The Hunt (Atlanta Burns, #2) by Chuck Wendig

The Hunt (Atlanta Burns, #2)

It’s Atlanta’s senior year of high school, and she is officially infamous. Not only has she saved herself from a predator, brought down an untouchable dogfighting ring, and battled a pack of high-school bullies, but she’s also proclaimed to the Internet her willingness to fight for anyone who needs help. And Atlanta can’t believe what’s coming out of the woodwork. From an old friend to a troop of troubled girls with connections to a loc...

Details The Hunt (Atlanta Burns, #2)

TitleThe Hunt (Atlanta Burns, #2)
Release DateFeb 9th, 2016
GenreYoung Adult, Mystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews The Hunt (Atlanta Burns, #2)

  • Ian
    A friend from before. A friend who abandoned her when she was at her lowest comes to Atlanta for help. She's pregnant and it quickly becomes apparent she was drugged and raped. Atlanta agrees to help and finds herself sucked into an organised prostitution ring run by killers. Facing one dead end after another, Atlanta does what she does best. Burn it all down and see who crawls out. I'm so addicted to Atlanta Burns. She's a pill popping, shotgun ...
  • Stephanie
    Atlanta Burns sets off another shit storm when her former BFF comes to her for help in finding out who got her pregnant. Seems there's a market for selling drugged teenage girls for one night stands and Atlanta stirs up a hornets nest trying to figure it all out. Wow, once I start reading one of these, I can't stop until the final page is turned. They're so good!
  • Reader-ramble
    Check out more reviews like this at my blog The Reader Ramble.It’s no secret I’m a Chuck Wendig fan. I made it pretty clear when I did my review for Star Wars: Aftermath. In that review I stated that I was kind of disappointed in how he wrote the teenager in that novel, and one of the reasons why was this series.The Atlanta Burns YA series started out as a novella called Shotgun Gravy, and was followed by another called Bait Dog, both of them...
  • Adan Ramie
    A knockout ass-kicking festIn a word, this book was outstanding. I love Atlanta Burns. She's a broken girl, but tough as nails, and even at her worst, she's a lot better person than almost anyone else in the book. She doesn't always go looking for trouble, but even when she doesn't, it seems to find her. Gripping tale. Disgusting bad guys. Absolutely worth a read! I'm hoping we get another Atlanta Burns book soon!
  • Jennifer
    If I was teaching a class on similes and metaphors, I'd have my students read Wendig's work. This book, like Atlanta Burns is chock full of great ones like "cheap pink wine that tastes like Kool-Aid mixed with some stripper's perfume." Another fascinating, dark adventure with a compelling character. I wish her gang got to do more than just give her advice and the super complex mystery gets solved with lots of hazy details (what was the deal with ...
  • Alan Mills
    Second entry in the Atlanta Burns series; better than the firstIn far too many series, there is a huge fall off with the second volume....leaving the reader on the fence about whether to give the third volume a try. No fences here--if anything volume two is better than the first entry.Atlanta Burns and her mom are living in rural Pennsylvania. Atlanta burning is a tough kid, as we learned in the first book: taking no chit from anyone, and willing...
  • T.
    Wendig is the ultimate expository writer-- no unnecessary words or phrases, just clean crisp writing to suck the reader into his stories. Atlanta is irreverent, snarky, and courageous. She is afraid of things, but determined to do what needs to be done. There's enough young teen angst and naivete to get her in trouble, but she has surprising allies to help when things are tough. I've loved this writer for quite awhile, and while he doesn't write ...
  • Aurora Dimitre
    While this was a fantastic sequel, it didn't quite reach the amazing quality that Atlanta Burns brought for me. We've still got Atlanta, and she's still kick-ass-amazing, but, I dunno. There was something about it that made me like it a little bit less.Still, things are terrible and Atlanta has to go back to her vigilante justice-style of living--and this time the terrible things happening hit closer to home for Atlanta, which was an interesting ...
  • Tara Gelsomino
    Love this series and Atlanta, even if it's really dark and brutal sometimes. This one was somewhat lighter than the first book, which I appreciated, although still about child rape and prostitution so, you know, NOT A LIGHT READ. However, it was nice to see Atlanta's life moderately improve. The ending felt a bit fast, but if there will be no more (which I'm not sure there will), I appreciate that things resolved in a better place and I could see...
  • Stacy
    I think I'd be enjoying books more if Atlanta had super-powers; something to explain why her life is a constant over-the-top mess and yet she always emerges both victorious and relatively unharmed. They're fun (in a bleak, depressing, the world-is-shit kind of way), but I honestly can't tell if the setting is meant to be tongue-in-cheek or not.
  • Easyjenn
    Another Winner!Atlanta Burns is a kick ass hero teen. I almost didn't read the first book in the series because it was marketed as a YA novel. I'm glad that didn't let that stop me. I hope that Chuck Wendig plans on writing more novels in this series. I'm anxious to see Atlanta's life choices.
  • Donald Word
    Just a damon good story!I've been enjoying Chuck's stories now for a while . The Heartland trilogy is really a spectacularly well done and well thought out series of stories . I just wish he'd add more to those. Keep it up Chuck!
  • Lee Parker
    I received a copy of this for free through Goodreads First ReadsI really enjoyed this YA novel. It's very different from other YA novels that I have read. Atlanta is one of the most fun characters I've encountered in a long time. Overall a very quick, easy, fun read.
  • Jeffrey Bergman
    A slick, engrossing, page-turning story. It also didn't give me as many queasy moments as the first one, which I appreciate. Although if a book can make you feel such visceral anger and loathing that the first one did, its a powerful one.
  • Jen Hathaway
    Awesome!Wendig's characters are vivid and masterfully drawn. Both Atlanta Burns books are fast-paced and exciting without being overly dramatic. A kick-ass teenage girl like Atlanta leaves me feeling far more empowered than any lasso-wielding superhero.
  • Jennifer Foskett
    Great quick readAnother engaging book. 😁 I'm pleasantly surprised again by this series. The vigilante teenaged avenger keeps you flipping pages. Great read.
  • Josie Boyce
    Solid YA ala Wendig. I bought this and started reading it before i realized it was book 2 of a series. Great read on it's own, will go back and read the first one and any more that follow.
  • Lisa
    Heavy stuff. Chuck knows how to write tense scenes.
  • Jeff Frane
    I needed to read something straight-forward and fun. Chuck Wendig can always be relied on for just that combination. I actually liked The Hunt even more than the first book.
  • Donna Snyder
    This sequel keeps the reader motivated and has a well-developed plot. Again it edges on fantasy in how the main character cheats death or at least months in the hospital.
  • Phil
    We need more Atlanta Burns books!
  • Kimberly
    I read the first book in this 2-book series, Atlanta Burns, and LOVED it. I thought the teen protagonist was portrayed uniquely and looked forward to hearing more from her.The Hunt started out slowly for me, and at times I was concerned that it would digress into a pulpit for shouting social reform, instead of a telling more of Atlanta's journey. Although there was a fair bit of activism, the 2nd quarter or so picked up pace and kept me hooked th...
  • Lila
    3,5*Atlanta Burns is back, armed and meaner than a skunk, but now also with a reputation.Bare bones: Atlanta Burns brings protection to bullied in her school and she more clients than she wants to thanks to her yt video. Sure, that monetary gain clashes with noble intent behind her help, but you see, Atlanta has a plan, she is leaving that god-forsaken place and going to Florida. This is when her ex-best friend comes looking for her help- she is ...
  • Carol
    Atlanta is a quirky character and it is fun to read about her escapades. I feel it is a great book for teenagers.
  • Ambrosia
    She shot off a pedophile's parts, she shot down a white supremacist, she shut down a dogfighting ring - Atlanta Burns is at it again, this time going after a trafficking ring hidden in plain sight. After all, who would expect a multi-billion-dollar fracking corporation, all set to offer good jobs and boost the local economy while also miraculously helping the environment, to be selling gambling and drugged, underage girls on the side?Yeah, subtle...
  • Richard Howard
    Another adrenaline rush with Atlanta Burns. It's good to see her becoming more active socially and begin to get closer to her Mama. Once again we have conspiracies, bad men and retribution - a little bit of Blue Velvet in Pennsylvania. Unlike Kathy Reichs' heroine Temperance Brennan, who has a nasty habit of being hit over the head in the penultimate chapter of every book, I do hope Atlanta starts to plan her end game more carefully in the next v...
  • Chuk
    Good, kind of like the previous one but maybe a bit less personally traumatic for the protagonist? I'll keep reading these.
  • Mark Gardner
    We’ve all felt the sting of betrayal. Some of us have reconciled. We often forgive, but we never forget. I mentioned in my review of Atlanta Burns that at one time we either knew or needed someone like her. Most of us have done something that we regret later, and Atlanta Burns and her friend are no exception.Wendig writes compelling characters that are believable. I grew up part-time in western Pennsylvania with family in central PA. I was neve...
  • Ryan Brady
    As an admitted fanboy of the author, I may be unbiased, but the fact is that this is an excellent story and sequel. It may be a weird comparison, but I feel this book is similar to the tone of the Dresden File books by Jim Butcher. A lead character who lives by a code to do the right thing, even when it's hard; maybe ESPECIALLY when it is hard. Also, the tension and challenges pile up on the main characters until you aren't really sure how they w...