The Drawing Lesson by Mark Crilley

The Drawing Lesson

An instructional art book in narrative graphic novel form that uses the tale of one aspiring young artist and his reluctant mentor to impart easy-to-follow lessons on the fundamentals of drawing.With over 10 million views and growing, Mark Crilley's YouTube drawing instruction videos have an enormous worldwide legion of fans and have been featured on sites such as Yahoo News and Reddit. In addition, Crilley is an accomplished graphic novelist. No...

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TitleThe Drawing Lesson
Release DateJul 5th, 2016
GenreArt, Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction, Drawing, Childrens, Middle Grade

Reviews The Drawing Lesson

  • bookczuk
    I am a self taught folk artist. As a kid, I loved to draw, but my art teacher in school didn't like my style and told me I had no talent. If she'd taken the time to work with me , instead of stifling my creative yearnings, the paths I chose in life might have been different. Instead, at nearly 60, I got my first art lessons along with David, from Becky, courtesy of Mark Crilley. It's been a lot of fun. Just in time, too-- my coloring book comes o...
  • Elizabeth A
    This graphic novel has an interesting premise. Can you take the basics of how to draw, and incorporate them into a story? This book shows that you can. It's a cute story of a young boy who has a passion for drawing, and along the way the reader learns along with him the fundamentals of drawing. This would make a good introduction for young artists.
  • DaNae
    Now I feel like I could draw anything. A book that does what it does, elegantly. A how to draw book coupled with and engaging story.
  • Michael Galdamez
    Only every once in a while do you come across a book as innovative as this.I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember, making little comic books and copying pictures of characters I loved as a kid (example, my bazillion drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog). I heard about Mark Crilley around 2013 and instantly loved his teaching style. His books and videos have helped me in several ways, so when I heard about this book, I knew I had to read it....
  • Kat Ice
    This was such a great graphic novel and way to learn to draw. Of course you wont have someone to say how well or not your doing but it was still amazingly drawn and written!
  • Dena (Batch of Books)
    What a brilliant way to teach drawing! This isn't like your typical art books for kids where you learn how to draw a horse, a dog, or a lion. It's a graphic novel with a story about David, a boy that wants to learn how to draw. He meets Becky, who reluctantly gives him several drawing lessons and teaches him about proportions, shading, and negative space, among other things. After each lesson, there is a challenge for the reader to complete.I lov...
  • Stewart Tame
    Another descriptive title. A young boy, David, who really wants to learn how to draw, by chance encounters Becky, a young woman who agrees to teach him. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of drawing basics, and ends with suggested exercises for readers to try. I'll confess that I didn't actually try any of these myself, but they seem sound enough. I'm content with my passable doodling skills, and feel no burning desire to better them--see...
  • Rachel
    I was very impressed with this new approach to drawing lessons. Fresh and different there is a lot to learn. There are several "Chapters" touching on subjects such as: Shading, Using Negative Space, Checking Proportions, Simplifying Things, and more. Seeing the examples and poor David's frustration at constantly having to redraw lines, helps me feel a little more normal in my artwork. I love the interaction between teacher and student. David's ea...
  • Renae McBrian
    I received this book from Penguin Random House (via Blogging for Books) in exchange for an honest review. This book is actually pretty cool. I'm artistically challenged and this book starts with the very basics and work its way through some rudimentary drawing skills in a way that my brain can process. I can't say that it actually worked, because I'm pretty sure the ever-learning-to-draw ship has sailed, but I'm keeping it around for my kids for ...
  • B.A. Williamson
    WHOAH! a good plot, and really solid lessons in art technique and more importantly, mindset. I want 30 of these for my classroom.
  • Natalie
    Despite the fact that I am well into adulthood, I never felt like I got much past kindergarten level regarding art. I felt totally at home jumping into all things theatrical, but put a drawing pencil in my hand– and I felt woefully underprepared. So when I saw the title of Mark Crilley’s book THE DRAWING LESSON, and the fact that it was a graphic novel, I was intrigued. Perhaps I could learn something about drawing in an easy, fun way.The boo...
  • Marsha
    Panel by panel, this graphic novel leads its budding artist and the reader through the ins and outs of rendering pictures with pencil. The lessons are easy to follow for children and the lessons are much as I remember from my own youth.At first, I wasn’t quite on board with the story. The kid is a nosy, intrusive, inconsiderate stalker. Yikes! I kept waiting for Rebecca to point out to David how potentially dangerous his behavior is: approachin...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Crilley, Mark The Drawing Lesson : A Graphic Novel That Teaches You How to Draw, 167 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL Watson-Guptill, 2016. $19. Langage: G (0 swears, 0 ‘f’) Mature Content: G Violence: G Davis loves to draw but admits he isn't very good. One day, while in the park, he watches a woman drawing and convinces her to give him a drawing lesson. The lessons continue (despite her attempts to avoid him) and David gets better and better. He learns...
  • Lisa
    Davis loves to draw but admits he isn't very good. One day, while in the park, he watches a woman drawing and convinces her to give him a drawing lesson. The lessons continue (despite her attempts to avoid him) and David gets better and better. He learns about shading, sketching, light and shadow, using negative space, proportions, compositions and many other techniques artists use. This book really is a drawing lesson. Although it is set up as a...
  • Myra
    Graphic novel by well-known graphic novelist Mark Crilley. I have to admit a high degree of skepticism when I picked up this graphic novel claiming to teach drawing, especially after a very quick flip-through at the library. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased once I read it. Is this a comprehensive how-to guide on drawing from A to Z? No. Many topics are not even addressed (for example, foreshortening, perspective, different media, etc.). But...
  • Venkatesh-Prasad
    I got this for my kids and they are really liking it; of course, I too finished it in one sitting :) The comic format makes the exposition enticing to kids. The embedded instruction is very accessible as it uses simple language and concepts (w/ very little or no math and technical jargon). While chapters cover topics such as proportion, shading, and composition, they do so at a basic level. The end of each chapter has short exercises. That said, ...
  • Niki
    "The Drawing Lesson" is a creative graphic novel that provides drawing instruction. It is both non-fiction and fiction! Young aspiring artist, David, meets Becky in the park one day and pesters her into giving him drawing lessons. The details of the drawing lessons re included, so the reader is also receiving the mentor's instructions. I think the dynamics between David and Becky are a bit odd, but overall this is a great graphic novel.I recommen...
  • Deltora
    man I wish I'd found this book when I was a kid. as someone who struggled with reading, I always gravitated towards graphic novels and comic books, less words and so many visual aides.and a lot of kids, including myself, who read stuff like that, often dream of drawing their own. so finding this, an easy to read graphic novel that actually teaches you how to draw? this is fantastic. if there is a child in your life(or adult) that is interested in...
  • Kristie Gerber
    I'm not a huge fan of graphic novels, but I enjoyed this one. It is a very fast read. It took less than an hour to read the story, but if you paused to practice the art techniques being taught, you would spend more time on it. I thought the story was fun and and the art instruction was simple and interesting. I'm not really an artist, but I might actually try some techniques discussed to see what I can do.
  • Sherri
    Great introduction to drawing for kids.I got this for my son who loves comics and who loves to draw. It covers all the basics of drawing in a way kids will understand. The novel itself is a wonderful example of beautiful shapes, lines, and composition. The overall plot isn’t very dynamic, but that isn’t the point of the book so the story line was a bit boring but easy to follow.
  • Adriana
    What a cute way to convey basic drawing principles for burgeoning artists!There's an actual story that comes full circle to go along with the basic principles that each chapter covers. Crilley does an excellent job of distilling the basics of drawing and explaining them in clear, easy to understand terms. I particularly liked how each chapter ends with a task for the reader to complete and practice what the chapter taught.
  • Lisa Rector
    This book does a great job teaching good basic drawing skills, and throws in some firm guidance, along with encouragement, such as admitting when you've made a mistake in a drawing, and taking the time, sooner than later, to fix it, or just start again on a fresh page. It was effectively portrayed in graphic form (I read the physical book, rather than the electronic version.) I've taken my notes, and will now try to apply them.
  • Brian Clopper
    Picture perfect drawing book for the young cartoonist. Crilley’s art is engaging and lesson progress naturally. If I had this when I was ten or eleven, I would’ve had it by my side all summer and drawing up a storm. A great gift idea for a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, or granddaughter who has the drawing bug.
  • M
    This was such a fun comic I flew through and I already learned so much as an amateur artist, I can already see my shading improve! The comic itself helps guide you through everything step by step on how to get to be the best you can be at art while also telling the story of young David with a fantastic conclusion.
  • Nicholas Driscoll
    Really charming comic that also teaches how to draw. I wanted to take the time and do the activities, and I may go back and do them yet, but at least for now I can say this is a really delightful book that celebrates art and teaches you a thing or two without being annoying about it. That's really something right there.
  • Teresa
    Cute and instructive, with interesting lessons and a sweet story. However, I wish that 1) the style of the comic was different from the characters' drawing style, because it's pretty confusing to figure out what's "real" and what's "drawn" in the book, and 2) the little kid was less immature and annoying so that the plot could develop beyond a simple story.
    Excellent and entertaining!what an enjoyable way to learn a lot of the fundamentals of drawing! Very cleverly done, very informative. I think I learn more here than long textbooks on the subject.
  • Amanda
    This is a great book for kids who like to draw, and even for kids who don't. My son (who does like to draw) was obsessed with this book. It's very clever how the drawing lessons are part of a story. I enjoyed it, too!
  • malrubius
    Fun book for kids who like to draw (like me -- I'm an old kid). Covers the basics and should get kids more interested in improving their skills. Kid in the book has an interesting relationship with a strange woman, but that shouldn't bother kids reading it.