The Spiritual Emerson by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Spiritual Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) is known best in the twenty-first century as a literary innovator and early architect of American intellectual culture, but his writings still offer spiritual sustenance to the thoughtful reader. The Spiritual Emerson, originally published on the two hundredth anniversary of the writer's birth, brings together the writings that articulate Emerson's spiritual vision and promise the greatest relevance to today's read...

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TitleThe Spiritual Emerson
Release DateApr 15th, 2004
PublisherBeacon Press
GenreSpirituality, Philosophy, Nonfiction, Religion, Poetry, Classics, Writing, Essays, Self Help

Reviews The Spiritual Emerson

  • Yelda Basar Moers
    Hands down, Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of my favorite spiritual writers of all time! I also count him to be a prophet of nature, the Self and the Soul.I believe that any avid spiritual reader should read the classics. For me, that would include Emerson’s writings. Together with Thoreau, he led the 19th century American spiritual movement called Transcendentalism. Emerson believed that there were two places you could find God, in your own Self (...
  • Jeffrey Howard
    Emerson has no peer or rival. Too much wisdom in one person.Genius flows from his every word.
  • Selby
    "As long as the soul seeks an external god, it never can have peace."This is a wonderful collection of Emerson's insightful essays. I particularly love the long final paragraph in The Over-Soul.
  • Zoe Ann
    I have always loved Emerson, and this particular collection of essays is the best I've seen. It contains a wide variety of his writings over time chronicling his journey with Transcendentalism. It has become a beloved book that I will read over and over again, or grab to read snippets for inspiration or when I need some spiritual food for my mind as well as my heart and soul.
  • Jacob Fure
    I read these essays often. It is one of the books that I continually come back to. The writing is intellectual and meditative. It always makes me have good articulate thoughts and puts me in the present moment. You really have read it a few times to fully understand what it is saying. My favorite essay is the one on Compensation. Fate is also really good one. Any student of philosophy must read Emerson.
  • Matt Merlino
    If you haven't read Emerson's essays on self reliance or commerce or any at all then put down your false modern guru hippy text nonsense secret pile of hobgoblin lore and read Emerson for the love of reason and emotion.
  • Morning
    Another incredible read. Wow-------a weath of wisdom.
  • Windy
    To be honest, I don't think I finished all of this book. It's just so boring! I'm sorry. I tried to make myself like it.
  • Andrew
    one of americas finest contemplative writers. essays such as nature, self-reliance, and the over-soul are included.
  • Dana Reynolds
    Either one likes Emerson's writing style or one doesn't. Nevertheless, this collection is and will be frequently returned to again and again.
  • Bill
    This is Pilgrim at Tinker Creek x 10. Every sentence provokes insight.
  • Tyler
    Such resonant, beautiful writing. A soaring call to become more in touch with our best selves and the best of the world around us.
  • Joshua Sundquist
    Wow. Must read book. "the wisdom of the wise man consists herein, that he does not judge them; he lets them judge themselves, and merely reads and records their own verdict."
  • Cassidy Robinson
    read this in India, lots of great ideas
  • Mar
    if you like emerson and are interested in religion and spirituality, then this is the way to go.
  • Mike
    Inspiring and hopeful, a look into one of the great minds of the 19th century. It is as a breath of fresh air in the smoke filled world of today. Truly, one of my all-time favorites.