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Impulsive Marianne Dashwood and cautious Elinor are as different as two sisters could be, yet both are shattered by their father's sudden Death. Elinor's attachment to the reserved Edward Ferrars is torn asunder by family opposition and his own dark secret, while Marianne's brilliant romance with the dashing John Willoughby comes to a tumultuous end in a devastating public betrayal. Can the two sisters overcome these trials to find true, lasting ...

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TitleManga Classics
Release DateAug 9th, 2016
PublisherUdon Entertainment
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Classics, Graphic Novels, Romance, Comics, Fiction, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Retellings

Reviews Manga Classics

  • Aneela ♒the_mystique_reader♒
    Wow! what a read! Set in the countryside of 17th century, this Manga Classic is beautifully executed.The Dashwood sisters - Elinor and Marianne are like two opposite faces of the same coin. Elinor Dashwood is reserved, composed and cautious while the younger sister Marianne is expressive, emotional and volatile. Nonetheless, they both share a strong bond and deep affection for each other. Their bond strengthens further as the story advances espec...
  • [Shai] Bibliophage
    I'm giving this 5 stars not because of the story; but because of how the illustrations done by Po Tse, and on how good Stacy King was able to squeezed into 300 pages the entire tale of this classic story.The story of Sense & Sensibility is a typical romance story, which we could still read on some pocketbook novels nowadays. If I could the story alone, I would only give it 4 stars. I neither like it nor hate it; but I admit that I like some chara...
  • Tammie
    Manga Classic: Sense and Sensibility was a solid 4 stars. As a huge Jane Austen fan, I was really excited to read this in manga form and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Manga Classic: Sense and Sensibility stays true to the original book and centers around the lives of the Dashwood women, particularly sisters Marianne and Elinor. I’d highly recommend this to fans of any age that enjoy manga and classic books. As with all the Manga Classics ...
  • ♛ Garima ♛
    This is my favorite but of course after 'Pride and Prejudice' of Jane Austen.This was so amazing...seeing classic adaption in form of delicate work of Manga. Truly beautiful...
  • Roobie
    ⭐3.5 stars⭐
  • Sesana
    I feel like this entry in the Manga Classics series took a few more liberties than the ones I've read before. In particular, Fanny is much more of an overt villain than the much more subtle snob she is in the book. I didn't particularly care for the art, either. It's basically manga standard, but it isn't particularly good manga standard, either. But it is a basically decent and to the point adaptation, even so.
  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    Although I'm a Jane Austen fan, I don't find particullary charming Sense and sensibility (but I love Ang Lee's screen adaptation). This Manga, however, is fantastic. The artwork is so beautiful... The story is there but with changes, of course (which doesn't bother me at all). As all these Manga Classic adaptations, is a great one.
  • Sophia
    This was my third of the Manga Classics series. I was eager to pick it up and experience one of Jane Austen's classic tales told in Manga graphic novel format after finding the last two engaging. I thought the adaption did well grasping the heart of Jane Austen's story both with words and art.The story is abridged to meet its new format, but covers the well-worn path of the Dashwood ladies losing husband and father and home in two quick blows. Th...
  • Nicole
    First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.So far, I think this is my least favorite of these Manga Classics. I still loved the way the story was told and I still loved the art work. The story itself, just wasn't for me. What I really really loved, though, was the relationship between the two sisters, I think that that was pretty much my favorite thing about the whole story.I have the actual book in my book shelve, maybe reading t...
  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
    I want to give a huge thank you to NetGalley and Udon Entertainment for providing me an eARC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.Synopsis: This is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. This manga lets you read a modernized version of the story and view artwork at the same time. Marianne and Elinor are completely two different women. Both women are trying to cope with the sudden loss of their father. Sense and Sensibilit...
  • Marjolein
    3.5 Stars Read all my reviews on This being my sixth Manga Classics I knew I was in for a treat when I saw Sense & Sensibility appear on Netgalley. Like the other installments in the series, this manga adaptation reads very fast but still manages to transfer the story quite well. I'm not a particularly big fan of the Jane Austen I've read so far, and I have to admit that all my knowledge about Sense & Sensibil...
  • Monique V
    I enjoyed it greatly! I am guilty, why? I have not read sense and sensibility the book! I know shame on me, but I have to admit I am glad I read it in this format first. It gave me the feel of the story with incredible art. This was also my firts manga and it took me a while to get into it but eventually I did and the experience became enjoyable. I am exited to read the book now thanks to this! I recommend it!
  • Arybo ✨
    This is my least favorite Udon manga so far. I had different issues with this book, starting with the art style. It’s too much: I couldn’t feel the “Austen” atmosphere in these pages because of the drawings. The characters seemed like weeping all the time and their hair was everywhere. There were a lot of scenes difficult to read and appreciate. The main protagonists, Marianne and Elinor, showed just some parts of their souls: Marianne se...
  • Tara
    Another great Manga classic. Sense and sensibility is one of my favourites and this is a great adaptation. Pretty and well stylised, a fun way to enjoy classic literature, the only criticism is the language of the characters feel a bit too modern at some points and not quite in keeping with the period, but overall a great read.
  • Victoria
    Not your usual retelling of Sense and Sensibility, but I have to say, it's my favourite in this Manga Series. I've been pretty happy overall with the series - it helped me appreciate Emma more to start, but it also helped reawaken my love for my first Austen novel - S&S.It's the standard story, condensed, but it does give some insight I missed when I first read S&S all those years ago. I had never realized until reading this that their mother is ...
  • Amina Ibrahim
    I liked this version of the classic novel (Which I haven't read, don't know why). The expressions were wonderful, some just on the borderline of funny. I loved Elinor's dress. I was trying hard to read the dialogues and not stare and the dress. It was so simple and sophisticated, just like her. Every character, no matter their personalities had to take decisions based on sense and logic. This comic is urging me to read the novel now, so a plus po...
  • Kristin Davison
    I would like to thank Netgalley and UDON Entertainment and Morpheus Studios for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Sense and Sensibility was the first Austen novel I read, and so has a special place in my heart. The author of this manga doesn't seem to have understand the meaning of the story, it's over dramatised and misses the point of the story. The characters don't look right and are doing things out of character. Overa...
  • Lara Mi
    Sense and Sensibility is easily my least favourite of the Jane Austen Manga Classics. Although there were several elements that were very well done, there was just too much that did not sit right with me. I think for this particular one, it would be easiest if I go through the pros and cons.ProsJust like the other adaptations of this series, the backgrounds and over all panel layout were beautifully done. They are rich in detail and easy to follo...
  • Alice
    Ce genre de transposition, vous commencez à le savoir, je suis plutôt fan. Je trouve ça amusant et rafraîchissant et celui-ci ne fait pas exception. Pourtant, avant même d'entamer ma lecture, quelques petites choses me gênent. D'abord, il s'agit des mêmes auteurs que pour le manga Orgueil et Préjugés, ce qui compte tenu de la qualité de l'adaptation du texte n'est pas forcément une bonne nouvelle mais le pire est que les droits frança...
  • Nikki
    THIS REVIEW & MORE → SYNOPSES BY SARGEI received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Sense and Sensibility is my second favorite Jane Austen novel, so I was a little hesitant going into this manga since it has a lot to live up to. The Dashwood family lived at Norland Park in Sussex, England. We find John Dashwood visiting his sickly father, Henry. Henry’s dying wish is for John to take care of his mother and sisters as Jo...
  • Deni Ciubotaru
    I got this copy from Udon Entertainment on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I started reading the original Sense and Sensibility and I could not get myself to read it. I barely read 3 pages so when I found this one on NetGalley I thought it might help me but it didn't.I know this is different than the original novel in some ways but I really don't like the plot. There was too much crying and too much drama.I should make a drinking game ...
  • BAM The Bibliomaniac
    Netgalley #15Many thanks go to UDON and Netgalley for the free copy of this Manga version of Jane Austen’s classic for my unbiased opinion. This is probably my favorite Austen novel, so I’m very excited to see how it translates.And translate it certainly did! What beautiful illustrations. I feel there may have been a slight cinematic influence as well. And all the famous quotes were included, which was a requirement. I think this format is an...
  •  ~Geektastic~
    (These observations are based on the ARC, generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review)This is not a horrible adaptation--I think younger readers and more hardcore manga fans will enjoy it. As an amateur Austen scholar, I enjoyed it as a curiosity and a peek into the weirdness of cross-cultural Austen adaptation, but I didn't particularly care for it on its own merits. The histrionics that are sort of typical of manga sto...
  • Kailey (BooksforMKs)
    I loved this manga adaptation of Jane Austen's classic story! The manga follows the original story pretty closely, and the artwork is beautiful.There's a lot of crying in this book! I mean, I suppose there's a lot of crying in the original story too, but seeing almost all the characters constantly collapsing into violent tears, hysterics, and/or fits of depression was over-the-top dramatic. Then again, Marianne Dashwood is the epitome of drama! h...
  • BookishLor
    3.5/5 starsThis was another favorite story of mine made into a beautiful manga! The illustrations were absolutely beautiful, flowery and romantic in design. I would love to see those in true color instead of black and white! The panels and dialogue were very easy to read. I didn't find myself confused as to which line to read next which has occurred in other classic manga stories.There were parts of the story that were breezed over such as Margar...
  • Elliot A
    I was auto-approved by the publisher Udon Entertainment through NetGalley to review this title.I have only read the original Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen once, but have watched television productions throughout the years.I’m still not sure about this one. I found the artwork pretty, but also comical. I understand that Austen’s works possess a certain amount of comical commentary of social customs; however, with respect to the artwork ...
  • Mavis Ros
    "Can the two sisters overcome these trials to find true, lasting happiness?" First off, it's exciting to read a classic tale out of one of your favourite authors being adapted into manga illustrations. The illustrations were beautifully well-drawn and satisfying enough to admire its emotions being depicted through the eyes of the beloved characters. I'm literally a Jane Austen fan so it comes to no surprise that I had enjoyed this a lot more than...
  • Andrea Way
    4.5 Stars - What can I say but wow. I was blown away of how well, this manga was. I have read manga before but this was something incredibly special. I love Jane Austen and her stories have been favourites since my childhood. I loved the idea of turning a beloved classic into a style fit for a new modern audience. The author has managed to add all the details and fundamentals of the story without losing any of the charm or story. The art style is...
  • Ije the Devourer of Books
    Another excellent portrayal of classic literature in manga form. Jane Austen's story is brought to life in this volume of manga and we get to experience 18th Century England through her writing and through this art form. Her story illustrates the importance of marriage, social standing and social class in the 18th Century.We meet Marianne and Elinor Dashwood, sisters who are forced to move to a new home with their mother when their father dies. T...
  • Sammi
    Well, this has made the classics fun!! This is my first Manga Classic and also my first read of Sense and Sensibility (don't judge me!)I did get a bit confused with some of the characters, but I'm putting that down to me never reading the original lol. This is a fast-paced read, but I still went away feeling like I got the whole story. Plus the art work is stunning!!Will definitely be buying these gorgeous books and reading the whole Manga Classi...