Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton


On her fiftieth birthday, crazy-in-love Ajax visits her mercurial lover Logan, who trails their tarnished reputation like a lapsed halo. Logan has secrets, but so does Ajax, and during their weekend getaway to Ontario's cottage country, some of these secrets will prove explosive.In the next cottage, long-term couple Joe and Elliot are having their own challenges as the parents of a newborn baby girl. Joe isn't sure if Elliot loves her or even if ...

Details Weekend

Release DateMay 31st, 2016
PublisherArsenal Pulp Press
GenreFiction, GLBT, Queer, LGBT, Disability, Lesbian, Transgender

Reviews Weekend

  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    Oof. You know when a book is too real? This novel is a snapshot of 2 queer couples spending the weekend in side by side cabins in rural Ontario. It's highly character and relationship driven, with a lot of authentic dyke processing, gender feels, very authentic (kinky) sex, and interrogation of disability. It took me a while to get the characters but after about half way through I was invested. Very thought-provoking! But also kinda depressing? F...
  • Karrie Higgins
    Jane Eaton Hamilton’s Weekend is a queer, crip reimagining of “What we talk about when we talk about love.” Two couples, one new and one together sixteen years, come together for a weekend in the country, unexpectedly confronting the demons of their current and past relationships. As one couple unravels under the stress of a newborn, the other wrestles with what it means to love and be loved in the face of a deadly disability. Weekend is se...
  • Penny
    Jesus Christ, what a gorgeous prose!And all the queerness! My god. The boi dykes, the kinksters, the dis-identifiers, the non-normatives, the sweet dreamers, the loose-talkers, the sweet lovers, the broken hearted. Gotta love 'em all.
  • Jane Hamilton
    Gender studies, trans, lesbian, lgbt, queer, family life, disability, WOC, diversity, novels, fiction, cottages, N. Ontario, Muskoka, daughters, same-sex marriage, childbirth, relationship breakup, transphobic parentBook review: Agony and ecstasy apparent in new novel WeekendTom Sandborn Vancouver SunWeekendBy Jane Eaton HamiltonArsenal Pulp Press “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” Tolstoy tells his...
  • Julie
    This is the best book I have read this year. Hamilton brings us four wonderful characters who live and grapple with lesbian/queer/women's contemporary experiences. The sex is hot; the characters are wonderfully flawed, human, and relatable. This is the book to beat for the 2016 Lammy in Lesbian Fiction. Buy it. Read it. Love it.My review at Curve: http://www.curvemag.com/Reviews/Weeke...
  • K
    Fantastic take on modern relationships. Two same-sex couples head off for a "Weekend" in Ontario cottage country and none of the individuals returns home quite the same. Logan takes his lover Ajax to celebrate her 50th birthday while Joe & Elliot have just had a newborn. Seemingly disparate stories but seamlessly-interwoven. Logan & Elliot were once a couple & are now 'just friends.' Joe has just given birth & is trying to get her head (& body) a...
  • RF
    Just fantastic. So much *can* happen in a few days' time, and tons is packed into this book. Set in a lakeside locale that proves anything but idyllic, "Weekend" is as much an exploration of adulthood's confusions and wounds as it is a study of complex relationships. The characters, both likable and abhorrent, rip and rifle through their emotional baggage - some of it spanning several decades - to varying degrees of detriment.What sets "Weekend" ...
  • Karen
    This was just horrible writing. The very first sentence struck me with her efforts to be overly poetic to the point of making it unclear what she was actually saying. As the story played out, the characters all had implausible actions, and the dialogue all sounded like someone was reading a textbook or giving a lecture. It didn't seem like any character in the book (or probably the author) understood how physically taxing it would be to give birt...
  • Jaclyn
    Intense relationship story about two queer couples at neighbouring cottages on a weekend. Logan is about to propose to their partner Ajax, who has a heart-related disability. The other couple, Elliott and Joe, is facing the struggles of having a newborn baby, and one woman's disease over her partner's polyamorous lifestyle. Logan and Ajax's story was more compelling for me, probably because it felt more intense, with Ajax's heart condition, the c...
  • Sherry McCarnan
    I just finished reading Weekend by Jane Eaton Hamilton. There a few reason why I didn't want to read this book as I suspected that the subject matter would take me to hard places. But when a queer/lesbian/gay story comes out, I must explore. Two story lines, both compelling, switching back and forth at just the right time.Once I started reading this book, save for sleeping, I could not put it down.Maybe there will be a sequel. There was definitel...
  • George Ilsley
    Modern romance! Exactly like something you may have read before, but also completely different. What Hamilton has done here is take the type of relationship story we have all read a million times and somehow re-invent it. Some of the elements seem a little forced (the island), but the story opens up into the world when the characters return to the city. Funny, fierce, tender and revelatory.
  • Melissa
    Wish I had liked it moreThe book seemed more concerned with issues and identities than the development of solid, three dimensional characters. Some nice descriptive passages though.
  • Cheryl
    Weekend swept me right into its plot with characters that I had to keep reading to learn more about. Fiction isn't usually my thing, but this book in particular held my interest and the way the characters were written kept me engaged so that I couldn't stop reading.Diving into its pages felt as natural as breathing. Several times I forgot that I was even reading because conversations and interactions were so seamless that I felt more like I was c...
  • Natalie
    How often does a novel do justice to both the queer, transgender, and disabled communities! This should be required reading. I absolutely loved it, and now I'm going to read the rest of her work. I highly, highly recommend it.
  • Elizabeth
    Brutal, and #2real. A complicated snap shot of the intricacies of queer love.
  • Lisa
    Jane Eaton Hamilton's novel "Weekend" takes the reader on a getaway in more ways than one. The novel situates its four main characters, two lesbian/queer couples, on an island in Ontario cottage country, a place where we witness the dynamics of their relationships unfold under a magnifying glass, without the distractions of city life. I was impressed by the fluidity of the prose, and Eaton Hamilton's ability to reveal so much about her characters...
  • Bobby
    On one hand, I love that this story is about queer people written by a queer person. It's not gay or lesbian, it's queer. There is enough to this novel just with the complex gender of characters and lifestyles to be worth reading. Also, raises some good story lines involving queer people having children. However, the characters and story weren't very well developed, and frankly I felt like the bdsm scenes read like vanity, and weren't that impres...
  • Toni Duder
    I’m not a fan of this book. I thought it’s characters were really flat, the dialogue was unnatural and the story pacing was really off. It was cool to see a genderqueer character written well, but that for me was the only solid part.
  • Melody DeMeritt
    Loved the writing but hated the characters and their decisions? Tough to read a book when you feel like this. Most of the decisions were believable except for Ajax. Her health concerns demanded better.But, quick read.
  • Ndm
    Weekend breaks new ground in queer writing. It ventures into terrain that I haven't yet read in terms of the often overlooked, or too often hidden moments of queer relationships. I zoomed through it in a single weekend due to it's compelling characters and well constructed conflicts. Highly recommend.
  • Sueb
    totally what 2 stars says. It was ok. I don't regret reading and it had some interesting things but the characters and their actions were completely unbelievable. I like a little more reality in my fiction!
  • Maggie
    Jane Hamilton is a wonderful, observant, deeply felt writer with characters that feel alive.
  • A. H. Reaume
    I stayed up past my bedtime trying to finish this book. Weekend is an engaging novel about relationships - that experience challenges related to illness, disability, polyamory, parenthood, and family. There were so many moments in this book where the author struck a chord around how relationships work. I kept thinking - "I've had that argument before," or "that's something I/my partner would do." Relationships are these weird things where they ar...
  • Kim Clark
    Weekend is messy, sexy, and intense!The characters are complex and unforgettable and their relationships teeter hour by hour on the knife edge of yes...or no.Gorgeous writing! Read it in a rush...
  • Leah Meredith