area in many respects. I look forward to my next Ann Hite read.
  • Karen
    Annie Todd was visited by a Ghost Girl when she was 10 years old. Her family legacy is a long chain of secrets which began when the ghost girl disappeared in the Black Mountain area of Western North Carolina. The girl was never asked about and never found. Annie's mother Grace Jean and her mother AzLeigh hold the pain of the past close to their hearts and desire nothing more than to keep Annie away from the truth about her family's past. When Ann...
  • M
    With more people, I really needed an up to date family tree.Kind of sad now because I have read ( I think ) all of the books in order. It is like saying good by to a group of old acquaintances. Thank you Ann for many hours of interesting reading.
  • Hollie
    Just okMaybe I took too long reading it, but this book wasn’t a winner for me. I struggled to keep up with characters, especially towards the last part of the book.
  • Debra Reedy
    I hope Ann Hite never stops writing these wonderful stories.
  • Gaea
    It was thrilling, but i do feel some answers still missing.. (spoiler alert here) like why wasn't it made clear that the mother knew her long time boyfriend had raped her daughter/ which her daughter got over with the friends help but then became twice the bitch of the mother.. it jumped back and forth a little much and i think when I re-read it, which it will happen because I dont feel I captured its essence .. i will read the last chapters firs...
  • Jennifer
    Here's the deal with this book. The story was fine, but it took so long to figure out how these characters were related to characters in Hite's previous book that it near about drove me crazy. I really did worry about the state of my memory, because I couldn't remember any of the names. Then I spent half the time wishing there was a family tree in the beginning of the book so I could figure out who these people were. At around 80% in, it hit me t...
  • Nancy
    3.6. I went back and forth in my mind about my opinions of this book. It's told mostly in reverse and lots of cultural odysseys of living in No Ga and NC mountains during the 1920' s..50's Spirits speak to folks and folklore runs rampant. Women were definitely second class citizens, and seemed everyone was stuck in this life cycle. Women passed their pain down from one generation to the next. If hope was lost, and God didn't seem to answer their ...
  • Lindsey
    Haunting--but not because of its ghosts--Where the Souls Go is as beautifully rendered as the handiwork Hite uses as metaphor for her women. A strong story about strong women and the power of redemption to overcome the evil that comes when truths are hidden instead of set free.
  • Danielle B.
    Flashbacks could be confusing with the time periods and view points constantly changing.