Big Green Purse by Diane McEachern

Big Green Purse

Read Diane McEachern's posts on the Penguin Blog.Protecting our environment is one of the biggest issues facing our planet today. But how do we solve a problem that can seem overwhelming-even hopeless? As Diane MacEachern argues in Big Green Purse, the best way to fight the industries that pollute the planet, thereby changing the marketplace forever, is to mobilize the most powerful consumer force in the world-women. MacEachern's message is simp...

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TitleBig Green Purse
Release DateFeb 28th, 2008
GenreNonfiction, Environment, Sustainability, Reference, Green, Self Help

Reviews Big Green Purse

  • Angela Gerhardt
    This book delivered answers to a lot of my questions - how can I drive my personal choices to drive more sustainable market. I highly recommend to all, as we should consider how our daily action effect the environment.
  • Heather Muzzy
    As an environmentalist with a flair for local activism I was delighted to find this book to recommend for the green beginner. If you already have green habits, buy less, and spend locally on organics you should get this book for a newbie you know.It's an easy reference layout so one can flip or skip as needed and even beter to come back for a reread.I loved how she briefly explained the minute details of extra packing of niche items and how the m...
  • Courtney Stirrat
    I cannot recommend this fantastic book enough. An incredible consciousness-raiser about environmental issues, this book provides options for small, medium and large changes to improve every aspect of the environment. The author is practical and honest about the higher cost (initially) of a lot of aspects of green living and tells her readers how to get the highest bang for their green buck. As a result of reading this book, I remain committed to ...
  • Marit
    Highly recommend this book for those who are looking to do exactly as the book title suggests. It's not a panacea of course but will give you some great ideas for alternative materials, stores, etc. AND will make you more aware of the materials that we use in daily life that may impact our health and our environment in ways we are not aware of, such as which shampoos we use or what dyes go into certain fabrics we use for clothing. Read it through...
  • Kimberly
    What a great resource! I found this book a wonderful and informative guide. The biggest new piece of information was understanding how companies try to "green wash" consumers into thinking they are purchasing sustainable products when in fact they are not. In addition, understanding the importance of third party verification and what specific ingredients are to avoid and why was very interesting. Finally, I think this book empowers citizens espec...
  • Kristin
    With the obvious fact of global warming and the disasters this has created, this book is an easy read for some easy fixes in our everyday life. Stop using styrofoam, use your own mug for the many coffee hits you need to get through the day and please, turn your car off when you pick up the children from the various activities you are shuttling them to and from. Start recycling and turn off appliances.For those who are unsure where to start, this ...
  • Mckinley
    Follow-up to Silent Spring. What you can do now about environmental concerns that have been accruing since at least the 1950s.1. Buy less2. Read the label3. Support sustainable standards4. Look for third-party verification5. Choose fewer ingredients6. Pick less packaging7. Buy localchapters focus on areas - cosmetics, cars, food and drink, cleaning, clothing, children, gardens, etc.with lots of tips, recommended products and companies
  • Kevin
    The book gives excellent ideas of not only going green but demonstrating how regular everyday products can harm a persons personal health. In addition Diane McEachern understands that not everybody can afford the green movement, therefore she suggests to go green when you can. The green movement isn't being forced upon the reader, but gives ideas to go green and Diane even gives examples of how she went green. A good read!
  • Chade66
    I only skimmed this book, skipping much of the environmental explanations as to why I should do this or that thing. I understand most of the whys. They had many interesting suggestions, however, many of the suggestions far surpassed my wallet's ability to indulge in them.It does have a nice list of resources for different types of green products including lists of organic clothing suppliers etc, so it could be a nice resource for that alone.
  • Jennifer Kyrnin
    I was given this book and it looked interesting for learning more about green living, but it really is a green shopping guide. And because I'm trying to focus my life on buying LESS this seemed something of an antithesis to what I wanted. I'm sure people who enjoy shopping more than I do (which, admittedly, is 99% of the universe) will find this book more valuable.
  • Jennifer
    I loved that this book actually broke down the companies that make legitimate "green" products. Typically you are just redirected to the web, but this author took the time to list them as well as describe them.
  • Lea
    This is right up my ally. A lot of what MacEachern has to say I already know, but there is also a lot of new information. National Geographic's Green Guide is a fantastic, quarterly periodical that I like a lot. The corresponding website is fantastic too (
  • Barbara
    Good. Informative. Answered a lot of questions. Would be good for a reference. Main beef is it doesn't deal with being a green pet owner. Maybe later editions perhaps? Kinda sobering abit and some of it I already do.
  • Jeffrey
    If you are just starting to become aware that your spending choices are important, this will cover all the major topics for you and give some decent guidelines.If you're already reading labels, then skip it.
  • Tiffany
    I really liked this book. I thought it came from a very practical point of view. I also liked that it gave you ideas on where to start greening up your life and what is actually worth your money.
  • Kaitlin L
    This is such a good book. Learn how to shift your spending power to create a greener, healthier planet. She shows you how to spend the same amount of money to create less of an environmental impact.
  • Vanessa Knepp
    Great Read! Full of information everyone should know!
  • Elisabeth
    All you ever wanted to know about green purchasing, from cleansers to clothes to carpeting, etc.
  • Michelle
    So helpful!!
  • Amanda
    Real eye opening book abour what we use and what we should be using.
  • Hilary
    This is the best book ever!!! Well, only if you are interested in commentary on how to live green! I recommend this to everyone! Wait 'til you read the ingredients in cosmetics...creepy!
  • Karen
    This should be a standard household reference. If we all did HALF of what's in here, the planet would stand a chance of surviving. Karen
  • Beth
    Great reference tool for using your wallet to make wiser, greener consumer choices.
  • Gina
    Definitely a great resource worth checking out.
  • Jamila
    Good for reference. Not a book I would read page to page.