Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2) by Ryan Graudin

Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2)

There would be blood. Blood for blood. Blood to pay. An entire world of it.For the resistance in the Third Reich, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun. Death camp survivor Yael, who has the power to skinshift, is on the run: the world has just seen her shoot and kill Hitler. But the truth of what happened is far more complicated, and its consequences are deadly. Yael and her unlikely comrades dive into enemy territory to try to turn ...

Details Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2)

TitleBlood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2)
Release DateNov 1st, 2016
PublisherLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Alternate History

Reviews Blood for Blood (Wolf By Wolf, #2)

  • Victoria Schwab
    Mwahaha author friend perks.
  • Emily May
    “There are no rules in this war.” 2 1/2 stars. I'm rounding up on this one for a couple of reasons: 1) I did enjoy it, though not as much as Wolf by Wolf, and 2) Part of the problem is a personal issue to me, and others clearly felt very different.Firstly, Wolf by Wolf was an exception to a rule of mine. I almost never enjoy "journey" books, where most of the book consists of the protagonist travelling between two plot points. I generally fin...
  • Cristina Monica
    Woah. Woah. Much better than ‘‘Wolf by Wolf,’’ I think.And way to plant a knife into my heart and then twist it twenty times until it’s so deep it’s not even visible anymore.Brace yourself, is what I recommend. Mouahahahaha.Yael’s characterization is exceptional. This isn’t news, as she was pretty strong and impressive in the first book also, but she’s more in touch with her emotions here. She has more control over them.I’ve b...
  • Laura
    “Monsters murder entire groups of people without blinking, but get upset when they have to wash human ash from their garden strawberries. Monsters are the ones who watch other people do these things and do nothing to stop it. You and I are not monsters. If anything, we’re miracles.” Maybe my hopes were a little high with Blood for Blood because Wolf by Wolf was SO good. It was unique, fresh, and beyond exhilarating. The premise was everyt...
  • Mikee (ReadWithMikee)
    Well, I think Blood for Blood definitely takes the cake on the most unsatisfying finale I've ever read...Wolf by Wolf was one of my favorite reads of 2016 and with that CLIFFHANGER, holy guacamole, I just needed to find out what happens next in the second book. Blood for Blood was pretty interesting in the beginning but as we got towards the middle of the book, the more I started to get bored and didn't care about the characters, what they were d...
  • ambsreads
    WARNING: spoilers for both Wolf by Wolf and Blood for Blood “Fear is not an excuse,” Yael told him. “Fear is being human.” Blood for Blood was a book I have been excitedly anticipating all year. The end of Wolf by Wolf had me in shock as I had not even known there was going to be a second book. So, of course I marked the release date on my calendar and waited not so patiently. Having studied World War 2 from Germany's perspective I was ...
  • emma
    I WAS SUPPOSED TO LOVE THIS BOOK. It hurt my heart how much I didn’t like it. (Or that pain might have been caused by this GROSS ROMANCE.) whole book dripped with that trope of emotionless/very strong characters (who always call themselves monsters) becoming, like, empathetic to human life. (Sidenote: what does it say about me that I can’t stand that plotline? It’s really synonymous with “these c...
  • Maxwell
    I enjoyed this one more than I did the first. And it's really refreshing to read a duology—something that's wrapped up in 2 volumes instead of being dragged out into a trilogy unnecessarily. Yael's character development, as well as Felix and Luka's in this book especially, was fantastic. I appreciated the bittersweet nature of the ending and that the author didn't pander. It felt very naturally complete. Overall not the most amazing thing I've ...
  • Drew
    Baasch’s voice swelled over the Führer’s speech. He watched the television, a half smile breaking his face. “There will be blood. There will be more than enough. The world is about to drown in it.” Such a brutal ending to a great series. So much violence and anguish marking the horror of WWII, a time when the Nazis dictated Germany and killed so many innocents.To be fair, this series isn't an *exact* portrayal of WWII. The author creativ...
  • Adrianna
    Well, scheisse, if this wasn't the most beautiful ending to a brilliant story!ALL THE STARS!Just be aware, I use a lot of German terms because...THIS BOOK!!If you don't know what I am talking about, then you definitely missing out.Pick Wolf by Wolf RIGHT NOW! "Taking a life takes something from you." There's so much I want to say about this book. So, so many feels!! The beginning.Amazing start to a sequel. I was hooked instantly! (view spoile...
  • Caitlin
    This book hurt me so much. I have been personally attacked by this book. I am not okay. This book was INCREDIBLE though! I was shook to my core and sat in my car and cried because of some of the plot twists. Firstly, fuck Felix. I wanted to like him but fuck that stupid bastard it's all his fault. Secondly, Luka is the love of my life and he's everything I love about a character. He's sarcastic and witty and so loveable and I'm just DYING in feel...
  • Alyssa
    Great, but heartbreaking.***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Blood for Blood by Ryan GraudinBook Two of the Wolf by Wolf seriesPublisher: Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersPublication Date: November 1, 2016Rating: 4 starsSource: ARC obtained via tradeSummary (from Goodreads):There would be blood.Blood for blood.Blood to pay.An entire world of it.For the resistance in 1950s Germany, the war may be over, but the fight has just begun.D...
  • Jen (The Starry-Eyed Revue)
    An ARC of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts are my own. This review can also be found at The Starry-Eyed Revue. Bloody verdammt book that made me cry all the tears and feel all the things. This follow-up to Wolf by Wolf was very different in tone and content but it was every bit as good and interesting and heartbreaking. Where Wolf by Wolf was all witty banter and racing and unbelievably sad...
  • Poonam
    3.5 starsBuddy Read with Nameeta. "The wolfes were safe, but there would be blood. Blood for Blood. Blood to pay. An entire world of it. Salvation, damnation, salvation, damnation." *May have mild spoilers for the first book of this series*As this is a duo-logy and the first book was a pretty good read, the expectations from this one were obviously very high. Where the first book was all about the Axis Tour, impersonation and assassination atte...
  • Anja H.
    *3.75 RESISTANT STARS* "Her heart kept splitting inside her. Growing and breaking, rended and rendered, reminding her that she was so, so sick of death." Well, this was a little bit of a letdown even though I knew beforehand that most people who read this were really disappointed after the magnificence that was book 1!Because of that, my expectations were not that high to begin with, but I still feel like so much more could have been done with ...
  • Madison
    26/12/2016- *Cries in 20 different languages* One eye is crying tears of happiness because I just read one of the best books to exist.The other eye is crying tears of sadness because one of the best series has ended.SPOILER ALERT AHEAD (just in case the spoiler thing doesn't work)-(view spoiler)[I woke up on Christmas morning and decided to read this damn book and I died inside. Christmas was ruined. Ryan Graudin stole Christmas from me. They fin...
  • Michael
    4.5I can't see my screen right now cause I'm still crying, so excuse any typos. While I did have problems with this book (pacing, action sequences) the characters and story were just so overwhelmingly powerful. The theme's of sacrificing yourself for something you believe in, of loss and grief were done so incredibly well. Even knowing that their stories are over, I feel SO much for these characters and hope that their unwritten futures have happ...
  • Elena Salvatore
    SPOILERS AHEAD. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK (or if you're like me and want the spoilery review so you don't have to read the book yourself). Yael has escaped the party where she shot Hitler, or so it seemed.Before she jumped out of the window she saw that instead of Hitler lying dead on the floor, it was another man. A man who was a shapeshifter like her which meant one thing. There isn't only one Hitler. So now the problem is how to identify the rea...
  • Lia
    WHY DID I READ Wolf by Wolf the day it came out??? Why didn't I anticipate the pain of waiting an entire year for the next book? Why isn't this book in my hands yet??? WHY DID I READ Wolf by Wolf the day it came out??? Why didn't I anticipate the pain of waiting an entire year for the next book? Why isn't this book in my hands yet???
  • Sara Saif
    I stalled for as long as I could but this needs to be out of my system so I can move on. As much as I love reading a series, the ending, that wrapping up of things, it always leaves sadness behind. Wolf by Wolf was exceptional and so was Blood for Blood. A unique journey with strange elements and even stranger characters, the series explored one of the deadliest what-ifs in human history. And yet, it managed to make me smile and laugh amidst the ...
  • Maggie ☘
    *3.8/5 stars* “Monsters murder entire groups of people without blinking, but get upset when they have to wash human ash from their garden strawberries. Monsters are the ones who watch other people do these things and do nothing to stop it. You and I are not monsters. If anything, we’re miracles.” Blood for Blood was in all ways a weaker book than Wolf by Wolf, but despite that it was a great final story nonethelss. I do think it was in ma...
  • Zoe Stewart (Zoe's All Booked)
    I loved this book as much as the first one, although it took longer to get into it. I don't know if I was in a slump because of it or if I was already in a slump, but it took me 2 1/2 weeks to read this when it should've taken about five hours. When I did finally get fully into it, however, it flew by. Chapter 49 ruined me. I knew it was going to happen, and I know why it happened, but it still ruined me. I'm still not over it. I guessed the plot...
  • imts
    "Healing hurt."I thought this was a trilogy. I honestly thought this was a trilogy. Imagine my surprise (and distress) when I realized the story ended here, in this book. No more Yael. No more Luka. No more Felix; no more Adele.It all ended here. (What a heartwrenching ending that was, too.)I never really know what, exactly, to say about books I loved from beginning to end, so I try to let my rating speak for me. Five stars, no less, people.
  • Jenny
    What a great story! Yael, Luka, even Felix... The last chapter was a bit too sappy for my taste, but this doesn't change my overall opinion!
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum, I just finished Blood for Blood and now I need a hug.By the way, if you haven’t started this series already, you really need to pick up Wolf by Wolf and read it right away. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Otherwise I can’t promise this review won’t spoil anything for the first book, since this sequel picks up right where the cliffhanger left off and it’d be hard to tal...
  • Lori
    Even more suspenseful and action packed than Wolf by Wolf. This series is a breath of fresh air in the YA genre... Graudin has created something special in these novels. The only small critisism I have was with the relationship between Yael and Luka... wish it had been able to developed a little deeper. Still a brilliant example of what great YA should be.
  • Shaun Hutchinson
    Wonderful, wonderful book. Did not see that ending coming. Thanks for making me cry.
  • Wren (fablesandwren)
    WrensReads Review:This series deserves more hype and I am hoping that those who read this will give this duology a chance.This is a retelling of a very real thing that happened: World War II.Before I start, I want to shut down those who believe this series is insulting to what actually happened. Wolf by Wolf and Blood For Blood DO NOT GLORIFY the Nazis and what they did to innocent people. If anything, it helps see the hurt and pain that can come...
  • Theresa
    Wow. Wow wow wow. What a great end to an amazing series. I loved the first book Wolf By Wolf and Blood for Blood was just as amazing. It was fast paced from the very start and continued the story beautifully. I love Yael and my love for her grew and grew while reading this last installment. Her strength and her heart was truly amazing and so human and real. Luka and Felix both grew so tremendously as characters through this novel it was amazing t...