Never Binge Again by Glenn Livingston

Never Binge Again

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset. Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and self-love. But people who've overcome food addiction and weight issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than learning to love their inner child... Open...

Details Never Binge Again

TitleNever Binge Again
Release DateOct 10th, 2015
PublisherPsy Tech Inc.
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Health, Business, Amazon

Reviews Never Binge Again

  • Mischenko
    Never Binge Again was just OK for me. It wasn't super helpful, and will definitely not cure everyone's eating habits. I feel food choices are most important in gaining control of "the pig" and unless you conquer that, the binge behavior may return.Still worth reading 3***
  • Ellen
    There's a reason this book is free. It's just an ad for the author's coaching services offered via his website. I got through 67% of the book and just couldn't go any further. My issues with the book: 1) It isn't edited well. The word PEDDLE is repeatedly using when PEDAL is what he means. Unless you're selling your bike you are PEDALING it not PEDDLING it. 2) The author states "A binge = even one bite and/or swallow outside of your Food Plan." T...
  • Michelle
    I really thought I'd cracked it when I read this book. I thought I'd found 'the one', the one that was going to finally help me get some of my bad eating habits under control. But... no.I've only read a few self-help books, on various topics, but I always find that they basically state the obvious, and tell you what you (kind of) already know. And yet, quite a lot of the time, that's what you need - you just need someone to say it, maybe in a sli...
  • Kathy
    The only reason this book gets 4 stars is because I gained some truly valuable insights from reading it. The concept of "pig" and "pig slop" and the importance of a food plan has helped change the way I think about food. I eat much better and feel like I am much more disciplined after applying the principles taught in this book. That said this book is repetitive and not all that well written. If you struggle with over eating then this is worth re...
  • joyce calhoun
    I will not recommend this bookI do not agree that our speech is all that separates us from monkeys. So to me your book is pig slop.
  • Clark Goble
    I typically don't bother writing reviews for books I didn't like. Heck, if I'm being honest, I typically don't finish a book I don't like. This is one of those instances. I picked up this book of because of the promise embedded in its title, "Never Binge Again." As someone who has always struggled with maintaining a healthy diet, this book appealed to me. In this book, Livingston spends a great many pages explaining that we need to change the way...
  • Margo
    In my opinion this book is the only book that offers a solution to binge behaviors that is 100% effective, and that in and of itself makes it worth the read. While I can see people having issues with the philosophy around the book that would make people who suffer from mental illnesses involving binge addictions very upset, for someone who doesn't have a substantial diagnosis but needs to get their eating habits in order, this book is the answer!...
  • J
    I wanted to edit my review, because people kept liking the review and probably buying the book based off of it. Long-term, this book did not work for me. It didn’t really offer long term solutions, just short term tricks.
  • Heema Shirvaikar
    Usually, if I don't have a good review for a book, or if I just don't like a book or it doesn't resonate personally with me, I just sort of leave it alone. I wouldn't go out of my way to bash anything, because liking any literature is subjective and being a writer myself, I know the kind of effort that goes in writing anything, even a bad book. But when someone is basically selling advertisement and a potentially dangerous thought which might inf...
  • Jacob O'connor
    John Owen repackaged, but I needed this.  I'll follow up in a few months to let you know how much it helped.  NotesPromises to teach you to trick yourself into not overeating.  Putting the possibility of failure out of your mind.  Even if you do failNaming your appetite "the pig".  Its squeals are not your thoughts Aggressively separate yourself from this alter-egoWrite down your diet planAnything outside your plan is pig squealingKeep ...
  • Sonya
    Thinking of the part of myself that binges as the Pig with its own insidious ways of getting me to binge is a mind trick but it might be useful for some people. More resonant for me is the idea of having a food plan that I follow 100%. Bright lines that eliminate the need to debate if and when I'll eat a particular food.
  • Kelly Martinez
    Best book I’ve read on the addiction of food and binge eating.
  • Lin
    I'm sure glad this was a freebie, because if I'd have paid even .99, I'd feel ripped off. Written by a psychologist, it reads like a bad 2:00 am infomercial with !!lots!! of emphasis by !!CAPITAL!! letters and !!UNNECESSARY!! exclamation points!!! and links to his website (where, of course, you can sign up for !!!MORE!!!). *ugh*At one point, the author says, "You don't have to do what I say, it's ultimately up to YOU to change."Duh. I think I'll ...
  • Kayo
    Glad it was free. Wasn't worth a penny. Ugh!
  • Christine
    Fun, emphatic writing that gets incredibly repetitive. Admittedly, the author has a refreshing message about food consumption, and makes references to brushing teeth or obeying the law to convince the reader that rule making and following is definitely doable. I started skimming though after a third of the book because I was tired of reading chapters that could be condensed to 1/4 of their actual length. There were also way too many links to onli...
  • Jessica
    I recently found a website called Book Bub that sends you daily emails with e-books that are free that day on Amazon based on your genre preferences. This is one of the books sent to me a while back. The concept of this book is great. The execution of it was not the best. The voice was annoying to say the least.Just never binge again. That's it. Got it? Get it? Good."In fact, you don't even really need this book. To stop, just draw 100% clear lin...
  • Emma Banbury
    Terrible formatting. Bad grammar. If an infomercial was written down with ALL THE RANDOM YELLING! AND FORCED POSITIVITY! AND THE OVER SIMPLIFIED FALSE PROMISES! you would get this book.Maybe he was able to make it free because he didn't fork out for an editor.I could never recommend a book that uses negative self talk as a tool to treat something that can be part of an eating disorder! But I guess it could be effective for some people who are int...
  • Alice Huerta
    Finally the answer to stop the binge diet cycle. I have struggled for 20 years with Yo-Yo Dieting, losing and gaining back the same 10 pounds. This book kills the destructive self talk and rationalizations that kept me repeating this fruitless pattern. I read the book in 2 days with the help of the audio format. Immediately I am seeing positive results and feeling joyful.
  • Anita
    i read this book to fulfill the goal "read a non fiction book" I laughed, I cried. i can truly say it changed my life. I am not a Pig (a criminal monster who will do anything to get her next bite of food--not a cute barnyard animal) i do not eat pig slop. i will never binge again...(120 pg) by the way this book is free on Amazon, and it comes with a bunch of bonuses.
  • Bianca
    My first reaction was "Wait, this book tries to convince you that it's not you who's responsible for your eating behavior, it's The Pig inside you. Like it's not your fault that you're stuffing your face with cookies."But what it says is that actually you don't need to identify with those destructive thoughts, because they don't represent who you are and your life goals. You can see them as what they are (read: Pig Squeal) and let go, instead of ...
  • Rosa Bustinza
    Useful!I really enjoyed this reading. I've never had actual problems with food binge, but this little book not only make you think twice about your food habits but your general habits as well. You realize that we also have other kinds of Pigs living inside us. A good ebook to learn how to control mind and emotions, not just related to food but to other life aspects too.
  • Vivian
    No. No I will not call my craving mind the Pig, and then tell the Pig to stop squealing to shut off the craving. Repetitious, badly edited, and lots of 'screaming' - this book is to be avoided. Read at your own risk...
  • Jacqueline Bolaños
    Funny and easy to understand this book had everything I need it to know about how to stop the habit of binge eating (or pretty much any other bad habit). I am very thankful to the writer not only he made it available and free for everyone, but he also provides all the worksheet and audio you need to take the control over your bad habit, also completely free.A really cool book that if you take seriously it can help you overcome bingle eating.In ca...
  • Clinton Hutchings
    I have mixed feelings about this book - I love the message - make an eating plan, and stick to it. The author's philosophy is one that I believe in and have seen over and over in my own life - anything you don't fully commit to will eventually come undone. So, a fairly simple message that is couched in defined terms such as your inner "Pig" and "Pig Squeals" and "Pig Slop". It is nice to be able to articulate or define what you might be feeling o...
  • Jacqueline
    I'm sure that writing this book helped the author work through his problems with food, and I'm honestly happy for him. Unfortunately, the book was kind of awful.What this book wants you to do is to label your desire for junk food as a separate entity, "the pig". You then label the unhealthy food as "pig slop". When you get a craving you yell "shut up pig, I won't eat pig slop".If you like that premise, then use it. The book is 99% filler and that...
  • Az
    The male version of Brain over binge , it was refreshing reading a book about eating disorder that's actually written by a man who has the same problems as you, the Pig concept is pretty good and I took it to the extreme and it did FUCKING work,
  • Yari
    I was going to put the book down because of the whole mildly annoying 'cage the pig!' visualization technique but I'm glad I didn't. The last few chapters are gold! Really good teachings throughout the book - can be put to use with any addiction.
  • Ursula Kelly
    What a load of tripe! I admittedly didn't finish this book, I only read the first 4 chapters but it just "droned on and on" it was so boring I just lost the will to 'stick with it'. I can't say if the book "does what it says on the cover" but if it doesn't it's guaranteed to bore you to death....
  • DavidO
    this is a book about taking your animalistic impulse to overheat or binge and calling it the pig. It sounds kind of silly, but I think it works rather it works rather well.
  • Jennifer Kepesh
    This is written in that aggressive salesman/self-help style that I just grit my teeth through, and of course it has a gimmick, but I think the underlying message/lesson/opportunity is a good one. One of the things that Livingston does well is to provide counter-examples to common excuse thinking. He points out that there are plenty of things we choose to do and never waver on--many from social pressure (wear clothes out of the house), and many fr...