End of Story by Peter Abrahams

End of Story

Aspiring author Ivy Seidel accepts a part-time position teaching writing to a group of convicted criminals hoping the experience will add depth and darkness to her own work.But in the haunting writings of charismatic inmate Vance Harrow she discovers a talent possibly greater than her own. And in the startling, disturbing stories Harrow has to tell, Ivy finds a dangerous new purpose—and a terrifying temptation that lures her into an inescapable...

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TitleEnd of Story
Release DateJan 30th, 2007
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery Thriller, Crime, Adult, Novels, Contemporary

Reviews End of Story

  • Will Byrnes
    Ivy is an aspiring writer, working as a waitress and dreaming dreams of literary glory. When a writer friend hits a jackpot he offers her a chance to take over a teaching job he had been doing, teaching a writing class at a state penitentiary in upstate New York. Although it is a frightening experience, it is also stimulating. There is one inmate who captures her interest with the richness of his writing, and Ivy feels that he can have a future a...
  • Melanie
    This book is about a struggling author who is offered a part time job teaching writing in a men's prison. She becomes interested in the case of one of the prisoners in her class and thinks he is innocent of the crime he was prosecuted for. She investigates and gets in WAY over her head.I thought the book was o.k. A good thing was that I wanted to find out how everything would end. Another good thing; at just past the halfway mark I thought I had ...
  • David Carr
    Ivy, MFA, young naive New York bartender and aspiring writer, takes a job teaching writing to murderous, psychopathic male prisoners. This is A BIG MISTAKE. And, alas, it is such an obvious mistake to the the reader that he begins to wonder about the praise given to this writer and this book. It is almost enough to cause one to lose faith in Stephen King, who calls the author his "favorite American suspense novelist." Could this be true?Or the Ch...
  • Lori
    I got such a kick out of this book.Ivy Seidel is a writer. And honestly, we quickly realize she's not very good. In fact, she's not all that smart. But Abrahams lets us come to both conclusions on our own.Still, though, she's likable. And even though you can see her disastrous decisions coming from the instant she starts teaching at a prison -- but not so far in advance as to be annoying -- you want her to take the wrong path. Because it's a hell...
  • Gail
    Though this was somewhat of a slow read ... the ending sure made up for it. I love it when an author actually surprises me and doesn't take the easy way out, tying up all loose ends and "saving" the main character.Characters were believable ... especially Ivy who just can't seem to make the right decision.
  • Tillie
    Okay, so I like mysteries/suspense, and I liked that the main character in this one is a woman. Sure, she was a little direction-less, but she was smart and independent, and not your typical damsel in distress type. And it was a little first-season-of-Prison-Break-esque (cue Michael Scofield fantasies). All good things. So I loved the first 3/4 of the book. Then (view spoiler)[Abrahams turned her into your classically stupid, blinded by love idio...
  • Maureen Sharon
    Per other reviews, many readers have identifies this novel as having a weak main character that seems to lose credibility as the plot continues. I found it intriguing for a completely different reason. As a former teacher with students exhibiting severe behavioral challenges I continually identified with the inmates in the novel and saw terrifying connections between them and my struggling students. It refocused me on how I worked with them and f...
  • Laura
    Now THIS is a damned good Abrahams book!I fell in love with Peter Abrahams about 15 years ago. Each book was better than the last.Somewhere along the way, I lost track of him. When I started to catch up, the newer books just weren’t doing it for me. And at some point he started writing for kids.I still dig up his older books when I can, & I came across this one in a used book store a few months ago. And I’m so glad I did. It’s classic Abrah...
  • Jim Thomsen
    Wow! Peter Abrahams delivers yet another lean, mean, hairpin-corner thrill ride ... and does it again with ordinary people in ordinary settings. The latter is the key to making suspense novels like "End Of Story" take off for the reader, who can relate to characters like barkeep/aspiring author Ivy Seidel and small-town ne'er-do-well Vance Harrow much more than they can to New York socialites or foreign intelligence operatives, for example. Main ...
  • Monique
    Eh, disappointing read for my twentieth this year, sigh where is my touch for finding the gems I need and love to read! So far a truly bleak start to my year-heads up friends I WILL read something great soon-but this wasn't it..I have read this author before with his novel The Tutor and I wasn't really the biggest fan of that book either after rereading that review LOL but I tried this one sight and review unseen and tried really tried to get int...