The Fidelity Files (Jennifer Hunter, #1) by Jessica Brody

The Fidelity Files (Jennifer Hunter, #1)

How far will you go to find out the truth? Jennifer Hunter is prepared to go all the way—well, almost. For the past two years, she has been working undercover as a “fidelity inspector,” hired by suspicious wives and girlfriends to test the faithfulness of the men in their lives. As she explains to her clients, “I don’t initiate anything. I only follow his lead.”Working under the code name “Ashlyn,” Jennifer has exposed hundreds of...

Details The Fidelity Files (Jennifer Hunter, #1)

TitleThe Fidelity Files (Jennifer Hunter, #1)
Release DateJun 10th, 2008
PublisherSt. Martins Press-3PL
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction

Reviews The Fidelity Files (Jennifer Hunter, #1)

  • Kristi
    Some girls dream of being Superwoman. Saving humanity one disaster at a time. Jennifer Hunter is Superwoman, saving women one cheating/lying boyfriend/fiance/husband at a time. Jennifer likes to think of herself as Superwoman using her alias Ashlyn, but I might be more compelled to compare her heroic efforts to The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk gets a really bad wrap, when he is just trying to help out! Even though, these women hire Jennifer to test ...
  • Jami
    Well, the storyline was somewhat interesting, but the writing itself left something to be desired. There were just a lot of things that bugged me about this book -- number one being the incessant number of details that were crammed into it. For example, you read about the number of cellphones the main character has AND the explanation for why she has two phones at least a dozen times. Yes, we get it. One's a business phone, one is personal. I'm n...
  • Emily
    I won a copy of this book a few months ago and now that I read it I am really glad I got it. It is a bit different then anything else I have read and I really enjoyed it. The author also has a style that I really like, I hope that she writes more books since this is the only one she has out currently. I highly suggest this book if you are looking for something that is kind of female empowering, like chick lit but isn't the chick fail and be saved...
  • Izlinda
    I don't really know what genre this book fits in. I suppose under romance, though when I think romance, I think of Tami Hoag (some of her stuff), Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Nora Roberts... Oh, well, this is Jessica Brody's first novel, so we'll see. (And I didn't have a category for "chick-lit" so...)The premise is interesting. A woman is hired by wives, girlfriends, fiancees, to test their significant other's fidelity. Thus, her profession ...
  • Ellana-san
    This review contains SPOILERS. I enjoyed this book even if I had doubts several times throughout the reading. The plot in itself was well-organized and original, the main idea of fidelity tests was a really good one and the romantic aspect of the story was nice. However, I found it a bit repetitive at times. First Clayton, then Jamie... I was waiting for the twist with Jamie. I saw it coming nearly as soon as she met him. But at the same time, it...
  • Heather
    This was an excellent book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and really felt for the main character. The basis of the book was intriguing to me, and I felt as though the way it was written stayed true to the main premise. While occasionally, the author repeated certain details which was completely unnecessary, it wasn't enough to become irritating. Overall, I think this is one of the better books I have read in awhile and would highly recommend it.
  • Kim
    Excellent read. Asks the question of what would you do if you could find out if your husband, boyfriend, or fiance would cheat on you. How would you use this information? Can a woman who does this for a living ever find love? For the answers to these questions and more, read this book.
  • Sherilyn
    I'd love to see this book be made into a movie! it had Mt attention the whole way through!
  • Tiffanie
    The best book I have read in awhile. Jennifer is a fidelity inspector. she stumbled into this job on accident; after being out with coworkers one night playing truth or dare they dared her to go up to this guy at the bar an get him to ask her back to his room. It worked although she declined. It was later the next day when her boss called her into her office to tell her it was all a set up she wanted to see what her husband would do. After growin...
  • Shannon
    UPDATE: I decided to re-read this book in advance of reading the follow up. I found myself having the same issues with book that I did the first time, though I think perhaps the tone below is a little too harsh. I didn't re-read my review first, but having done so now the criticisms are spot on, even though if I were to express them today I might use a less hostile tone.I started out really enjoying this. I think part of the problem is that it wa...
  • Lauren
    I've been dying to read this book for what seems like forever. Since, for one, it has an amazing book trailer, one of the best ever, and for two it has an interesting premise. So, when I got the chance to read it on my past vacation, I was so excited. And as it turns out, I had every right to be excited. Since, The Fidelity Files is one awesome debut book! In The Fidelity Files you get a glimpse into the complicated world of Jennifer Hunter (code...
  • Jackie Smith
    I must say that I was a little worried coming into this novel as I had started it years ago and I got maybe 60 pages in and gave up on it, but now being older and more mature I must say that I absolutely loved it. This story follows the life of fidelity investigator Jennifer Hunter on her quest to uncover and expose cheating husbands to their wives and give the wives the information that she had been unable to give her own mother. Although this n...
  • Jenn
    I really enjoyed this book, as I knew I probably would. The subject was so unique, and I knew there was so much the author could do with it. It's about a woman who, as a child, saw her father cheat on her mother. After never being able to forgive him AND keeping his secret, she has a very judgmental outlook on men. So, to combat their cheating tendencies, she starts her own business: as a fidelity inspector. She is hired by women (usually very we...
  • Amanda Taylor
    I really like this story, but it leaves you with an unpleasant taste in your mouth at the same time. You've got a woman, who is hired by distressed housewives/girlfriends, to see if their spouse is cheating on them. She doesn't have sex with them, but it leads there and if they have the go ahead, then she knows that they are cheating. The one thing I never understood was how the wive's involvement was kept a secret. Her little black card that she...
  • Marie
    I couldn't finishI know 1 star is harsh for a book I didn't finish, but from what I read (about 30 percent) it was 1 star quality. I could not for the life of me connect to this heroine. I truly tried, I did, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't me and the way she was written. The dialogue felt so unbelievably forced and didn't flow well. Another review said she feared for this woman's safety during these "inspections" and I had that same thought. It wa...
  • Michelle
    I couldn't put this book down. Author Jessica Brody does an amazing job writing as the book is so well-written that I felt I was in Jennifer's mind and could understand why she was sacrificing living her own life to help others. The Fidelity Files was highly entertaining and full of unexpected twists and turns that it had my full attention and I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. This book is nothing like I've ever read before and is ch...
  • Beth Schwartz
    This book really makes you think. You know....not all guys are scumbags. BUT, the thought of a woman going out to uncover these jerks is kinda cool. Even if it became a big business....wouldn't the thought always be in the back of someone's mind and if they were tempted to cheat, they might think twice? I think so.....Good book. I really liked it and I read it in 2 days. I couldn't put it down. :)
  • Regan
    I really enjoyed this book. Jennifer quits her job in banking/finance and becomes a fidelity inspector, getting paid by women to see if their significant other has "unfaithful tendencies." She keeps her job a secret from her family and friends but eventually it comes out.She also has to deal with WHY she would want to pursue this particular line of work and her own dating life (or lack there of).A few surprises and twists made it a fun read.
  • Judy
    Excellent read! I can't believe I finished it in 1 day. Very interesting and some parts preditable a little, but still hard for me to quit reading! "If you can't drink it and still manage to stay faithful to your wife at home, then you either shouldn't be drinking it or you shouldn't have a wide at home." love it! Can't wait for the next book to arrive. I ordered all Jessica's book in one time and want to read them in order of the way she wrote t...
  • Princess Bookie
    Excellent book. There are A LOT of details so be prepared for this to take some time to read but its very interesting, especially if you've ever been cheated on!!! Excellent story. I loved it because it was soooo "out there." I saw a few things coming but I couldn't stop reading! It was a very addicting one!
  • Starlita
    This book had me saying and feeling so many things. To me another must read book. Jennifer also know to some as Ashylyn take the search for the truth to the next level. Ashylyn is hired by wife who need to know if their husband are really cheatting on them. From client to client she follow the wife lead and pepare to test the husbands. Until one client husband test her and then comes love
  • Sophie Su
    just finish reading the first two chapters, and decide this book--The Fidelity Files--is definitely worthy to be recommended. And as its cover reads, "how far will you go to find out the truth?" well, the only thing I am certain about in a relationship is: once you lose your interest in knowing the truth you lose your love for that person as well.
  • Renee Barrette
    I absolutely loved this book. I was somewhat concerned when the book started immediately with a fidelity inspection, and based on its size, I thought "What content will this book have?" But I was pleasantly surprised when there was a new twist at every corner and a great new inspection every other chapter. Jessica Brody is an excellent writer with tons of creativity! Highly recommended!!!
  • Maryellen
    Damaged girl, damaged men, damaged parents - every character pretty much can be described as damaged, but it's intriguing how they all wind up fixing or at least beginning to fix themselves. There are some random things that were somewhat jarring - traces of 'magic ex machina' and a somewhat unbelievable assignment, but overall, gleefully entertaining.
  • Jessica
    Clever, cute, definitely a unique topic...not your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter romance novel. It wasn't perfect, but as a first novel, I was happy enough with it to give it four stars. Fun, light reading.
  • Alicia
    This is the greatest book ever! It's 420 pages and I whipped through it in 4 days. It's so good! I highly recommend it and I'm not just saying this because the author is a good friend of mine :)! This book is going to be a huge success!
  • Stephanie
    I'm still reading this book, I'm about halfway through and I love it! It's one that you just don't want to put down!7/21/08 I finished the book and absolutely loved it! It ended the way I wanted it too also! :) Great Book!
  • eileen
    good, but i think the romance was a little shaky because it literally took two dates for him to invite her to paris and that just seemed too crazy. but i like these kinds of books, so it was still a good read
  • Mindy
    Easy, fun read. I read this whole book on my honeymoon, it did not take long. I really liked the story line, it is about a woman who is hired by other women to find out if their husbands are cheating. Humor and romance, my two favorite things are staples of this book and I really enjoyed it.
  • Nina
    I won this book on FreeBook Friday,( that Jessica Brody started !) and I really liked it a lot, I am looking forward to reading Love Under Cover after reading this one. It's a very unique story and I highly recommend it.