A Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3) by David Weber

A Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3)

After the disastrous attack on the Manticoran home system by forces unknown, the Royal Manticoran Navy stands on the brink of collapse. A shadowy enemy with the resources to hurl warships across hundreds of light years seeks to conquer the Star Kingdom for reasons unknown, while forces from within Manticore’s own government seek to discredit and weaken the Navy for reasons very much known: their own political gain.It’s up to officers like Tra...

Details A Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3)

TitleA Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3)
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherBaen Books
GenreScience Fiction, Space, Space Opera, Fiction, War, Military Fiction

Reviews A Call to Vengeance (Honorverse: Manticore Ascendant, #3)

  • Jean
    This is book three in The Manticore Ascendant Series. In this story we are following the naval career of Lieutenant Travis Uriah Long and the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth II in 1544 PD. There has been a disastrous attack on the Manticoran Home System and the Royal Manticoran Navy stands at the brink of collapse. Weber provides the history of the House of Winton in this book. Weber reveals the politics that is going on, both civilian and na...
  • MAB LongBeach
    Third in the prequel series to the Honor Harrington saga. Manticore is a young kingdom, still forming traditions in government and navy. It has been targeted by a corporation that wants control of the newly discovered wormhole to Manticorean space--which Manticore doesn't know about yet. New threats, new explorations, and new alliances follow two waves of invasion, in an exciting adventure.I was hoping that this would be the final book in a trilo...
  • Kathy Davie
    Third and last in the Manticore Ascendant science fiction military soap opera series, a prequel in the Honorverse, revolving around the kingdom of Manticore, as we follow the career of Lieutenant Travis Uriah Long, and introducing us to the start of Elizabeth II’s reign in 1544 PD.My TakeUnderhanded greed is what it’s all about. On both sides. What can I say, politics are involved. It does help that Weber/Zahn use third person omniscient poin...
  • Dan
    Very good read, in a very good series
  • Liviu
    Definitely better than first 2 volumes - here the story should have started imho with the first two volumes compressed into about a half novel; intrigue, action and cool naval battles finally (the battle in Call to Arms wasn't new as it has already been published as a novella)Restarted my interest in the series (this one I mean, not the hoped-for going forward into the Honorverse beyond the current point) so will get and read the next one asap fo...
  • Kathy Martin
    The events in this third entry into the Manticore Ascendant series follow closely on the events of book 2. The Royal Manticoran Navy is trying to pick up the pieces remaining after the battle with pirates was won and the politicians, especially Lord Breakwater, are trying to further reduce the power and influence of the Navy. When a second wave of attack comes just weeks after the first, it is up to the RMN to defend Manticore with a very damaged...
  • Tony Hisgett
    In many ways this is a typical David Weber book, there is a great story, but it is just too long winded. To be fair, it is better than some of the recent Honor Harrington books, but I just wish he would get to the point.The book develops slowly as several different storylines gradually evolve, the problems is that nothing really happens until right at the end of the book.Unfortunately, the end of the story was a bit of an anticlimax. There were a...
  • Daniel
    Second half is much much much better than the first half. In fact, the second half is so much better it almost makes the awful first half palatable. Almost.
  • Nokomis.FL
    Been waiting quite a while for the third book in the Manticore Acsending prequel series to David Weber's Honorverse and was happy to see it up on the Baen Publishing eARC page. Because this is a co-authored series with Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope is doesn't suffer from the usual Weber bloat. The story picks up a few weeks after the ending of the last book, without the usual lengthy recap, gets going quickly and stays on point until the end. This...
  • Clyde
    I am quite enjoying this series about the early days of the star kingdom of Manticore. In this story as the title implies, Manticore is out for revenge against those who attacked it. They are also desperately trying to discover why some shadowy entity wants to conqueror the star kingdom -- remote and relatively unimportant as it is.Travis Long and Lisa Donnelly head out on separate missions to try to achieve those goals. Minor spoilers: (view spo...
  • Per Gunnar
    This is what David Weber does best, military space opera. His Honor Harrington series was probably the first real space opera that I read. I liked it greatly and Weber has stayed as one of my favorite authors of military science fiction ever since.His latest works have frequently suffered from a bit of verbosity overkill and have been dragged down by talk, talk and more talk. This book is not entirely free from this but it is, luckily, not too ba...
  • John
    Very cool addition to the seriesThis book gives you a good rollercoaster ride and as it has it's ups and downs and continues the excellent character development from the other books and i really enjoyed the story and can not wait for the next one in the series
  • Mitchell
    That was disappointing. It was fine, but definitely didn't continue the trajectory of the first two books. And yes writing to a formula is bad, but writing messy isn't necessarily better. And what's with Travis and Lisa's relationship anyway - as written it doesn't ring true. Too complicated and not believable enough and still a bit too obvious. Not bad, but not as good as I was expecting.
  • Julia
    I wasn't as excited about this as other reviewers. The storylines didn't seem to intersect well, and while the battles were conclusive the personal development was largely through telling rather than showing.
  • Bill
    This continues to be an excellent series in the Honorverse.
  • Ralph Schäfer
    Gute, spannende und sehr solide Military SF, der Handlungsbogen aus den Vorgängerbänden wird spannend und schlüssig weitergeführt. Das Buch hat für mich definitiv die 4 Sterne verdient.
  • Bjoern
    A solid continuation of the "prequel" Series set early in the Kingdom of Manticore's History.although I must say that Travis Uriah Long has become pretty boring, compared to his first appearances where he was constantly grating against expectations and social mores, meaning I much preferred the Wintons that made it into this novel and a few of the Extra Characters than our "protagonist" that had turned into a pretty Sue-ish character who cannot e...
  • Pat Patterson
    WINNER of 2018 Dragon Award for 'Best Military Science Fiction'I obtained this book directly from the publisher's (Baen's) website.I picked this one to read, because it was a finalist fer the 2018 Dragon Award for 'Best Military Science Fiction Novel;' and it WON! Congratulations to the team!You can get a more exhaustive treatment of the book at my blog,Papa Pat Rambles.This book, like many others on the list, is a single installment in a series....
  • Christopher
    A Call to Vengeance kicks off after the previous book with Travis and Lisa back on Manticore! :D At the same time Breakwater is up to his political games! :D As the story progresses the reader gets put through the ringer again as one disaster after another seems to strike the Royal Family of Manticore! :D There is a little plot twisting as those who have read the previous books know that an Elizabeth ends up on the thrown and we are thrown a few ...
  • Leons1701
    Not bad. This series is a lot more approachable than the most recent entries in the main Harrington series. And I'd guess either Weber agrees or his co-authors on this series are pushing the pace, because these books have been popping out the way Honor books did back in the day. Anyhow, this is the third, but presumably not final, book in the Manticore Ascendant series, so by now you should know what you're getting. A bit of military action, some...
  • Erik Sapp
    About halfway through this book, I realized what bothered me so much about this series. I REALLY dislike Travis Long. He is an annoying character who feels like he should develop and grow, but never does. In the first book, it made sense for him to be hidebound and rules-obsessed, but in the 10+ years since, he should have mellowed. Although it seems at times like he has, he'll turn around and do something to show he has not. So why, if I dislike...
  • Michael Brown
    There is a problem with the Honor Harrington series --- Manticore is a huge and for the most part successful kingdom. A few hints have been dropped about a troubled past but not much else. With the Ascendant series we see a very young and naïve Manticore with little if any strengths in place. No wormhole commerce domination. No real industry. No military to speak of. And the self centered politicians starting to build their clicks which in decad...
  • Michael
    This is book three in the Manticore Ascendant series. This series is a prequel to the Honor Harrington saga. This one is by David Weber, Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope. This book is simply a great read. It is a fine example of Space Opera/Military Science Fiction. Travis Long and Lisa Donnelly are once again thrust into the forefront of defense for the young Star Kingdom of Manticore. Manticore is still reeling from an unprovoked attack which nearl...
  • Andy Zach
    With the third prequel of the series leading to the Honor Harrington series, David Weber and his co-authors, Timothy Zahn and Thomas Pope, have written their best novel yet. 'A Call to Vengeance' is the most action-packed and the most riveting characters. Lead characters Travis Long and Lisa Donnelly continue to progress within the Manticoran navy through innovative thinking and bold action, risking their lives. Meanwhile, shady politics combine ...
  • Cynthia Dalton
    Book 3 in the Manticore Ascendant series. Following an attack on the planet which killed the crown prince. Manticore must regroup and decide whether to concentrate on rebuilding the Navy or expanding the Patrol and Rescue Service (think Coast Guard in space) both of which performed admirably during the recent attack. While the two factions fight this out in Parliment, another crisis hits the royal family that affects the succession. Travis Long a...
  • Margaret
    I have really enjoyed this prequel series - Manticore when it was just a backwater Star Kingdom being attacked by mercenaries and just barely surviving. (In other words, Manticore BEFORE it was the Manticore we know and love of Honor Harrington's day.)I especially have enjoyed the main protagonist Travis Uriah Long. Rules and regulations mean a lot to Travis. It was very interesting to see over the course of these three books Travis coming to ter...
  • Brian Martin
    A collaboration of three great writers? Where can you go wrong? What one misses, the others pick up and run with it. I will say that space opera science fiction is primarily defined by its VILLAINS rather than their heroes (or anit-heroes, as the case may be), and ACtV does not disappoint here. Some villains are two dimensional, whereas here.... Mr. X (as I call him, since his real identity is, rightly so, concealed) really makes you want to hate...
  • kenneth ballard
    Pretty good third volume in this prequel series, but a slight disappointment on technical grounds - it was announced more than a year ago, so there was some initial confusion about whether it would come out in 2017 or 2018. But despite the long lead time the proof reading wasn't as good as it should have been. Example: Travis's (possessive) is underlined throughout the book, for no reason I could see. There were a few continuity glitches as well....
  • Dan'l Danehy-oakes
    (Volume 3 of "Manticore Ascendant")In two previous books, Travis Long has demonstrated his freak talent for tactics by saving the day in several battles. In this book, he demonstrates his freak talent for tactics by saving the day in a couple of battles - though in one case he actually saves the day by avoiding a battle and scaring the enemy off.Plus, there's politics. Bad old Earl Breakwater, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Manticore, is out to...
  • Betsy
    [July 22, 2018]This is the third installment of the Manticore Rising series and it was a pretty good space adventure. The struggling Star Kingdom of Manticore sends off two different ships in different directions to try to find out what they can about who recently attacked them. One ship houses Lt. Travis Uriah Long, and the other has Travis' friend Lisa as it's new XO. Meanwhile at home the Monarchy has it's own crises to weather.It's a good tal...